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It’s been a trend for quite some time now that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Hats, hats everywhere! They’re the perfect accessory to any outfit, and they come in all sorts of different styles and colors. What makes a hat so special? Well, it’s really up to you! It can be anything from a baseball cap or fedora to American cowboy hats or native American hats.

The best thing about these kinds of hats is that there are plenty of American hat makers out there making them with love just for you! So without further ado, here are our top 10 favorite American hat company.

01, Goorin bros hats

Goorin bros American hat makers

Are you looking for a American cowboy hats in the style of a retro-era New York Yankees cap? Goorin bros hats is all about their vintage American look, curated from nearly 100 years ago until today. They have hats that are so special you will need to book an appointment before buying them – or get lucky if they’re available at your local store!

Browse through the variety of hat shapes, colors, and fabrics. Be prepared to be wowed by Goorin bros hats selection of the chicest headwear available anywhere. Revolutions have been started with a single, simple accessory.


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American hat makers Grooin bros hats have been a staple of American culture since they were first introduced to society back in 1894. They’ve been sprinkled around the country from Big-Apple dwellers, cowboys out West, and steelworkers up North! So whether it is a simple hat for everyday wear or a flashy straw hat for the tall summer months, you can be sure that Goorin bros hats have got your Cerveza covered!

When you need something to top off your outfit, our American Hat Company has got you covered. From cowboy hats to sports apparel, we’ve got the perfect accessory for all your style needs! With a bold character and amazing quality, see what Goorin bros hats are made of today!

“You’re not a cowboy on the open range. You’re a rebel – and your time just came.” Goorin bros hats take their top 10 American hat designs and customize them to meet the needs of each individual.

02, New Era hats

New Era hats

The look of a baseball hat is what makes it iconic. You can’t go wrong when you add it to your collection, but they’re not sold daily in stores. MakeSo makes you don’t miss out on

“This album really goes together like the teaming up of America’s two favorite past times!”

What better way to show your team spirit than rocking a New Era hats from head to toe? With hundreds of different teams and colors available, you’re sure to find the perfect hat for any occasion.

That’s right, we’re on top of the hat game, and you know it. We guarantee our hats can be beaten in comfort and style without having to break the bank. Nothing beats a good old New Era cap as far as we’re concerned nothing comes close to topping it! Owning original American cowboy hats will make you feel like royalty.


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Your fresh from the ice cream truck wide-brimmed, high profile Yankees hat will make you look like a million bucks. But maybe not enough. It’s time to turn your style up another notch with a New Era hat 59FIFTY cap that sports the iconic Blue and Grey colors of our favorite baseball team! There has been nothing more in demand this NYC summer than these MLB hats.

When it’s blazing hot outside, and you need a hat to keep your head cool, New Era hats provide the perfect protection from the scorching sun. However, wearing a New Era hat doesn’t merely protect your skin from UV rays. It also offers other benefits! With choices like fitted sports caps for athletes to traditional top models with a closed or an open-eye area for those looking to work on their tan.

All of these hats have been created from quality materials to give peace of mind that they will last long after purchase. So no matter whether you want something classy or straightforward, Koolibean can find something that fits just right for any man out there!

03, Past Present american hat makers

If you want to look like an American cowboy who knows what he’s doing, then Past Present is the company for you. With over 300 years worth of experience outfitting cowboys all across America, Past Present has done everything! From working with greats like Roy Rogers to supplying headwear for Davy Crockett during the Battle of the Alamo! One thing we do know about these American cowboy hats they last.

There’s something for everyone here, including military-style hats, trucker caps, rounded caps, and more. The wide variety of colors will satisfy even the pickiest customer–colors are bright and chock-full of personality so that you can find your perfect hat.

Ever feel like you never existed in the present time? A hat from the best cowboy hat brands Past Present will change that. These hats are created with real cowhides and provide deep satisfaction, and a piece of history wrapped up in one hat.


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American hat makers Past Present offers the widest variety of stylish hats, all with a vintage flair. Choose from seersucker fedoras or straw Panama hats to fancy lace hats or floral patterned sunbonnets. Past Present invites you to style your head in timeless elegance and comfort no matter what occasion presents.

Here in the great state of Texas, we know our hats like nobody else. Past Present not only carries a big range for cowboys and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy, but they also carry an extensive array of fitted hats that can be adjusted to many different head shapes and sizes.

While most hat companies focus on western-style apparel, one look at their website will show you that they cover all bases: trucker caps with witty slogans and snap-backs by Yours Truly. We’ve got something for everybody; even if you don’t wear a cowboy hat day in and day out (though we wouldn’t blame you), there are still plenty of styles out there just waiting for your face!

04, Borsalino hat

Borsalino hat

American hat makers Borsalino hat has been around for about 110 years. The hats are made with the most durable materials to last a lifetime, adapting to become even more distinctive over time. They’re style icons of Americana which deserve their placement in the top ten hat companies.

Wearing a Borsalino hat is like wearing pop culture on your head because it’s not only iconic but also evolving just like us!

Head to the best cowboy hat brands to learn more about this amazing brand and what makes them worth every penny (which is honestly nothing at all).

Because fashion is a complex and constantly evolving language, we at Borsalino hat pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest trends by networking with fashion designers worldwide, updating our products and techniques to meet today’s standards.


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The authentic Borsalino hat classic fedora is the type of hat that will have heads turning as you walk down the street. Made from pure wool, this men’s style tends to come in a few sizes and colors, including black, beige, brown, or tan. The design is sleek with a minimalistic appearance so that people can adapt it for any occasion. It features a subtle pinstriped finish on top for added texture and dimension.

It adds an instant dash of classy sophistication to your ensemble without being overbearing or ostentatious. This American staple has been worn by businessmen and celebrities alike ever since its debut in 1938-and it continues to prove its timeless appeal decade after decade!

05, Brixton hats

Brixton hats

Best cowboy hat brands Brixton hats company has been around for over 60 years. They are now one of the top 10 American hat companies. So whether you are looking for something to make you look more classic or funky, Brixton hats have what you need! The possibilities are limitless with Brixton hats because they have several styles and colors! Grab one today at their online store!

American hat makers Brixton hats is a company with a significant focus on making high-quality hats and can withstand all types of conditions, from family events to camping trips. Brixton hats have been around for one hundred years now, so they’ve been proven to be durable and perfect for everyone, from outdoors people to the guys who just prefer these types of quality nonchalance.

These American cowboy hats are 100% American-made, with high-quality materials that are comfortable to wear. They’re easy for any occasion and work great for everyday use.

You can soldier on and take haphazard care of your head, or you can experience the benefits of wearing a Brixton. This hat has been handcrafted with feather-soft cotton twill and features six panels complete with ventilation for maximum breathability. In addition, the crown is stiffened to withstand the best (or worst) that mother nature throws at it.

With their whopping styles and colors, Brixton hats is a trendy hat company with a huge selection. Featuring embroidered details and rimmed hats, this brand has something for everyone.

If you’re headed to the sunny beach on vacation, make sure you pack your Brixton sun hat! Brixton is all about making hats that don’t just fit your head – they’re designed to fit your personality. The Brixton hats brand strives for timeless, classic styles.

06, Christys hats

Christys hats

Our hats aren’t just great for looking good and feeling confident in your own skin, and we pride ourselves on taking care of the environment. That’s why each hat we produce is 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials such as fibers taken from old cotton clothing or packaging like bubble wrap. So what are you waiting for? Throw away that plastic straw and take a walk on the green side!

A baseball cap says a lot about who you are and what you’re all about. So when you need to show those around that, Christys hats is the place to go. With such a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, there’s sure to be a hat for every head’ as we like to say!

Need a hat for all your days? On any occasion; the local diner, Saturday afternoon downtown strolls, or Sunday picnic on the beach. We’ve got you covered with our Summertime Favorites Pack! Dressed to the nines all day, Christy’s is perfect any time your head deserves a crown.

Hey, American cowboy hats lovers! Time to step up your hat game. Christys hats have the perfect style for every mood and occasion, with over 100 years of experience designing stylish and functional hats for sun protection. Whether it’s a Sunday BBQ or an all-day family fishing trip, keep your head covered with American ingenuity by wearing one of these quality handmade hats from Christys hats top 10 American hats company.

From summer straw hats to winter wool berets, you can find anything you need at our Brown Townie Experience Home Base in our showroom featuring all sorts of accessories too! If there’s something special on your mind & only needs stitching, stop by the Custom Design Studio for expert advice and service before picking out just what

07, Stetson hats

Stetson hats

Stetson hats are one of the best cowboy hat brands to buy your hats. If you’re looking for a classy hat, visit Stetson’s website. They make some amazing products! From cowboy hats with an upturned brim up to stovepipe hats that you usually don’t see in this modern-day, they’ve got it all covered.

You don’t want to pass up the opportunity to own a Stetson American hat makers. When your friends and peers alike see you sporting one, they’ll be so jealous of your cool style. Imagine how much cooler you will feel. However, if you feel like it’s time to upgrade, we have plenty of different styles and colors that can give you that amazing look we all desire.

You live for the open road, dirt roads, and everything in between. The hot sun beating down on your skin is like an old friend you can’t say no to. You know this sensation–driving off into the sunset with only the sound of wind whirring past your ear or looking out over miles of the countryside before you from atop a hilltop.

Well, those days will seem even more special now that you have Stetson hats on your head! So get ready to take it easy with this hat as it’s ideal for protecting against weather forecast changes and bugs crawling up your face and has a casual look that’s perfect any time age is involved.

We’re confident you’ve seen a Stetson hats in your lifetime, but have you ever felt the luxury of soft leather in between your fingers? It’s tough to find hats this good without shelling out major bucks. That’s why we keep them affordable. You’ll be wearing them all day long because not only are they comfortable, but there are unique styles too!

Ever seen a real cowboy? You know, one who lives and works on a ranch and saves damsels in distress with their lasso of truth. Ever wondered what he wears? His hat! Don’t get caught up in the cattle drive without your Stetson hats. Say respected tradition goodbye – just because yours is different doesn’t make it better.

08, Ebbets Field Flannels hats

Ebbets Field Flannels hats

If you’re looking for a more military-inspired look, Ebbets Field Flannel’s beanies and caps are for you. In fact, some say that they were basically the name of the game before it was cool to rock a fitted Kangol on your head. Built from 100% wool felt in either olive green or midnight blue, these hats will keep you cozy while rocking heads at your favorite vintage store around town!

American hat enthusiasts will remember the days when baseball was king. That’s because it’s time to lace up your cleats and lather on the sunblock: we’ve got a trip back in time for you! Since 1889, Ebbets Field Flannels hats have been innovating top-quality hats with style and class.

From flat-topped caps to stylish fedoras, these vintage hardhats are decked out in team colors and logo graphics that sport all things Americana — what more could you want? So if you’re looking for comfortable hat wear or need something classic with unique design elements, make sure to come down to our store today!

When you live in the Great Northwest, you can expect to see some rain. That’s why it’s important to have a trusty hat on hand at all times-it not only shields your head from the elements but adds some panache to an otherwise dreary day. Ebbets Field Flannels hats are one of the best top 10 American hat company that specializes in straw hats. Consequently, their daily wear looks just as hard-wearing and ready for trouble as you are.

Ebbets Field Flannels hats is the premier best cowboy hat brands of authentic American hats and cap headgear. With a rich history that includes celebs like Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe (take that, Tycoons), we’re positively smashing donut mean while making fine hats for customers near and far.

09, Anderson & Sheppard hats

Anderson & Sheppard hats

From gentlemen in the boardroom to refined country club networks, Anderson & Sheppard hats has them covered. These hats are just what you need for business or leisure, from bespoke and fitted hats for men and women executive and pastoral occasions alike.

Now’s yer chance to bring some style into a classic world. When people ask you who makes your hat, just tell them Anderson & Sheppard hats is one of the best top 10 American hat company, and they’ll know nothin’ will ever be the same again.

This hat company is loaded with tradition and knowledge.

Ever since 1895, when Arthur Anderson established it in Philadelphia, this company has been known for the quality of its products and service to customers. It’s tough enough to make hats that can weather millions of trips on top of a user’s head without losing their shape or purpose, but imagine what you might get if years upon years were spent perfecting them!

Add some touch-up from the Sheppard family to round things off, and it becomes clear why these are some high-quality, high-value hats that any overcompensation will never outshine for style faceoff.

The world’s best hats are made by the famous Anderson & Sheppard hats. They’re basically like Mad Men spoilers, but for real life. Do you know that quality hat you had your eye on? Yeah, that one. You’ve finally found the hat of your dreams which is made by Anderson & Sheppard hats, not just some low-ranking company. This hat shows off what true craftsmanship should look like.

10, Filson hat

Filson hat

We all know that early October to late November is “hats season.” So why not make sure your outdoorsy friends and family are prepared for the cold days with Filson hats (because it’s such an iconic American company). The good news: during this time of year, they’re also releasing new collections!

These hats are great for protecting your delicate head from the sun and wind. And if you work in a really sunny area, these will prevent even more damage to your skin.

Filson hat is the best, top 10 American hat company that does everything from rustling up a new product line to whipping up a batch of custom leather goods. They take the old-fashioned approach and only make items by hand.

Filson hat is one of the best top 10 best cowboy hat brands. We aren’t just any other ordinary hat store- we’re Filson hat, and our hats are really something special. They don’t just keep your face warm in the winter. They’re also handsomely rugged great looking companions you’ll want to take with you on your adventures year after year.

Growing up as a local, I’ve seen this company grow and represent the Oregon country. Filson hat is durable, stylish and it’s almost like they don’t want us to leave our homes. The moment you step out of your front door.


America is an iconic brand, and so is its American hat company. From the classic Stetson cowboy hats to Bailey’s signature fedoras, here are some of the most famous American hat companies for you to check out! Which company do you think deserves more recognition?

We want to hear from you! So let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite and why. Also, if we missed any big ones off our list or if there’s a new up-and-comer that should be noted as well, let me know – I’m always looking for ideas on where to go next with my blog posts.

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