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Whether you are in high school, college, or just looking to change careers, the best biotech colleges for you will depend on your interests and career goals. Biotechnology is a fast-growing field of study covering various topics from genetics to chemistry to molecular biology.

This list includes some of the top 10 best biotechnology colleges in Europe where students can learn about this exciting subject matter.  These schools offer many different degree programs, including undergraduate degrees like genetic engineering and master’s degrees like bioinformatics.

They also have PhDs available for those who want to continue their studies post-graduation and other certificate programs covering specific tissue culture techniques and biomolecular detection methods. The cost varies depending on what program you are admitted to.

10, Wageningen University

Wageningen University
TypePublic University.
Official WebsiteWageningen University.
LocationWagenigen, Gelderland.
Programs Masters Programs
Online Masters Courses
Bachelor’s Programmes
McCormick School of Engineering & Applied science
Kellogg School of Management
Bachelor’s event
Bienen School of music

Wageningen University is the best biotechnology colleges students. Wageningen is proud of its history. It boasts many pillars that make up its foundation: a globally recognized faculty, vast biodiversity, ongoing research from in-depth dissertation to applied sciences, and an extensive partnership with industry.

These benefits have led WTU to become one of the best universities for International Students attending Biotechnology Studies in Europe. Wageningen University offers both Dutch and English courses alike! ​A great place to study if you’re interested in food science or just want to try something new!

Study engineering and biotechnology at Wageningen University, one of the best colleges in Europe. Become a professional who can design food products to save lives and create sustainable agricultural practices and new water irrigation systems for impoverished Africans. African countries Wageningen’s hands-on approach lets you make lasting change; enroll today.

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9, Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University
Official WebsiteSorbonne University
Location15-21 Rue de l’École de Médecine, 75006 Paris, France.
Science and Engineering

Develop your future in the biomedical sciences with a degree from Sorbonne University. Established by public and private backers, this institution educates Europe’s brightest minds and graduates some of the most successful biotechnology professionals.

Durable, eco-friendly buildings and high-quality faculty mean Sorbonne University is a top European choice for career training in biotechnology. Get your share of the excitement that goes with working at a leading university by choosing Sorbonne University as “The One.” Ranked second academically within France’s best universities.

You can’t beat this location when you’re looking for an institution that offers great benefits while still giving you time to spend on family every night. It isn’t easy to find a college or university program like Biotechnology Engineering without attending graduate school abroad, so we welcome you with open arms if you join our program from anywhere in Europe!

Previously only available to students meeting certain criteria, now available.

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8, Imperial College London

Imperial College London
Official WebsiteImperial College London
LocationExhibition Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 2BX, United Kingdom.
ProgramsFaculty Of Engineering
Faculty Of Natural Sciences
Aeronautical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Dyson School Of Design Engineering
Earth Science & Engineering
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Centre For Environmental Policy
Life Sciences
Faculty Of Medicine
Digestion and Reproduction

Founded in 1907, Imperial College London is one of the best academic institutions for studying biomedical sciences and biotechnology. It was built on the motto “Scientia imperii decus et tutamen,” which translates into “Knowledge as security and safety.”

This institution has been consistently ranked among the best universities in Europe. Imperial College London’s researchers have won more than 50 Nobel Prizes to date, with winners including Libya-born Ahmed Zewail. With campuses in Paris and San Francisco, the university provides high-level graduate education ranging from engineering to fundamental sciences.

Are you interested in the best biotechnology colleges? Imperial College London is one of the best colleges for this exciting and innovative field. You’ll gain a comprehensive scientific grounding, plus an exceptional breadth of skills from across engineering, mathematics, and physical sciences to develop your career as a researcher or industrial innovator—plus earn world-class degrees in Science, Technology Engineering, and Management.

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7, ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich
Official WebsiteETH Zurich
LocationRämistrasse 101, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland.
ProgramsArchitecture And Civil Engineering
Engineering Sciences
Natural Sciences And Mathematics
System-oriented natural Natural Sciences
Management And Social Sciences

ETH Zurich offers the best biotechnology colleges programs designed to make you successful in today’s economy. We provide elite teaching personnel, 100% hands-on laboratory experience, and state-of-the-art learning facilities to ensure you get all the skills and knowledge needed for your future.

ETH Zurich promises you the best of both worlds. In-class lectures, laboratory work, and professors who are industry experts in their field with day-to-day knowledge from experience paired with a diverse set of cultural perspectives will give you an intimate gateway into the world. You’ll also have access to cutting-edge technology that offers your education quality and depth that is not found elsewhere in Europe.

The ranking of best colleges for biotechnology in Europe goes to ETH Zurich. Featuring world-class instructors and faculty, you’ll want to get your dance card fill for the next four years!

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06, Technical University of Madrid

Technical University Of Madrid
Official WebsiteTechnical University of Madrid
Location28040 Madrid, Spain
ProgramsSchool Of Naval Architecture
School Of Mining Engineering
School Of Civil Engineering
School Of Forestry Engineering
School Of Industrial Engineering
School Of agricultural
Food and Biosystems Engineering
School Of Telecommunication Engineering (Electrical And Computer Engineering)
School Of Aeronautical Engineering
School Of Computer Sciences Engineering and Mathematics
School Of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences(INEF)
Technical Assistants Engineering Schools

Are you tired of getting left behind in the world of biotech? Take a college course online from one of Europe’s finest best biotechnology colleges. Get the degree you deserve with the Technical University of Madrid! Our schools offer both Spanish and English-speaking courses.

The university has its own curriculum based on high-quality education that blends theory and practice in molecular biology, nanoscience, and bioinformatics with robotics and data management applications, all for students who want experience while they learn!

Are you bored at work today? Looking for something new to take up your imaginative energy? Try enrolling in an online class from Europe’s best colleges for biotechnology–the only one ranked higher than us is Switzerland’s ETH Zurich.

The Technical University of Madrid is one of the best colleges in Europe to take classes in Biotechnology. The benefits are obvious: low acceptance rate, an international course calibre with a diverse student body, and outstanding facilities. All it takes is for you to apply!

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5, University of Milan

best colleges for biotechnology
Official WebsiteUniversity of Milan
LocationVia Festa del Perdono, 7, 20122 Milano MI, Italy.
ProgramsSchool Of Law
School Of Medicine
School Of Humanities
School Of Veterinary medicine
School Of Agriculture and Food Science
School Of Pharmaceutical Science
School of Science and Technology
School of Excirsize and Sports Science
School of Political
Economic and social science
School of Linguistics and Cultural Mediation

Welcome to the University of Milan. As a European institution of higher learning, our students have access to some of the world’s most innovative and dynamic professors and resources. Whether you are considering earning your Master’s degree or Ph.D., there is no other place like Milan to grow professionally as an academician and step into leadership positions within academia or industry.

Studying abroad at UM changes your perspective on life; it sends you home more cultured, cultured with curiosity for global issues, and educated at one of Italy’s top medical schools but also more rooted in where we all come from.

Get a degree in biotechnology at the University of Milan, one of Europe’s top-rated colleges. Our 2+2 Bachelor’s program is designed to make you fluent in English and Italian to work internationally following graduation.

Look into our Master’s programs, too—we have courses on fermentation engineering and more for future programmers, teachers, doctors, and more. Start your dream career with us now, apply online or walk into any admissions office near you today!

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4, University of Vienna(Universität Wien)

University Of Vienna
Official WebsiteUniversity Of Vienna
LocationUniversitätsring 1, 1010 Wien, Austria.
ProgramsFaculty Of Catholic Theology
Faculty Of Protestant Theology
Faculty Of Law
Faculty Of Business, Economics, and Statistics,
Faculty Of Computer Sciences
Faculty Of Historical and Cultural Studies
Faculty Of philological and Cultural Studies
Faculty Of philosophy and education
Centre for Sport Sciences and University Sports
Faculty Of Psychology
Faculty Of Social Sciences
Faculty Of Mathematics
Faculty Of Physics
Faculty Of Chemistry
Faculty Of Earth Sciences, Geography, and Astronomy
Faculty Of Life Sciences
Centre for Translation Studies
Centre for Molecular Biology

One of the best biotechnology colleges in Europe, the University Of Vienna, has an instant impact on your life. You’ll never look back once you attend one of our three undergraduate programs. With state-of-the-art classrooms and beautiful blue Danube River views on every corner, this small university packs a big punch.

It’s ranked among the top five universities for Bachelor’s programs worldwide by QS World University Rankings. This university offers many academic options, including chemistry, engineering, economics, and computer sciences majors.

Whether you want to do specific research in molecular biology or participate in large-scale STEM projects. Alongside other students from around Europe, no matter if you’re going to travel internationally with one of our global student exchange programs.

The institution has a long history of excellence. It is known for many famous alumni who have gone on to achieve great success in careers such as pharmacology, engineering, and law.

3, University of Groningen

best biology colleges
Official WebsiteUniversity Of Groningen
Location9712 CP Groningen, Netherlands
ProgramsFaculty Of Economics and Business
Faculty Of Behavioural and Social Sciences
Faculty Of Theology and religious Studies
Faculty Of Arts
Faculty Of Medical Sciences
Faculty Of Law
Faculty Of Spatial Sciences
Centre for Philosophy
Centre for Sciences and Engineering
University college Groningen

With an internationally renowned faculty and diverse course offerings, the University Of Groningen is a one-of-a-kind institution. If you’re looking for a world-class university that will provide in-depth knowledge of biotechnology studies at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, then you’ve found your match.

Europe’s best biotechnology colleges Of Groningen. Not only do they have a huge range of educational opportunities, but they also undertake cutting-edge research and offer hands-on practical courses so that you can contribute to our field from day one of your degree. With its open spaces, green space, and historic buildings, the city has been voted the most liveable city five times since 2006 by Monocle Magazine.

For centuries, the University of Groningen has been Europe’s premier wellspring of scientific enlightenment. Today, we seek to continue that legacy through our academic and intellectual vigor. Our commitment to excellence is guided by our values: creativity, discipline, and collaboration.

This shared wealth provides a nurturing environment where students can flourish in their distinguished future careers within academia or industry. At the University Of Groningen, you will find an opportunity for ambitious people with talent and skillsets seeking achievements in research and teaching at an international level with ultimate freedom. Immerse yourself into this dynamic university experience without limits at The University Of Groningen!

2, University of Oxford

top biology colleges
TypePublic Research University
Official WebsiteUniversity Of Oxford
LocationOxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
Humanities & Sciences

The University of Oxford is a renowned college famous for its prestigious academic achievements. It has excelled in biotechnology and research on medicine due to the multiple grants from charity donations.

The University has the strongest research programs in the world.

If you’re looking to get a degree from one of the best biotechnology colleges around, then you can’t go wrong with Oxford. What prestigious institution carries more patents than any other Cambridge university worldwide? If you’re trying to gain admission into this great school, be sure to take advantage of their essays and writing workshops, as they will prove essential for your success here!

We have an extensive list of classes covering everything from business intelligence software programming languages through artificial intelligence and computer science for anyone who’s already enrolled at Oxford.

1, University of Cambridge

best biotechnology colleges
Official WebsiteUniversity Of Cambridge
LocationThe Old Schools, Trinity Ln, Cambridge CB2 1TN, United Kingdom
ProgramsSchool Of Arts and Humanities
School Of Biological Sciences
School Of Physical Sciences
School Of Clinical Medicine
School Of Technology

This college has won the title “Best British University 2010” and ranks among the top 15 in Europe. There is a range of undergraduates, including archaeology, English literature, forestry/wood sciences, and psychology. There are also opportunities for students to study abroad with course initiatives such as MASTER 2 – Sustainable Development Practices.

Brand Description: The University Of Cambridge was established in 1209 when it became England’s first university. With the student-teacher ratio at 1:11, this institute still focuses on excellence today. It offers degree programs from arts to engineering that are nearly unmatched by any other UK institution or even Ivy League colleges domestically and internationally!

“Cambridge is one of the best biotechnology colleges in Europe. We can provide you with an unrivaled learning and research experience that will prepare you for your future.”


 In this article, we talked about the top ten best biotechnology colleges in Europe. We discussed what makes them special and why they are among the finest schools for students who want to pursue a career in that field. If you’re looking for more information on these or other opportunities available at universities abroad, please keep reading our blog!

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