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The Caribbean is a beautiful region that houses many beautiful countries with their own unique cultures. From Cuba to Jamaica, there are so many places to explore and people to meet. Get ready for an adventure!

If you’re considering a medical career, you must know about these 10 best Caribbean medical schools. Caribbean edu are all top-rated institutions that offer great residencies and fellowships after graduation. Consider what they have to offer before making your decision on where you want to study abroad!

01, american university of the caribbean

American University Of The Caribbean
TypePrivate for-profit offshore, U.S. curriculum-based medical school.
Address1 University Drive at, Jordan Dr Cupecoy, Sint Maarten
Official WebsiteAmerican University Of The Caribbean
Caribbean Medical School Tuition and FeesAmerican University Of The Caribbean Tuition and Fees

The American University of the Caribbean is really something to be admired. Started in 1978, AUPC brings an experience that can’t be found anywhere else! With best-in-class education and plenty of hands-on training in a tropical climate, there’s no way you won’t get what you came for.

For those who wish to become a doctor someday, now is your chance. The American University of the Caribbean (AUC) seeks to provide a personalized holistic education with superior academics and clinical services standards. With an impressive alumni base, you’ll learn from certified experts highly sought after by leading international employers.

Prospective students can choose between complete- or part-time study programs that include access to library privileges and free audiovisual materials such as scopes. You will graduate with more than just an MDC degree; you will have life skills, essential knowledge, and global ethics experiences!

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02, st. george’s university

St. George's University
TypePrivate, Medical School
AddressUniversity Centre Grenada, West Indies, Grenada
Official WebsiteSt. George’s University
Caribbean Medical School Tuition and Feesst.George’s medical school tuition

St. George’s University is a private, top-ranked medical university in the Caribbean established in 1976. Backed by various prestigious entities, this school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees from an innovative multidisciplinary curriculum rooted in healthcare practice and research.

The mission of St. George’s University School of Medicine is to provide education leading to competent medical professionals ready for practice within specific specialty areas across the world irrespective of race or sex because we have created a society without distinction between those who believe themselves capable and those who are not so fashioned due to poverty, illness or disability.

St. George’s University is a private medical school in the Caribbean that distinguished doctors and scientists who brought their insights from years of clinical practice and research to bridge education, health care practice, community outreach, and global concerns in healthy populations.

The renowned faculty includes over 120 physicians with international reputations for excellence in teaching, volunteer service, research, and clinical practice, including Dr. George Favaloro, President Emeritus of World Association of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons; Professor Emeritus Giuseppe Paoletti, long-time president emeritus of International Society for Heart Transplantation; Past Deputy Director-General Ernesto Padron.

For those who want to get the best education and be on top of their game, St. George’s university is with you every step of the way – from research opportunities among leading scholars and scientists, volunteer community service in your field of study, residency positions in settings around the world, and access to an extensive network of professionals for post-graduate fellowships after graduation.

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03, american university of antigua medical

American University Of Antigua Medical
TypePrivate for-profit offshore medical school in the Caribbean Edu
AddressUniversity Centre Grenada, West Indies, Grenada
Official WebsiteAmerican University Of Antigua Medical
Caribbean Medical School Tuition and FeesAmerican University Of Antigua Medical Tuition and Fees

The American University Of Antigua Medical is a private top Caribbean medical school established in 1992. It’s one of the most preferred best-in-class medical schools not just because of its exceptional training but also because it offers a quality education at an affordable price.

It has been awarded for 7 straight years with “high surgical standard” by the Caribbean Society or Surgeons Board and ranked within the Caribbean as among 1% World Best Universities.

The diverse American University Of Antigua Medical offers biomedical science, dental hygiene, medical laboratory technology, and nursing degrees. It’s close to the beach and friendly!

Dr. James E. Smith, MD Faculty is one of the university’s Directors and the Head of its Department of Orthodontics; his vast experience spans a diverse range of fields in healthcare, including private practice, community service work with underprivileged populations, and hospital administration.

The American University Of Antigua Medical offers multiple career pathways for success: It has a robust foundation in science and liberal arts which prepares our students for careers as physicians, general practitioners, dentists, nurses, chemistry specialists, scientists, pharmacy technicians, teachers, dental assistants pharmacists among many others.

Students have access to unparalleled curricula and innovative learning experiences through state-of-the-art facilities, an accepted transfer policy tailored to their individual needs, online courses by qualified instructors from across the USA.

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04, saba university school of medicine

Saba University School Of Medicine
TypePrivate for-profit offshore medical school
AddressThe Bottom, Caribbean Netherlands
Official Websitesaba university school of medicine
Caribbean Medical School Tuition and FeesSaba University School of Medicine Tuition and Fees

Saba University School Of Medicine is a private, established top Caribbean medical school. It was founded in 1992 and had been operating since. R3 Education, Inc owns it.

Saba University School of Medicine offers everything you would expect from one of the Caribbean’s best schools with the same standards as the U.S. & European schools deem it worthy for students worldwide to achieve their highest ambitions while remaining close to family and friends.

Established on five pillars: Tradition, Excellence, Integrity Community Service Compassion, Saba can offer excellent continuing education programs for lifelong learning. Professional development may always be an ongoing process – just as it should be today when addressing future challenges demands new skills that keep pace with international innovations.

They are one of the country’s leading medical schools. They are located only a short walk from Saba University, their offer an internationally recognized standard of healthcare for those seeking professional recognition in the field. They pride themselves on our commitment to excellence and dedication to establishing bright, lasting careers both here and abroad.

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05, medical university of the americas – nevis

Medical University Of The Americas – Nevis
TypePrivate for-profit offshore medical school
AddressCamps, St. Kitts & Nevis
Official WebsiteMedical University Of The Americas – Nevis
Caribbean Medical School Tuition and FeesMedical University Of The Americas – Nevis Tuition and Fees

The Medical University of the Americas is one of the best Caribbean medical colleges for international students. Established in 1998, R3 Education Inc owns this private top Caribbean university. The Medical University offers a quality education with affordable tuition that runs on American standards and remains competitive.

If you’re looking to continue your education after high school and want to travel abroad, we have programs perfect for any budget or needs. Graduates are guaranteed to get into an accredited hospital upon graduation because they not only complete the intensive curriculum but also provide hands-on training done in cooperation with affiliated hospitals such as Doctors Hospital and Western Regional Health System in Barbados, North Shore Hospital in Miami, Florida, USA, Jennette Lady Davis General Hospital.

Eager to be a part of the best Caribbean medical school? The Medical University of America – Nevis is ranked among the top private, non-profit universities in the Caribbean. their faculty and staff have extensive experience both at home and worldwide. They bring with them a deep knowledge of their disciplines that they wouldn’t trade for anything else.

Dean Gordon J. Green, M.D. says,

 “We’re proud to maintain a rigorous admissions process tailored to each student applicant, so only those admitted meet our high standards.”

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06, trinity school of medicine

Trinity School Of Medicine
TypeOffshore private medical school
Address925 Woodstock Road, Suite 200 Roswell, GA 30075
Official WebsiteTrinity School Of Medicine
Caribbean Medical School Tuition and FeesTrinity School Of Medicine Tuition and Fees

Trinity School of Medicine (TSM) is an independent, for-profit private medical school located in Trinidad and Tobago. Founded in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs with over 50 years combined experience running private educational institutions, TSM was established as a global enterprise that offers paths to affordable excellence through tuition discounts to qualified students worldwide.

Whether attending onsite or online, Trinity School of Medicine’s GEM Curriculum provides the best learning environment for building skills essential for success in modern medicine: professionalism, empathy; cultural awareness; engagement with patients and communities.

Your day starts with a smile. It may be difficult, but you have to fight for it each morning before the serious work of your medical practice begins. That’s why we opened Trinity School of Medicine in 2008 – so that everyone has access to the most up-to-date and rich intelligence on how medicine is practiced across the world today, right from our teaching hospital facilities here at home in Trinidad and Tobago.

At TSM, we’re all about equipping you with the knowledge that only Ivy League universities can offer! This painstaking learning process will serve as spark plugs for your personal growth over time—empowering you to explore new ways to help those who need it.

It is the highest score for Caribbean medical schools. Voted number one by students, faculty, and graduates from across the region, Trinity gives you a life-changing experience with rigorous training in the state of the art facilities at an affordable price.

Thiar graduates outperform those who come from other top Caribbean medical schools like Ross University or St. George’s because they get more credits through interactive lectures led by qualified physicians and experts on site. Plus, They offer free international health insurance to ensure that graduating doctors can make a difference worldwide.

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07, Caribbean Medical University

Caribbean Medical University
TypeFor-profit, U.S. curriculum-based medical school.
Address25 Pater Euwensweg, Willemstad, Curaçao
Official WebsiteCaribbean Medical University
Caribbean Medical School Tuition and FeesCaribbean Medical University Tuition and Fees

Inspired by the atmosphere and old-world feel of Old Amsterdam, Caribbean Medical University is recognized as one of the premier institutes for medical education.

Surrounded by lush gardens and green lawns, it’s a great place to come after hours or during long vacations.  Whether you require an updated resume, residency reciprocity process assistance, or information on our enrollment requirements–we are here to help with your every need.

Our faculty includes internationally recognized experts in areas ranging from Internal Medicine and Neurology to Radiography. Put all that together with comfortable accommodations near some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean – we look forward to seeing you soon!

Caring is not just a word at Caribbean Medical University. It’s our mission. We create a friendly and supportive environment where our students feel like they are part of something important, where everyone has valued knowledge to contribute to the common good.

Our small class sizes mean there are plenty of opportunities for one-on-one attention from instructors and limitless chances for quality dialogue with classmates on clinical rotations in some of the world’s most exciting locales.

What makes us different is how committed we are to providing an excellent learning experience to each student. The caring attitude you will find here extends well past lectures, labs, or seminars into life itself – balancing rigorous academic curriculum with experiential learning opportunities both locally and internationally.

08, ross university school of medicine

Ross University School Of Medicine
TypePrivate for-profit offshore medical school.
Address2300 SW 145TH AVENUE, SUITE 200, MIRAMAR, FL 33027
Official WebsiteRoss University School Of Medicine
Caribbean Medical School Tuition and feesRoss University School of Medicine Tuition and Fees

At Ross University School Of Medicine, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence in medical education. We believe that this pursuit should not be limited to our students and faculty alone but extends to the entire organization, which must embody an unwavering mission to continue improving every aspect of their operation.

It is with this thought in mind that we strive to provide for each student one-on-one mentoring with distinguished clinician-educators; state-of-the-art technology featuring leading-edge simulation laboratories and dedicated spaces for 200+ years of combined classroom lecture space; access to clinical partners for hands-on experience in caring for patients from around the world; sustainable campus development rooted in long term thinking, global engagement, and collaboration with the communities that surround us.

Caribbean medical school, designed for doctors who want to practice in the United States. Home of Ross University state-of-the-art academic and healthcare facilities. Classes are available in both English and Spanish. Learn from our world-class professors and clinical partners at teaching hospitals across the United States.

U.S. News has ranked Ross University as “one of the best schools in the Caribbean” because we produce graduates who are highly selective applicants to the U.S., Canadian, and European medical schools.

You can expect a rigorous, science-based curriculum with classes that emphasize communication skills, professionalization, and ethics at Ross University School Of Medicine. You’ll also find us on your doorstep in lovely St Kitts & Nevis. With our new campus opening this fall, you’ll have access to much more than award-winning curriculums – from collaborative eLearning through TAMIT MOOCs or Hybrid courses to field trips on campus for Anatomy lab demonstrations or even getting hands-on experience scrubbing up next door at our hospital partner.

09, University of Medicine and Health Sciences

University Of Medicine And Health Sciences
TypePrivate medical school.
AddressKN, Camps, St. Kitts & Nevis
Official WebsiteUniversity Of Medicine And Health Sciences
Caribbean Medical School Tuition and feesUniversity Of Medicine And Health Sciences Tuition and fees

The Caribbean’s premier medical school, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS), is situated on a beautiful campus in Jamaica. UMHS has created an innovative curriculum that will help mold our graduates into world-class physicians. Both faculty and facilities have been internationally recognized for their quality, with many faculty members holding international university appointments.

 In addition to this well-equipped campus, UMHS offers unsurpassed financial assistance programs to those who qualify and require it for their educational endeavors. This top Caribbean private medical school wants nothing but the best for its students and alumni!

Robert Ross founded the UMGH in 2007 as a private institution geared toward maximizing education among younger doctors. Invest in your future and attend the University of Medicine and Health Sciences for one of the best Caribbean medical programs. With a variety of degrees offered, classes taught by top professors from around the world, and the opportunity to study abroad, getting an international degree will not only open doors but also help you excel as a physician.

10, American University of Integrative Sciences

American University Of Integrative Sciences
TypePrivate medical school.
Address1 University Drive at, Jordan Dr Cupecoy, Sint Maarten
Official WebsiteAmerican University of Integrative Sciences
Caribbean Medical School Tuition and feesAmerican University Of Integrative Sciences Tuition

American University Of Integrative Sciences (AUIS) is a Caribbean medical school based in Miami, Florida. It was designed with the American and European systems of education. In 1999 AUIS founder, Adtalem Global Education wanted to create an educational institution that offered an unmatched global perspective and world-class standards for our students as they become future doctors.

This was important to be prepared for diverse cultures by teaching them how to understand various traditions, health beliefs, and practices worldwide. Students who graduate from AUIS will have medical training domestically and internationally, giving them a competitive edge in the job market or professional life.

With its general excellence among other international schools of medicine, AUIS has been recognized by WHO. American University Of Integrative Sciences, situated in beautiful St. Lucia, is an institution that offers top Caribbean medical education and training for a bright future as a doctor.

A hot spot for international students from around the world? American University provides an excellent environment to manage challenging courses while making lifelong friendships along the way. Students can celebrate their achievements by playing sports or trying different student clubs of SCUBA diving, coding, music, culinary arts..you name it!

It’s not every day you get to study medicine in such lush surroundings as this – with all-inclusive living in state-of-the-art residences overlooking Victoria Park and historic Rodney Bay Marina nearby! Say “yes!” to your passion and take admissions today!


Best Caribbean medical school is a difficult question to answer. There are so many different factors that go into choosing the right college for you, and it can be hard to know where to start looking. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry!

Here at CollegeHub, we have all of your resources in one place – including rankings from U.S News & World Report as well as reviews of colleges by current students themselves. Whether you want help picking out schools or need guidance on preparing yourself for the application process, let us guide you through finding the perfect med school match today!

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