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The following is a list of the top 10 biggest family in the world. There are many different types of families, some with more members than others. However, all family members have something in common: they love each other unconditionally and want their family to be healthy and strong.

In this article, I will show you ten big families worldwide that made it on my list for being one of the best large clans out there!  Let’s get started, shall we?  The number one spot goes to.

01, The Blackmores

The Blackmores
Children 150
SiblingsBrandon James Blackmore
Parents Ray Blackmore (father)
Anna Mae (mother)

Want to see what riches your family could bring you? Give Blackmores a try, and be amazed at all the work, time. The effort that went into establishing this immense undertaking is passed on to their descendants!

To maximize potential by branching out from wholesale trade, manufacturing, investments holdings in sectors such as heavy industry or finance. As a result, you’ll soon have access to those magnificent fortunes which you’ve always dreamed about.


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The Blackmores are one of the top 10 biggest family in the world, and you can belong too! With an emphasis on family-orientated entertainment, The Blackmores promotes sharing, connecting with others, and helping out where possible.

From their 36 surviving members to all their heirs around the globe, they’ve managed not to pull themselves apart (even Alexander’s attempted coup) but instead connect across time zones.

We might not be as large of a family as some, but we’re pretty fun. The Blackmores are small, black pillows that can go anywhere from your bed to your living room couch and back again.

02, The Bonells

The Bonells
Spouse 2
Children 16
Siblings Jesse, Brooke, Claire, Natalie, Karl, Samuel
Parents Ray and Jeni

There’s a good chance that you’re related to the Bonells, and we want to help you get in touch with your long-lost family. For over 300 years, there has been no other family tree more impressive than The Bonells. We take pride in our large and diverse lineage.

People come from all over the world just to find their heritage here at home, but too many still haven’t attempted such an ambitious search for themselves or their loved ones–very disappointing indeed!


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Internationally acclaimed author Caroline Smailes knows a thing or two about the crazy life of living in a large family. She grew up around them and subsequently wrote her bestselling memoir, which is now available as a read for kids!

Life with 10 siblings, some close friends, some not-so-close girlfriends? It turns out that’s pretty cool, thanks to these fun stories from The Bonells clan. There are jokes and pranks sure to delight everyone. While also giving you a glimpse into what it’s like balancing school work with hanging out at home with one another. Activities such as exploring the forest next door.

“Lots of people live in families spread all over the world – but most don’t have 12 brothers and sisters!

The Bonells are one of the top 10 biggest family in the world. They’re described as eager, trustworthy, and helpful. Everything you need to keep your bed free from pesky critters who want nothing more than to make themselves right at home with you.

Cut up a few of these tasty suckers into your favorite cookies or preserve them from being served alongside roasted meats for an easy appetizer or enjoy their unique sweet flavor on its own!

03, The Duggars

The Duggars
Spouse 2
Children 21
Siblings Josh Duggar, Jana Duggar, John-David Duggar, Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo, Joseph Duggar, Josiah Duggar, Joy-Anna Forsyth, Jedidiah Duggar, Jeremiah Duggar, Jason Duggar, James Duggar, Justin Duggar, Jackson Duggar, Johannah Duggar, Jennifer Duggar, Tyler Hutchins, Jordyn-Grace Duggar, Josie Duggar
Parents Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar 

The Duggars are the perfect family. They make a mockery of any other sitcom, but it’s there because they genuinely believe in their values and doing what is right. Not only do they have a huge family with a lot to teach, but they also have a website that displays all of their amazingly generic lives.

A family of 27? Yikes! The Duggars have been under much scrutiny from the media, but there’s so much more to them than what they keep out in the open. This DVD set sheds light on their closets and all the secrets inside one minute.

First, they’re singing childish songs about unicorns and dragons. Then, next thing you know, they’ve mastered Hebrew or Latin – don’t be fooled by this wholesome crew with only five kids still at home.


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Do you want a huge family? Check out these Duggars, a family of 19 kids with 9 mommies and one pa. Joseph Duggar is 16 years old and not even courting yet, and he needs more time to figure things out. And Meredith Duggar with her 18 children aged 3 months-12 years old.

She’s married to the eldest son Joshua, an army veteran with three deployments under his belt. They’re part of what some call “Quiverfull,” which promotes having as many children as God has given you for His word to spread across the land – all that from just one woman!

04, The Radfords

The Radfords
Spouse 2
Children 22
Siblings N/A
Parents Sue and Noel

You’ve heard of the Jackson’s–but the Radfords is bigger. Much, much bigger, an incredible thirty-eight kids and eighteen spouses, to be exact. This intriguing family is featured in a new documentary film by Emmy award-winning director Doug Block that will premiere on PBS this fall.

From their practices as Quiverfull Apostolic Pentecostals adhering to strict Biblical teachings to their lives as young adults struggling to make ends meet, The Radfords tells a story like no other. A part extraordinary documentary, part self-portrait­of this incomprehensibly large clan was trying desperately not only not to break up but also stay together despite its astronomical odds against success.


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The Radfords are a beautiful household of over 24 people. They enjoy making music, cooking delicious family dinners, and all getting into bed with each other in the middle of winter to stay warm. For generations, they have integrated themselves in every walk of life through craftsmanship, hard work, teaching others their skillset when possible, and by the way, they’re not related!

The largest family in the world The Radfords are that group of people who always invites you to their birthday party. They make Liza jealous because she thinks they have too many friends to be bothered with her. Sure, the Radfords might lack individuality, but at least they keep Liza’s Instagram feed full of great pics.

05, The Chanas

The Chanas
Spouse 39
Children 94
Siblings N/A
Parents Ziona Chana

Millions of people are members of The Chanas, but there are some benefits to being a member that you may not know. Every year, they travel the globe for more than six months at a time without stopping, all so they can say hello or offer words of comfort to their relatives. This means they have plenty of chances to reach out with appreciation and encouragement without fear that family contact will become strained.

The Chanas is one of the largest and biggest family in the world. The documentary charts how this family works together to succeed and thrive as an international business, exploring their involvement with industry across sectors such as finance, consumer goods, healthcare, personal products, and logistics.


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The Chanas have a strong sense of family. It’s a group that consists of a mom, dad, grandmother, and 10 children. All the members were raised to honor God by living their lives as an example for others to follow. As a result, they’re currently ranked 10th in the world – number one among families with so many kids!

The Chanas family can be seen anywhere in the world you might want to explore. They are one of the top 10 biggest families in history, and every day, they continue to grow. Both ancient and future, they even go beyond time itself since space is relative after all!

The Chanas is a global family-supporting cause in 190 countries, generously donated to the United Nations. They love communities everywhere and believe that together we can create lasting change for people around the world.

06, Daad Mohammed Al Balushi

Daad Mohammed Al Balushi
Spouse 17
Children 90
Siblings N/A
Parents Daad Mohammed Al Balushi

These masterful man bakers were around the campfire before your earliest ancestor. They mastered the art of baking, and now they’re handing their secrets down to you: with a tradition like this, it’s obvious why our products bake up perfect every time.

This one-of-a-kind family tree is on sale now for just 100 bright golden coins. The Daad Mohammed Al Balushi contains generations of the world’s most wealthy royals, inheritors of incredible wealth and power.


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One hundred silver coins can’t buy this branch chopping family tree without firsthand experiencing a profound sense of the world’s financial imbalance. Yet, from some perspective, you could afford to travel all around Ireland in 1920 with pocket change tied up in this 8 billion RFD prize package!

When you join the Daad Mohammed Al Balushi family, your life will never be boring. We’re one of the top 10 biggest family in the world, and we pride ourselves on our lively, active heritage!

Compared to other large dynasties like the Rothschilds or Kennedys, who live in ruins that are mostly just open space, all our homes are fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. Visit any one of them for a day out – whether Abu Dhabi City or Muscat City. Make sure you don’t forget to stop by for some authentic Omani apple tea.

07, Luiz Costa de Oliveira Family

Luiz Costa de Oliveira Family
Spouse 2
Children 17
Siblings N/A
Parents Luiz Costa de Oliveira

The Luiz Costa de Oliveira Family is one of the largest family in the world. It includes a retired Brazilian soccer player, four sisters who became models after working as waitresses in their teen years, and a professional boxer.

The family was founded around 1835 by Francisco Gomes Silva Pinto and Maria Anna Silveira Costa e Silva. Francisco moved his growing family from Portugal to Nazaré da Mata in Brazil, looking for opportunities while escaping the wars with Napoleon.


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The Luiz Costa de Oliveira Family is the 10th biggest family in the world. You can trace 2,313 people back to this single-family. The founder of the family was Luiz Costa de oliveira born 1877. He had 12 brothers and sisters with 11 sons and 13 daughters, which resulted in 519 grandchildren with an average of 3 children each! This means that over 4 billion people on earth trace back 100% to this one man, who waited until he was 37 years old to have any kids at all!

The Luiz Costa de Oliveira Family is one of the top 10 biggest families in the world. The family’s estimated $2 billion fortune was inherited by frontman Luiz and his children, Hugo and Santiago – who happen to be among Brazil’s most successful models.

08, Nikolenko Family

Nikolenko Family
Spouse 2
Children 25
Siblings N/A
Parents Lyudmila and Nikolai Nikolenko

The Nikolenko family is one of the top 10 biggest families in the world.  They span 14 countries and speak at least 23 languages, so you never know what’s going to come out of their mouths next.

Families range from 1-15 children along with all their parents and grandparents too! The colors vary as well, translating to vibrant dinners where Russians are slurping soups while Spaniards are guzzling wine!’


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Their incredible story starts with Pavel Nikolenko, who immigrated to the United States in 1979. Paranoia began setting in because he was told not to bring any family members with him for safety reasons, so he left his wife and three kids back home.

Years went by, and it became apparent that they no longer had a life without each other, so they made their way to America, where they settled down together outside of Boston. Their children are now grown up with their own families, but the strong bond between them remains intact. The siblings include four sons (Paulie, Petr, Peter Jr., Alexi) plus two daughters (Alevtina & Dariya).

With more than 1,500 members worldwide, the Nikolenko family is a phenomenal group of people. The Nikolenko Family has some big clans in some tiny villages in Europe and Africa. You may have seen some famous not-so-big members at Euro 2012!

09, Hann Family

Duggar Family
Spouse 2
Children 13
Siblings N/A
ParentsMormons Emma and Roy Hann

It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing their name. Hann Family has achieved it all with 10 children, five houses, and billions of dollars in the bank. Billions of people worldwide say this family embodies what it means to be successful; they are proof that you can achieve anything if your heart is in the right place.

The Hann family is one of the largest families in the world. With an estimated 3,500 descendants, there’s always someone to take care of things when they’re needed most. The Hanns are well known for their competitive berry farming and prolific carpentry trade, but over time have become pioneers in construction, auto mechanics, firefighting tactics, civil engineering, you name it!

When you put your family first, it’s only natural that you have a huge one. Established in 1984 by Henry Hann Jr., this was the idea behind the oldest living polygamous clan, so now these little guys are simply doing what comes naturally to them! This “family” can’t be broken up because they’re too much fun.

So, if being part of a big family is something you dream about or just know deep down inside is best for your own kids, then come join us. That way, everyone will always have someone close enough to help out or provide much-needed support when life becomes difficult.”

10, Bates Family

Bates Family
Spouse 2
Siblings N/A
ParentsGil and Kelly Bates

Ten little bates and a mama and a daddy, all happy as can be. How do they keep their happiness afloat? With loads of laughter and family time! Oh, and speaking of times: the Bates family has been around since 1897! From Ireland to Tulsa, here’s why this is one big ol’ loving bunch worth your attention.

Loved and adored by millions, the Bates family is one of the most well-known families in America. Collected together for generations to create a large and ever-growing family, we’re driven men and women following our dreams with ambitions as big as our hearts.

The Bates Family is one of the biggest families in the world. With 55 children and counting, they know it’s time to start pitching for holidays because there will be many gifts to buy. Started by Thomas and Rebecca Batte, co-stars of WE TV show “Living Differently,” this round family has never been seen living so large with such a range of ages not just on screen but off as well.

Have you ever wished your family were bigger? Now, with the newest addition to the Bates family, that’s just what you can have. The Bates Family is made up of over 160 people! All told, there are 41 kids in the clan.

What’s more, these kids span 5 generations- their ages ranging from 4 months to 88 years old! This massive brood might be too much for some families but not for the gigantic one of this incredible bates bunch.


The Top 10 biggest family in the world is a fascinating read for anyone who wants to know more about big families. In addition, this article would be an excellent resource for someone looking to learn how to grow their family or start one of their own.

It covers everything from fertility rates and birth order impacts on personality type to the cultures most likely to have large extended families. Finally, if you’re curious what kind of impact your birth order has had on your life so far, this list will help you find out!

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