Breaking The Law: Top 10 Infamous Female Thieves That Will Leave You Speechless

Looking for some thrilling stories about the world’s most notorious female thieves? Look no further than our list of the top 10 famous female thieves! These daring women made history by breaking into banks, museums, and other high-security locations, leaving plenty of intrigue and mystery in their wake. From the notorious Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde fame, to the stealthy Griselda Blanco, our list covers the most daring and cunning female thieves of all time. So, if you’re ready to delve into the world of crime and intrigue, read on for our top 10 picks!

Unveiling the Notorious Life of the Infamous Female Thief – Facts About the Legendary Belle Starr

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As long as there have been possessions to steal, there have been thieves to take them. Historically, men have been the more notorious thieves, with many well-known robbers, burglars, and highwaymen being dudes. However, women are just as capable of pilfering with the best of them, and history is filled with female thieves who were just as clever, conniving, and audacious as their male counterparts.

Some of these lady burglars and pickpockets rose to infamy and became household names in their day. Here are the top 10 famous female thieves.


Bonnie Parker – Partner in crime to Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker helped lead a group of outlaws that robbed banks and gas stations in the early 1930s. Known as the Barrow Gang, the pair’s exploits were widely reported in the media and turned them into almost mythical figures.


Grace O’Malley – This 16th-century Irish pirate was known as the “Queen of the Sea.” She led a band of pirates who patrolled the Irish coast, attacking English and Spanish ships. O’Malley was a skilled sailor and a fierce warrior who fought to defend her people and her homeland.

3. Mary Frith (aka Moll Cutpurse) – Frith was an English pickpocket and notorious thief who plied her trade in the early 17th century. Dressed in men’s clothing (and sometimes referred to as “the Roaring Girl”), Frith was a fixture in the London underworld and was known for her flamboyant style and devil-may-care attitude.

4. Elizabeth “Ma” Barker – Together with her sons, Barker was said to have orchestrated a string of violent robberies and murders in the 1920s and ’30s. Though her exact role in the crimes is unclear, Barker was portrayed in the press as the mastermind behind the infamous Barker-Karpis Gang.

5. Mary Read – Along with Anne Bonny, Read was one of the few female pirates to make a name for herself in the Caribbean during the golden age of piracy. Disguising herself as a man, Read joined the crew of the pirate Calico Jack and became one of his most trusted advisors.

6. Belle Starr – Known as the “Bandit Queen,” Starr was an American outlaw who roamed the Oklahoma Territory in the late 1800s. She was involved in cattle rustling and horse theft, and her legend grew after her death in a hail of bullets.

7. Jeanne de Clisson – Clisson was a French noblewoman who turned to piracy in the 14th century after her husband was executed during the Hundred Years War. She became a fearsome pirate, attacking French ships and beheading their crews with a black axe as revenge for her husband’s death.

8. Pearl Hart – Hart was a Canadian-born outlaw who became famous for her daring train robbery in 1899. She and an accomplice held up a stagecoach in Arizona and made off with $432.

Although she was eventually caught and spent time in jail, Hart remained a cult figure in the American West.

9. Dolly Rawlins – In Lynda La Plante’s popular 1980s novel “Widows” (and its sequels), Dolly Rawlins is a former criminal who is forced back into a life of crime after her husband is killed.

She puts together a team of female thieves to pull off a daring heist, and the series has since been adapted into movies and TV shows.

10. Doris Payne – Payne is an American jewel thief who has been stealing gems for more than six decades.

She’s traveled the world, posing as wealthy socialites and charming salespeople in order to make off with valuable pieces of jewelry. Despite being arrested numerous times, Payne has never lost her passion for thievery, and she continues to be a fascinating figure in the world of crime.

These are just a few of the many female thieves who have left their mark on history.

Although they may not have proven as successful or notorious as their male counterparts, these women were no less skilled, daring, or dangerous in their illegal pursuits. Their stories serve as an important reminder that anyone, regardless of gender, can be a thief – and that the thrill and risks of illicit activity can be equally addictive and terrifying for all.

Who is the most famous female thief in history?

Who is the most famous female thief in history?

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Throughout history, there have been several notorious thieves who have gained notoriety for their crimes. Among these famous thieves, there are a few women who have made their mark.

One of the most famous female thieves in history is Mary Frith, who was born in London in the late 16th century.

Mary Frith, also known as Moll Cutpurse, gained recognition for her bold and audacious thefts. She stole from both the rich and poor, earning a reputation as a Robin Hood-like figure who stole from the wealthy to give to the poor.

However, there is little evidence to support this claim, and Mary is more likely to have stolen for personal gain.

Regardless of her motivations, Mary’s exploits made her a legend in her own time. She was known for her daring, often disguising herself as a man to avoid detection.

She was also an accomplished pickpocket, and would frequently steal from unsuspecting victims on the streets of London.

Despite her criminal activities, Mary was a popular figure among London society. She had a quick wit and a sharp tongue, and was known for her entertaining quips and anecdotes.

She was often invited to social events, where she would regale her audience with humorous tales of her thieving exploits.

In conclusion, Mary Frith, or Moll Cutpurse, is one of the most famous female thieves in history. Her daring exploits and audacious personality have made her a legend, even to this day.

While her criminal activities may have been frowned upon, her reputation as a fearless and cunning thief has ensured her place in history.


About Grace O’Malley: A Famous Female Thief

Grace O’Malley, also known as Gráinne Mhaol, was a notorious Irish pirate queen who lived in the 16th century. She was known for her fearless and cunning nature, and even met with Queen Elizabeth I to negotiate for her family’s land rights. O’Malley’s legacy lives on as a symbol of Irish resistance and female empowerment.

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