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Glass is a material that has been around for many years. It’s used for everything from windows to furniture and even cars. And, as you may have guessed, it was first used by the ancient Egyptians more than 4000 years ago. In fact, one of their uses was in glazed pottery!

Today glass remains an important part of our society-used in everything from industry to communications. So if you’re looking into buying some new glass windows or just want to know what else this fascinating material can be made into, then check out these top 10 Indiana glass company!

01, Carmel Glass and Mirror, Inc.

Carmel Glass and Mirror, Inc

They are always improving their craftsmanship. They are doing this for homeowners, builders, architects, and even commercial firms. When they’re not perfecting their arch-to-arch taping technique or designing precision metal cutting templates, they are installing windows in historic homes seconds after the rain dries up! Carmel Glass has skilled professionals to take care of any need that you may have.

Indianapolis glass Carmel Glass and Mirror, Inc is one of the best glass companies in Indiana. With over 25 years of experience, they are an excellent company to choose from when looking for a top 10 company near you!


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Carmel Glass and Mirror is the perfect company to work with for those of you who love your windows and mirrors as much as we do. They take pride in our high-quality service and superior replacement exceptional energy efficiency!

Carmel Glass and Mirror, Inc is one of the best glass companies in Indiana. Located on N Keystone Ave (between Home Rd and Edna), they offer all types of custom glass products, including mirrors, security, or decorative glass. Get your free quote today!

Indianapolis glass Carmel Glass and Mirror, Inc is full of natural light with the most beautiful murals on the walls. The carpentry in this building will amaze you. Their craftsmanship speaks for itself. They’re an honest business that has environmental consciousness. Their products are all top quality, durable options that they stand behind for their customers’ peace of mind!

02, Dr. Shower Door and Mirrors

Dr. Shower Door and Mirrors

Dr. Shower Door and Mirrors was established in 2006 to sell shower doors, mirrors, glass shelving, shelves with baskets, skylights, things you might find in a bathroom. We are proud to be one of the Top 10 indiana glass company marks 2016!

Keep your bathroom looking good with the benefits of water-resistant glass. Dr. Glass has many amazing treatment options for you to choose from, like their Dr. Shower Door and Mirrors that is sure to meet all of your needs!


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Have you noticed your shower door falling off of the bathtub more than usual? Secure it with Indianapolis glass Dr. Shower Door and Mirrors, one of the best Top 10 glass companies Indianapolis! Add on some mirrored doors while you’re at it, so what you look like while taking care of business is always a mystery.

There is nothing like a good, hard scrubbing at the end of a long day. But if your shower isn’t built for two, you might not be able to enjoy that experience fully. Dr. Shower Door and Mirrors will ensure no one gets left out in the rain (or lack thereof) with their attention-drawing design and decorative touches. They also come with a fantastic lifetime warranty as well as plenty of space storage for your sweet kinds of honey or handy jump ropes you never knew were missing from life until now!

Hence the name “Dr.” These doors ain’t holding back anyone with those frosted glass panels on either side open at any moment, making it possible for ample water access all around!

03, Glass & Mirrors Etc

Glass & Mirrors Etc

Glass and Mirrors Etc was built in an 1850s building to create a one-stop destination for all things glass-related. With this indianapolis glass, you’ll receive top-notch service from their friendly staff, set up shop in our comfortable waiting area, or enjoy a good chat over coffee at the cafe while your order is being made.

Choose from Floor To Ceiling mirrors that can be installed anywhere, Frameless cabinets with adjustable shelves fitted to size to your convenience, Counters worthy of any restaurant kitchen, and table tops so sturdy they’ll last until the next century come around.


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The store also features an entire Color Service Department capable of affordable coatings on doors and windows and virtually any exterior surface! Whether it

This Top 10 glass companies Indianapolis specializes in the design and fabricating of custom glass products. So whether you need a new bathroom, kitchen, or shower door for your home, they’ve got the perfect product at just the right price for you!

Who doesn’t love clean glass and mirrors? Glass Etc, has been in the mirror business for over 100 years. So it’s no wonder that they’re one of Indiana’s top 10 favorites! You don’t need to leave your hometown (or state, for that matter) when you’ve got our showroom right here. Especially not when they offer low prices and expert installation.

04, Mirror & Glass Concepts, Inc

Mirror & Glass Concepts, Inc

Have you been looking for a modern, high-quality glass company to install mirrors in your loft suite? Believe it or not, They have the largest selection of reflective surfaces in southern Indiana. Stop by one of our showrooms today – They’re conveniently located only minutes from downtown Indianapolis!

Mirror & Glass Concepts is your one-stop shop for all of your glass needs. So whether you’re looking to replace the foggy old mirror in your bathroom or grab a custom panel with customized lettering- we’ve got you covered.


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Crystal clear, high-definition panels are just around the corner with Mirror and Glass Concepts. From replacing our most recent product description sentence’s current equivalent to making full portraits using photo-realistic imagery, these crystal pieces will be fantastic additions to any living space.

Glass is back in style, but it’s never too late to make your home or business reflect your design sense. Mirror & Glass Concepts creates custom glass artwork with personalized designs for customers, and they work hard to turn any ideas into reality. So if you see their work on display in an antique bookstore window, stop by the nearest mirror company to compare prices!

Mirror & Glass Concepts, Inc is the best glass company in Indiana. It’s got everything you could want in a Top 10 glass company–it’s affordable, it’s diligent, and it has fantastic customer service. We’re right here in Indianapolis, so come on down!

05, Modern Glass, Inc

Modern Glass, Inc

“Modern Glass, Inc is one of the best indiana glass company marks around. With over 100 years in the business and one of the complete lineups available to get you what you need for your windows, doors, patio furniture, or any other home furnishings, then this is your company.”

Modern Glass, Inc has been in business for decades. They are looking out for you by providing decorative glass windows and items to make your home or office look beautiful. All of their work is made specifically with you in mind!

Indianapolis glass Modern Glass, Inc has been doing glass work since 98 are years ago. They’re always looking out for the customer – take a look at what they have done over the last few years to help people improve their homes and offices!

Get the modern look you’ve always wanted for your city condo with our high-quality, low-cost glass windows. You can rest easy knowing that your home has been insulated for years to come with lead-free materials built to last. They are one of the best Indiana Glass companies, but they will leave that up to you to decide!

Glass in Indiana? That’s what you’re saying, right?! Now that sounds like a competition waiting to happen. The name Modern Glass, Inc sounds far too uptight for our taste here at Witty Ventures Marketing Group! So let’s turn up the heat this December and start your holiday shopping early with the best Top 10 glass companies Indianapolis. Might want to pencil in some time to stop by because it will be worth your while.

06, Suburban Glass Service, Inc

Suburban Glass Service, Inc

We believe you need a company that’s up to date on the newest and best glass service for your home or business, which is why they offer top-of-the-line glass. Suburban Glass Service provides residential and commercial services such as installing windows in new construction, repairing damaged panes of glass, fixing broken furniture with customizing pieces of tempered safety glass.

We go beyond typical swapping out old foggy or blurry windows to provide efficient replacement options ranging from modern aluminum sliding to cozy vinyl double-hung ones.

Anyone with a broken window knows: it’s like having an eyesore. It’s nothing but aggravation and money spent on expensive things to help ease the pain (and we’re not talking Band-Aids). However, the only cure is simple: call Suburban Glass Service, Inc. They provide glass services for your home or business and work as restoration contractors after disasters such as fires and storms.

With our 24/7 emergency service, you can count on us when you need everything from protection to repairs; moreover, They are guarantee all of our products will make sure that any exterior project looks spectacular and perfect!

Indianapolis glass Suburban Glass Service, Inc is one of the best Indiana glass companies and right in your backyard! It was established in 1930, but we have been making a name for ourselves around the Bloomington-normal area ever since. Their expertise lies in replacement windows, exterior windows & entryways, patio doors, bay/bow/or custom windows.

Imagine a life without worries about shards of glass suddenly flying through your living room after a winter storm or break-in. It’s not an easy thought to have on those wintry days when you bundle up to go outside and shovel snow from sidewalks so as not to block our business entrance. Well, newsflash–we can help! With the solidity of years of experience coupled with some good old-fashioned.

07, Mark Will Fix It

Indiana glass company Marks Will Fix is just the guy you need to help your home or business reach an aesthetically pleasing status. There are plenty of options out there for what you might be looking for, well now here’s one more! Featured inside this book are helpful tips on making your house look like a palace with little work.

Mirror companies’ handy guide will show you step-by-step methods that’ll have homeowners feeling complete relief and leave landlords thinking, “I’m glad I hired him.”

Need someone to fix it? Call Mark!  Our best ranked Top 10 Indiana Glass Company for right now, call anytime for your glass repair. With the expert materials just waiting in the back of our truck guy here can get you fixed up in no time at all. Want to know what else we offer? Ask us, ask!

Put the glass companies Indianapolis to work for you today. Not sure if your windows can be opened or closed? Call one of our handymen, and they’ll fix it, easy as pie. Our company is built on trust, so they do whatever it takes to get the job done right!

Suppose your home or office has broken windows, faded curtains, warped floors, pests crawling around the carpets – no problem. Call manufacturers in Indianapolis Mark Will Fix It today to take care of business!

Mark is a friend of ours. He’s good at fixing things, and we feel like he’s the only person we can trust to fix our stuff. But also, his name sure does sound like “Mark will Fix it.” That has to be cosmic or something!

08, Window Genie of North East Indianapolis

Window Genie of North East Indianapolis

When it’s time to tidy up Windows in your home, look to Window Genie of North East Indianapolis for the best Top 10 indianapolis glass! Our expert professionals will work with you from start to finish by providing a prompt estimate when you schedule an appointment online.

They’ll come prepared with all the tools and materials needed for a quick job. They make sure windows are cleaned safely and thoroughly using our professional-grade detergents and completely switched out at no extra cost.

Windows are an essential part of your home. But, the Frame ‘N Wash Window Genie is the window cleaning professional’s best-kept secret. The window washing experts at Frame ‘N Wash have been in business for decadesâ,” and that’s because you get more than just windows shining when you bring us to your house or office!

They’ll take care of everything, including screens and tracks, meticulously cleaning every inch, so your windows sparkle like they did when you first moved into your space.

Homeowners in mirror companies North East Indianapolis are tired of buying new windows every few years, only to find out their unique signature style is nowhere to be found. Window Genie specializes in vinyl window installation best for the environmentally-conscious homeowner with an excellent eye for design.

Maintaining your upkeep on this material saves money over time because it lasts longer than wood and other products while being cheaper than custom aluminum designs. If you’re looking for tried and true products due to budget constraints or other factors, our company has what you need!

09. ADR Handyman Services

ADR Handyman Services

Are they still waiting for that contractor to come by? It sounds like you need the services of a handyman. So when it comes to painting, carpet installation, and basic plumbing, they make your home feel like new again.

Manufacturers in Indianapolis ADR Handyman Services can tackle almost any type of household project, from mowing the lawn, painting the walls, planting a garden, or fixing a leak. Give one of our handpicked experts a call, and they’ll be at your door before you know it with their tool belts on their ready to get to work on anything!

Need your pipes fixed? Need to refinish your deck? Jazz up the exterior of your home with a new paint job? We’ll do it all.

Sure, they’ve been doing this for years and know what they’re doing. But that’s not the only reason you should hire us (they left out one essential factor because, frankly, they always like to keep things interesting). Aside from they are vast experience and enviable resume.

They love solving problems creatively and carefully; they believe in reliability–ours and yours; They treat everything as if it were your own. Moreover, they use top-notch materials to be as eco-friendly as possible because such is the future!

Feel the freedom of a lifeless busy mirror companies ADR Handyman Service will take care of installing your new advanced thermostat, making sure to match colors and aesthetic themes. So crucial for keeping productivity up or saving on bills, these installation pros get you squared away in no time.

10, Coleman Contracting Inc

Coleman Contracting Inc

Whether you need to replace the windows in your upstate Indiana home or build a custom commercial building, you can count on excellent service and quality craftsmanship at Coleman Contracting.

So you’ve got this big house you want to move into, but it’s too far for just one guy. Don’t worry—Coleman Contracting is the number-one manufacturers in Indianapolis in all of Pikeville. So whether you’re furnishing a new office or warehouse or installing that beautiful piece of art your girlfriend gave you last Christmas, chances are our team can take care of everything until your project is finished.

When you need the best Top 10 indiana glass company marks, call Coleman Contracting! They specialize in residential and commercial buildings. Let our experienced team help create a project that combines practicality and beauty into something both you and your neighbors will love. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about Invisi-Shield – it’s a revolutionary product used for self-cleaning glass surfaces.

On sunny days, They’re sure to find our friends from mirror companies Coleman Contracting hard at work. Or stormy ones. Or overcast and tranquil days alike. There’s just no such thing as a bad day for them to get the job done! So what does that mean for your home or business?

The last house on the block with a glass-filled porch in all conditions keeping you comfortable year-round without going Nickle and diming you on installation fees!


Indianapolis is a thriving city with many opportunities for success. However, one of the best ways to make it in this city is through your business, and if you’re looking for help building or expanding your company, there are plenty of resources available to get started.

Our team of experts has vetted the 10 Indiana glass company that we list here as reliable sources that can provide quality services at competitive prices. Whether you need window replacements, glass installation, mirror replacement frames, or anything else related to glasswork, these companies will be able to meet your needs. Feel free to ask about their specific offerings in the comment section below!

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