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If you require a medical school, these are the top 10 best medical schools in Dominican Republic. This blog post will help provide insight into what to look for when selecting a school and what qualities make up the best option. The following list is based on surveys taken from students and alumni who have attended these institutions and reviews found online.

These factors were determinants of how each school was ranked: quality of education, research opportunities, student life outside of academics, affordability, diversity among students and faculty members.

Though some may be more expensive than others, they all offer an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a doctor or researcher. By reading this article, you will know which one would be most suited for your needs.

10, Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena
AddressAv. John F. Kennedy 1/2, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Official WebsiteUniversidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña,
ProgramArchitecture and Arts
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Economic and Social Sciences
Health Sciences
Legal and Political Sciences
Humanities and Education
Science and Technology

This school is not only the best medical schools in Dominican Republic, and it’s actually one of the best in Eastern America. Their graduates are always placed amongst the top 5% of all medical schools’ alumni anywhere on earth. This week, Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña will be hosting their annual Hospital Medicine Conference with some of the most profound BMF scholars teaching there.

Une universidad que saca lo mejor de ti. Sentirás la inspiración cuando sientes el afecto y confianza del equipo profesional. Su liderazgo te guiará por un camino donde las expectativas son altas, sus estudiantes se esfuerzan todos los días para ofrecer años de generosa experiencia educativa en medicina.

A university that brings out the best in you. You will feel inspired when you get to know and trust the professional team around you. Leadership will guide you on a path where expectations are high, and students work hard every day to offer generous educational experiences.

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09, Universidad Iberoamericana, (UNIBE)

Universidad Iberoamericana, (UNIBE)
AddressAv. Francia 129, Santo Domingo 10203, Dominican Republic
Official WebsiteUniversidad Iberoamericana, (UNIBE)
Programbusiness Management and Administration
BBA in International Business
Tourism Management and Administration
Interior Design
Psychology (Clinical, School, and Industrial/Organizational)
Engineering (Civil, Industrial, ICT)

UNIBE is one of the university’s medical schools in Dominican Republic, making it one of the best. UNIBE was founded by Dominican authorities and is located on a 98 hectares campus with ample sports facilities and research laboratories. They offer undergraduate programs accredited by the Dominican Ministry of Education and Youth despite being founded by Dutch doctors four years ago.

From established professions such as physiotherapy to emerging ones such as computer science, they have all the features needed for success. With an international staff including professors from Cuba, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, and study opportunities abroad in multiple fields like healthcare management or biotechnology, their degree status makes them sure worth your time now!

UNIBE is a small but incredibly renowned medical school. Do you want to change your fate and study in the Dominican Republic? You might want to consider enrolling in this wonderful educational establishment, with only 150 students annually.

Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) offers a personalized approach to scientific and academic training and provides an international perspective and recognition. Create your future with UNIBE!

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08, Universidad Eugenio María de Hostos, (UNIREMHOS)

Universidad Eugenio María De Hostos, (UNIREMHOS)
AddressSan Juan, 00925, Puerto Rico
Official WebsiteUniversidad Eugenio María De Hostos, (UNIREMHOS)
Social Communication
Nursing, Dentistry
Computational Systems and Administration

If you are looking for an excellent program, UNIREMHOS is the school for you. Known as one of the best medical schools in Dominican Republic and founded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology-UNESCO. According to QS world university rankings, it currently ranks among the top 50 worldwide universities in producing graduating doctors. You will receive international recognition when you graduate from this educational institute with a degree in medicine/surgery.

This prestigious Dominican Republic Medical School is the best choice for aspiring physicians, surgeons, and health care providers. From its humble inception in 1984, Universidad Eugenio María De Hostos has grown into a dependable institution with a reputation for excellence that continues to earn praise from authorities like WHO, UIAHES-AUCH – Regional University Agency of Higher Education and Science -RUCAAT- Quality Accreditation Confederation Community-Academic Institutions ranked Top 10 in Latin America.

For those who dream of attending the medical field in the Dominican Republic, UNIREMHOS may be the school you were looking for. With a highly selective program and small class sizes, this private university is known to produce some of the most skilled physicians on the island.

Regardless if it’s your first time to experience living abroad or not, our expenses are paid by Santo Domingo Public Hospital (SPHD). Along with your degree from our institution, you’ll receive a Medical Practice Certificate. As well as patient care in basic diagnostic labs, emergency corridors, and hospital wards with proper financial security.

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07, Universidad Central del Este, (UCE)

Universidad Central Del Este
AddressCampus UCE, Av Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó, San Pedro de Macoris 21000, Dominican Republic
Official WebsiteUniversidad Central Del Este, (UCE)
Business Sciences
Production Sciences
Construction Sciences
Natural Resources
Public Communication

The only private university from the Dominican Republic to be recognized as one of Latin America’s best medical schools by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) since 1987.

Universidad Central Del Este offers hands-on learning and state-of-the-art facilities that enable students to interact with experts in a supportive environment and experience the latest healthcare firsthand innovations. This is an excellent choice for those international students wishing to pursue professional medicine degrees while living on the Caribbean islands.

There are many reasons why the Universidad Central Del Este has become one of the best medical universities in Dominican Republic. The main reason is our commitment to quality education, innovative teaching methods, and perspectives that empower students. If you’re interested in attending this university as a student or for training purposes, we highly recommend contacting us!

The Universidad Central Del Este (UCE) is one of the Best Medical Schools in Dominican Republic. This Private Caribbean medical schools Established in 1970.Fonder José A. Hazim Azar. The program’s curricula include both Medicine and Biomedicine for undergraduate and graduate-level study, respectively, with a small selection of additional courses in English such as Basic Sciences or Clinical Care Programs, etc., and an extensive list of Popular Latin American Languages.

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06, Pontifica Universidad católica Madre y Maestra, (PUCMM)

Pontifica Universidad Católica Madre Y Maestra
AddressAutopista Duarte Km 1 1/2, Santiago De Los Caballeros 51000, Dominican Republic
Official WebsitePontifica Universidad Católica Madre Y Maestra, (PUCMM)
ProgramSchool of Sciences and Humanities
School of Health Sciences
School of Social and Administrative Sciences

Immerse yourself in a career that will literally transform lives for the better. You’ll be responsible for educating others on how to prevent infections, manage diabetes or catch a heart attack before it becomes deadly.

The impressive curriculum, cutting-edge technologies, and high-quality instructors are just some of what you can expect at PUCMA Medical School. We offer top-notch programs like Family Medicine, General Practice Residency Program, and Cardiology Fellowship Program, which prepare students for expert excellence at international levels.

Anyone looking to get a quality education from one of the top Caribbean medical schools in the country and having an eye for location should definitely consider petitioning at Pontifica Universidad Católica Madre Y Maestra (PUCMM).

The Dominican Republic offers beautiful and sunny weather year-round, making it ideal for those who want to explore their options. Not only that, but if you are looking for a more hands-on learning experience without needing to do your clinical training abroad, then this school might be perfect.

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05, Universidad Católica del Cibao, (UCATECI)

Universidad Católica Del Cibao
AddressAv. Universitaria, La Vega 41000, Dominican Republic
Official WebsiteUniversidad Católica Del Cibao, (UCATECI)
ProgramFaculty of Human and Social
Faculty of Health
Business Faculty
Faculty of Engineering

Universidad Católica del Cibao, (UCATECI) is one of the Best Medical Schools in Dominican Republic. This Private Caribbean medical school Established in of connoted professionals and is considered the best Dominican Republic institute.

UCATECI also has affiliations to hospitals from Durham Region, Ontario, where students can work in real-world surroundings with supervision by learned doctors and surgeons as they would post-graduation. The graduates’ probability for a better future goes up exponentially when they have experience with thoracic surgery or gynecologic oncology at the University of New Brunswick Hospital before their formal training begins.”

UCATECI is a top medical school in the Caribbean. Established in 1983, it’s one of the most respected private schools for health care professionals. Grouping accomplished graduates with like-minded professors and colleagues, UCATECI has earned its reputation as one of the Dominican Republic’s best institutes of technology.

“The UCATECI is the top-ranked among all private dominican republic medical schools, while 36% of doctors are Dominicans and another 44% of doctors are foreign students. When it comes to teaching modules, UCATECI has partnered with the best universities globally, such as Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Colleges in Boston .”

04, Instituto Tecnológico Dominicano, (INTEC)

Instituto Tecnológico Dominicano
AddressAv. de Los Próceres 49, Santo Domingo 10602, Dominican Republic
Official WebsiteInstituto Tecnológico Dominicano, (INTEC)
Business Administration
Social Sciences

For more than four decades, INTEC has been training the best doctors and medical professionals from all around the world. You’ll be taught innovative teaching techniques that are unparalleled anywhere else in Latin America. We take pride in all of our students and graduate with satisfying lives filled with joy-filled lightheartedness.

Instituto Tecnológico Dominicano or INTEC is a medical school in the Dominican Republic. This private institute was established by connoted professionals and is considered one of the best for its high employment rate after graduation. If you are looking for an International Medical School that will give you all the advantages and be accredited, then INTEC might just be perfect for you!

You know what they say, “Third time’s a charm.” INTEC has been the top medical school in the Dominican Republic for three consecutive years regarding third-party validation. The leaders of this institute have already proven their success as ingenious engineers with degrees from renowned universities like Harvard and MIT.

Nowadays, we can’t find anyone who questions their qualifications or credentials. Why would we want to hire them? With award-winning faculty holding more than 200 memberships in professional organizations worldwide and over 20 years of experience teaching internationally diverse students from 14 countries around the world, INTEC is undeniably one of the best medical schools in Dominican Republic because they put so much emphasis on working hard rather than playing hard that you’ll barely even feel it.

03, universidad dominicana o&m

Universidad Dominicana O&M
Address11005, Dominican Republic
Official WebsiteUniversidad Dominicana O&M
ProgramBusiness Administration
Administration of Tourism and Hotel Companies
Social Communication
Education – Initial Education
Education – Mathematics Oriented to Secondary Education
Education – Spanish Language and Literature Oriented to Secondary Education
civil engineering
Electronic Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Systems and Computer Engineering
Psychology Clinical Mention
Psychology School Mention
Psychology Industrial Mention

Are you searching for an affordable medical school in the Caribbean? Universidad Dominicana O&M is one of the few! They have top-notch faculty and facilities, with a high rate of graduates that go on to internships and residencies.

Basing your education on innovation, their student-focused model helps develop competencies across the problem sets of medicine – from basic sciences to clinical expertise. Located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, They are recognized internationally as one of countries best Medical Schools–Ranked the World’s #52 under Best Medical Schools 2016 by QS world university rankings.

“The Dominican Republic is often overlooked in the region, but when it comes to private Caribbean medical schools, Universidad Dominicana O&M is one of the best.”A degree from a prestigious university will help lay the foundation for a fruitful future. Why not invest in your education and choose Universidad Dominicana O&M?

02, Universidad Católica Nordestana, (UCNE)

Universidad Católica Nordestana
Address31000 Campus los, Calle Los Arroyos, San Francisco de Macorís 31000, Dominican Republic
Official WebsiteUniversidad Católica Nordestana, (UCNE).
basic education
Education Mention Social Sciences
pre-school education
Education Mention Modern Languages
Business Administration
Administration of Hotel Tourism Companies
Systems and Computing Engineering
civil engineering

Universidad Católica Nordestana is a Dominican-based private institution with campuses in the Dominican Republic and Spain. We offer academic programs from associate degrees up to PhDs, with biomedical sciences being our specialty. Our facility includes an auditorium, library, two theaters, laboratories for marine studies, marine conservation projects, computer labs, three museums, sports facilities, basketball courts, and championship soccer fields.

We have been educating Caribbean leaders for 30 years since 1978. We’re proud of the graduates who are physicians at prestigious institutions worldwide or serve as public health officials in developing countries like Haiti.

01, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, (UASD)

Universidad Autónoma De Santo Domingo
AddressAv. Alma Mater, Ciudad Universitaria, D.N. de Sto. Dgo.
Official WebsiteUniversidad Autónoma De Santo Domingo, (UASD).
Agronomy and Veterinary Sciences
Laws and Political Sciences
Economics and Social Sciences
Engineering and Architecture
Health Sciences
The Arts

Established in 1866, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo is one of the top Dominican Republic Medical Schools. Located in Santiago, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo is public and actively seeks to provide a quality education for any interested students. Dominican educational institution that offers high-level healthcare training. Number 7th on best institutions worldwide according to international ranking webometrics.

The only public university Dominican republic medical schools. The UASD faculty works hard to provide quality, affordable education and research opportunities unequaled in the country.

Universidad autónoma de Santo Domingo, UASD for short, is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the Dominican Republic. A public medical school established in 1866 and had been producing successful doctors since that time.

There is no question as to why students looking for a quality public medical education choose USAD as their top option. Stars like Gabriel Holy Espejo-Gómez have earned USAD stars such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree graduates are welcomed by prestigious hospitals on both sides of the border.


I hope you have found our article helpful. If you’re looking for the best medical schools in Dominican Republic, this blog post will help guide your search to find the top 10 choices that are available near you! You can also use these suggestions as a starting point of good options if you plan on applying and studying abroad.

Whether it’s through online courses or physical attendance at one of the universities listed below, there is no shortage of opportunities when it comes to continuing education opportunities in medicine. Good luck with your application process, and enjoy learning about all the different types of medical school programs available worldwide!

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