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The NBA is a place where dreams become a reality. Hundreds of players have made it to the top of their game and represent different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Mexico has produced some great basketball players.

Despite never winning an Olympic medal in men’s competition as they did in women’s play or qualifying for the World Cup in Spain. Here are our Top 10 Mexican NBA Players with a brief bio on each player.

10, Romel Beck

Romel Beck
TeamDakota Wizards
BirthplaceMay 29, 1982 (age 39 years), Magdalena de Kino, Mexico

Romel Beck is a professional Mexican basketball player who competed in the NBA. Born and raised in Mexico, Romel was drafted by the Phoenix Suns in 1990 and made his debut on February 9th of 1991, during which time he scored 3 points. He played four seasons before retiring due to injuries at age 26.

You can try on the shoes of Romel Beck, one of Mexico’s native sons. His soccer boots match any Euro Step, and his feathery jumper will float over all but the tallest defenders.

Now, Mexican basketball players Romel Beck is bringing his skills back to Mexico with YOTOT Everywhere. Yourselves or your children will be able to enjoy an authentic upbringing of NBA play in a structured environment every day of the week!

The antics and heart-pounding moments make for an addicting viewing experience that has never been seen before, so join us today by signing up for the Beta team!

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09, Omar Quintero

Omar Quintero
TeamFIBA AmeriCup
PositionPoint guard
BirthplaceSeptember 26, 1981 (age 39 years), Nogales, Mexico

Omar Quintero is one of the top Mexican professional basketball players in the world. With a few NBA championships under his belt, he has proven his talent as a 2-time member on Team Mexico’s gold medal-winning team and many more tournaments that boast him to be one of the best athletes in the world.

The ball-handling skills Omar possesses are second-to-none and have made him an elite point guard over time. His ability to create lanes for himself or teammates makes it difficult to score on his playstyle, as shown when he first joined Dallas Mavericks in 2014. After being traded mid-season from Phoenix Suns last year and playing with Portland Trail Blazers this summer.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a new player in the NBA who’s only the second Mexican-born, born and raised! His name is Omar Quintero. He grew up in Mexico and was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers last year.

There are only two other Mexicans on this earth who have ever played at the NBA level. Quintero still goes back to visit his family in Mexico whenever he can – so that he can keep it real with them about everything going on.

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08, Juan Toscano-Anderson

Juan Toscano-Anderson
TeamGolden State Warriors
PositionPower forward, Small forward
BirthplaceApril 10, 1993 (age 28 years), Oakland, CA

Juan Toscano-Anderson has been playing for the NBA since 2018. He is a Mexican basketball player who has significantly contributed to sports in Mexico and the world.”

Juan Toscano-Anderson is one of the Mexican NBA players who have played Mexican basketball players in the NBA. This type of player brings together a deep love for what they do, resilience, and hard work, all while showing pride in their culture with every move.

The authentic style that this label embodies is always an interesting point to discuss when you’re out bouldering on your weekend’s free time or on a meaningful conversation with friends about how much “work” you’ve put into your job.

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07, Jorge Gutierrez

Jorge Gutierrez
PositionPoint guard / Shooting guard
BirthplaceDecember 27, 1988 (age 32) Chihuahua, Mexico

One of the Mexican NBA players that have played for both the Orlando Magic and LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers is Jorge Gutierrez. Despite being undrafted, Gutierrez has carved out a successful professional basketball career starting in 2009. When his current team acquired him, this product would be perfect for any Cleveland Cavaliers fan or any Orlando Magic fans looking to support their former player.

Basketball might be his second love, but basketball continues to be Jorge Gutierrez’s first. Basketball is the sport he was born into, and now it’s the game he plays every day for a living.

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06, Horacio Llamas

Horacio Llamas
TeamPhoenix Suns
BirthplaceJuly 17, 1973 (age 47 years), Rosario, Mexico

Horacio Llamas was born and raised in Mexico, where he excelled at basketball. He earned a spot on the Mexican national team when they qualified for the Olympic qualifiers – and yes, I need to point it out, that means two teams worth of people from one country will be playing against each other during this year’s tournament! But back to Horacio.

After going pro with his home-team Estudiantes Tecos Libres de la UNAM (that’s Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Horacio signed an NBA contact with the San Antonio Spurs in 2007. And while he didn’t exactly live up to expectations while playing there.

You will see Horacio Llamas dribbling the ball at lightning speed with every move as if he’s right there on a sunny day in Mexico. He might throw some flair into his step before driving to the hoop or crossing over an opponent, marking them with their sweat stain.

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05, Gustavo Ayón

mexican basketball players
TeamBC Zenit Saint Petersburg
PositionPower forward, Center
BirthplaceApril 1, 1985 (age 36 years), Tepic, Mexico

Known in the NBA as “Gusto,” Gustavo Ayón is one of only two Mexican players to play for the Brooklyn Nets. The player signed a four-year, $3.6 million contract with the team in 2010 and has played less than over 100 games.

The Mexican National Basketball Association player Gustavo Ayon continues to amaze and inspire with his highly physical, entertaining, and inspiring play.

It’s not every day that a Mexican player plays in the NBA. Gustavo Ayón has been playing alongside Dirk Nowitzki for years on overseas teams. He is finally making his leap to the big leagues this year. His 7-foot stature and impressive vertical have caught scouts’ eyes.

Before but neither he nor Mexico was ready for him to make it into the highly competitive league. During his first 3 seasons of eligibility between 2009 and 2012. With one game remaining in 2013, Ayón had only totalled 135 minutes. Most players at least double or triple that total coming off of their bench. After an injury or as a third-string fill-in when other teammates are travelling with their national team delegations.

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04, Eduardo Nájera

mexico player names
PositionSmall forward, Power forward
BirthplaceJuly 11, 1976 (age 45 years), Meoqui Municipality, Mexico

Eduardo Nájera is one of the Mexican NBA players who have played in the NBA. He is notable for his clever skills on the court and his cultural heritage and service to Mexico. Eduardo has played for Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, and more! If you love both basketball and culture, this collectible card set is perfect for you.

Officially in the Basketball Hall of Fame since 2006, he made a lane change with his iconic crossover both on international courts and NBA hardwood. Get game ready with this shoe that is no sweat.

Mexican basketball players Eduardo Nájera was the first NBA Mexican players to appear in the NBA and represent his country during international tournaments. He has been spotted on national T.V. with shows such as Kvety pro ženy, La Bichona, Canal 22 Estadio Azteca Basketball Show, and Studio Fórum, among others.

03, Edgar Garibay

nba mexican players
BirthplaceMarch 5, 1990 (age 31 years), Ocotlán, Mexico

Edgar Garibay is a talented NBA Mexican players who has carved his own path in the NBA since 2000, and he’ll be returning to it this Christmas. His perseverance and commitment win over the fans of the sport time and time again.

After signing with the L.A. Lakers, this pro-baller realized he couldn’t live without Mexican cuisine and culture in his life, so Edgar Garibay restaurants were born. Try their authentic tacos and classic guacamole for a score on the highest level!

Mexican basketball players Edgar Garibay was born in the Mexican state of Jalisco and is a proud member of the country’s large group of NBA players.

02, Earl Watson

mexican basketball players in the nba
TeamPortland Trail Blazers,Jazz
PositionPoint guard
BirthplaceJune 12, 1979 (age 42 years), Kansas City, KS

Earl Watson is one of the few Mexican players to play in the NBA. His expertise from playing with other talented international ballers led him down a path that would give him an opportunity he never knew existed. Read about his journey on our website, buy a shirt today!

When people think of the NBA, they often don’t think that Mexicans can play basketball, but you’ll forget any doubts when Earl Watson goes on the court. Known as “Uncle Earl” to his friends, he’s not just an athlete; most important instructor for young kids in Portland.

Mexican basketball players Earl Watson has been in the headlines for a good while now, and if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play with him, then here is your chance. If you can imagine his beautiful hair and rings or, even better yet, feel them on your hands, then we have seen eye to eye.

01, Adam Parada

mexican nba players
TeamRed Bull Barako
BirthplaceOctober 21, 1981 (age 39 years), Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Adam Parada has been a ‘ray of light’ to the Mexican basketball scene, playing for both teams in Mexico before being recruited to play with the Golden State Warriors. He’s had his fair share of success on the court – winning two NBA championships and becoming an All-Star – but he also knows about coming from humble beginnings as he studied at San Luis Potosi State University and became an integral part of one of West Coast’s hottest cities.

Adam Parada is one of the Mexican basketball players who made it big in the NBA. Growing up, he found that playing and watching sports was always his passion. He studied hard in school and did well on SATs to sign with their University team at Pepperdine, where they won two NCAA Championships.

Adam became an integral part of this team, continuing to play without any breaks for five years straight: three years as a starter at forward and two as a starter at guard. Following graduation from Pepperdine in 2008 (with a B.S. degree), Parsdad was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers with their 44th overall pick [front]. Specifically, Adams feels proud about holding the record for most triples made when playing international ball.

Who was the first Hispanic NBA player?

Answer: The first Hispanic NBA player was the Canadian Rafer Alston.

One of the many things that Canadians have “invented” or made popular in America is basketball. Canadians are world-renown for playing and practicing basketball, developing some of the toughest players with an edge to play their own game against other countries in international competitions. Canada is a powerhouse nation in hockey (ice and field), football, soccer, lacrosse, handball, and tennis when it comes to sports.

Other major sporting events include curling at the Arctic Winter Games and horseback riding at the Royal Canadian Horse Shows – four times as much money as is spent on all other sports combined – all superbly showcased annually on CBC.


This list of the top ten best Mexican NBA players league includes an order from most points to least. Many talented Mexican NBA players have even made it into Hollywood movies, but these athletes rank among the very best. Who is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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