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Did you know that there are over 4,000 types of crabs in the world? If you’re looking to spend on a delicacy, some crab species will give you an expensive taste. From 1 million dollars for a single crab to $35 per pound with blue crabs – these 6 most expensive crabs offer everyone.

06,Stone Crab

most expensive crab

The stone crab is a hard-working, crafty crustacean. Captain Stone spent three decades crawling around the Gulf of Mexico looking for its next meal, and he knows what he’s doing. For centuries, people have considered him one of the best predators in all the game.

Stone crabs are one of the most expensive crabs crustaceans globally—once they’ve been caught. And to ensure your stone crab is done correctly, feast on our Conch Nachos with Stone Crab and Stone Crab Stuffed Potatoes at $56.

Finding a meaty, succulent stone crab at the seafood market will never be an easy task. We’re sorry to say that if you’re looking for one of these tasty crustaceans, then you likely need deep pockets. The fact of the matter is that while most crabs are reasonably priced, and some even provide hands-on entertainment, this particular species cannot compare.

What might make these shoppers reconsider their stance on price tags? Simple: quality! Factoring in such things as your surroundings (will it be served with butter sauce?), company (will family or friends enjoy it alongside you?), and personal taste preferences (some people prefer mustard), we encourage life’s biggest spenders to give themselves a shot at indulgences like no other.

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05, Tottori Crab

Tottori Crab

Tottori Crab is one of the most expensive crabs on the market. With costs starting at $50 for a small crab, it’s no wonder these little guys are so popular. What better way to show your loved ones how much you care than by buying them a delicious Tottori Crab? This gift is full of benefits and will leave any giver feeling super generous!

This Japanese crab is the most acceptable kind of crustacean. It is plump, meaty, with a delicate flavor that melts in your mouth (like butter) like creamy perfection!

When it comes to seafood, you can’t do better than the Tottori Crab. Some people swear that it’s just as good as any crab in San Francisco or Boston. With a delicate and very rich texture like nothing else, the delicious flavor will stay with you for days after your meal is done. A little piece of Edo!

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04, Snow Crab

Snow Crab

Snow crab with a delicate, buttery taste and flaky texture is without question one of the most succulent seafood dishes known to man. Not only is it easy on the palate, but it also has a decadent look since its white meat can be seen through its shell.

Food connoisseurs around the world are drawn to this crustacean’s attributes: snow crabs with an impeccable creamy texture and skin that tastes just like sea foam at the shore. With such unique properties and flavor, it’s no surprise that these rare hatching grounds snuggle securely in icy seas – spawning some of the tastiest delicacies in all of nature…that sounds almost too good to be true!

Snow crab might be the most expensive crabs meal in this time of economic uncertainty. These crustaceans are a true delicacy, being on the pricier side and having such a rich flavor. Once customers taste their first bite, they become regulars for life.

This shrimp is not shy. The Snow Crab has a smooth, salty taste and a firm texture. It’s in the category of high density because its meat-to-shell ratio is on point, meaning one bite will have more than enough meat to fill you up – yeah!

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03, Spider Crab

Spider Crab

The spider crab is the most expensive crabs, and for a good reason. Spider crabs are one of the hardiest animals in marine environments because they take on many different forms to exist. They can change from being sea cucumbers to starfish; if they do not find food or enough water, sometimes all they need to survive is sunlight. What this means for you is that your spider crab will be a gift that keeps on giving–for days after purchase!

Hailing from the deep ocean, the spider crab is known for rock crab claws. The typically 3-5 pound crustaceans are, on average, more than 12 inches across and can live to be 100 years old! After it’s turned over onto the cooking slab and left there for just a few seconds in order to wilt the meaty legs, then quickly flipped back onto their exoskeleton so that they’re singing with tenderness all around inside.

The most elusive and prized crab, the spider crab, is one of the spiciest delicacies in any seafood buff’s collection. A tasty alternative to lobster or shrimp!

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02, Alaskan King Crab

Alaskan King Crab

The Alaskan King Crab is one of the most expensive crabs. It takes two years for this crab to grow and reach a marketable size. They have six paddle-like legs, five sets of rock crab claws, and their carapace is covered in a “beautiful carapace.”

This exotic, elusive crustacean is one of nature’s most fascinating creatures. Alaskan King Crab possesses a soft texture that some say melts in your mouth. For only $250 per pound, you can enjoy the succulent taste and true luxury!

In the depths of Alaska, a crustacean reigns supreme. The Alaskan king crab is ours alone to enjoy, and with it, you’ll taste the glacial water that flows through its veins. Cooked differently from all other crabs, it commands your attention and shines as greatly on an evening table.

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01, King Crab

The delicious flavor of King Crab legs will have your mouth watering to the point that you can’t wait any longer. You’ll be preparing crab recipes in no time with our well-seasoned, frozen crab and shrimp products.

Sweet, succulent seafood from the beautiful pacific coast. Available in many sizes so you can indulge your craving without breaking the bank.

With every bite of crab, your tongue will encounter an immense meaty sweetness. The sugar in the sweet butter will awaken your taste buds as they dance on our heavenly spice mix. Gentle hints of lemon provide a light sour finish to please any palate and satisfy that seafood craving you’ve been fighting for weeks/months/years. Get ready for some mouth-watering King Crab!

Stone crab season usually runs from October 15th to May 15th, but it varies depending on the state.
Included information about Stone crab season, when it’s typically in each state, and how long this time typically lasts.

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King Crab Price Per Pound?

The king crab can range in price anywhere from $60-120 per pound.
The specific answer to provide: The price of a king crab varies depending on the size and season.

The average price for a large California King Crab (the best kind!) is about $80-$100 per lb, but it can be as low as $60 or more than $120 if you want them to ship it to Alaska. It all depends on how much work goes into fishing, buying, and shipping the lobster!

When Stone Crab Season?

Stone crab season typically runs between October 1st and May 15th.

The females of the species are about half the size of males, which means that females make up an increasing majority of crabs captured during the commercial season. This can work to fishermen’s advantage, as larger males with heavier claws are more likely to resist capture and remain on the ocean floor, while smaller less-equipped females get caught, cooked, and eaten oftentimes without a second thought. You will find that many Florida stone crab recipes feature female crabs for this very reason.

Asides from sex distinctions in size, there is also a difference between physical appearance: Female stone crabs will have varying shades of red but no spots or markings.

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If you’re a rich foodie and want to invest in some high-end crustaceans, well, this list is for you. The crabs on the following pages are listed by their price per kilogram (kg), so it’s easier to compare them with each other. Some of these prices might be surprising because they don’t seem all that expensive until you find out how much those kgs actually weigh!

In any case, enjoy your crab-eating experience as long as they’re not too many poor people around – we wouldn’t want anyone getting jealous. And if someone does happen to catch wind of what you just ordered at dinner or drinks…well, then get ready for an awkward conversation about money and privilege!

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