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A necklace is an accessory that goes around the neck, typically worn close to the throat. It’s a great way to add a little sparkle and glamour to your outfit for any occasion. Diamonds are one of the most expensive diamond necklace in the world.

So it’s no surprise they often make their way into necklaces as well. These 10 expensive diamond necklace pieces are some of the priciest examples out there!

10, The “Red Scarlet” Diamond Necklace

The "Red Scarlet" Diamond Necklace

The most expensive necklace The “Red Scarlet” Diamond Necklace is one of the world’s most beautiful and best diamonds. It has a whopping 5-carat diamond solitaire with two matching blood-red garnet drops. Around it is 18K white gold micro prong-set diamonds. This necklace looks stunning on any skin tone. This is an investment you will not regret, so get yours today!


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The necklace is the perfect combination of clarity and fire. The “Red Scarlet” reflects a rich, deep red color that sinks with vivid orange light into the depths of every stone. Each precious gem in this finely crafted bezel-set diamond necklace shimmers with light. Capturing everyone’s gaze as they walk down the street.

Gone are the days where you could hide behind an old quarter carat round (you know what we’re talking about!). Sure to serve as a curiosity drawing all eyes your way, no one will ever doubt your love or wealth again after seeing this!

The most expensive chain The “Red Scarlet” diamond necklace is one of the most prestigious diamonds in the world. A bezel-set champagne diamond is beautifully combined with a red ruby gemstone and accented with two rows of trellis pave diamonds. This extraordinary necklace boasts 61 3 or better carats that are graceful from a cushion cut. Pendant to trios of framework paves round stones. It hangs on an elegant 18K white gold chain with three strands, weighing up to 1/4ct. It can be shortened by 2 inches or worn at 16″.

09, The “Mrs. Winston” Diamond Necklace

The "Mrs. Winston" Diamond Necklace

The most expensive necklace The “Mrs. Winston” diamond necklace is one of the best pieces of jewelry in the world because we offer an impressive selection for you to choose from. Our fine designers have been crafting beautiful jewelry since 1919, and our high standards never take a break. Mrs. Winston’s diamonds are selected with particular care as soon as they are mined through a process that can sometimes take up to 18 months!


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The Mrs. Winston Necklace has flawless, antique gold with genuine diamonds that you’ll just keep coming back to. Enjoy sparkling in style and outshine the rest of society!

The most expensive diamond necklace was initially known as simply the Winston Necklace and was given that name in honor of Sir Winston Churchill. The “Mrs.” title evolved from its reputation over time, making it more personal and intriguing to a buyer. With 132 carats so diamonds, this is not just any diamond jewelry; it’s top-of-the-line luxury with nearly perfect clarity!

08, Etcetera’s Burmese Ruby Necklace

Etcetera's Burmese Ruby Necklace

The most expensive necklace, Etcetera’s Burmese Ruby Necklace, is an exquisite example of the Devito family’s commitment to quality, philosophy, and manufacturing. This diamond necklace features three lines of glittering diamonds and a beautiful ruby pendant stone in the middle.


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That alone is enough to show love for someone special. However, other details make it impossible not to fall entirely head over heels in love. It’s beautifully crafted with decades of experience within each piece.

Perfect for the woman who appreciates quality, Coco Chanel knows a thing or two about diamonds! This 18K gold plated necklace is embellished with round-cut ruby. Composed of 1 carat in weight and perfectly set in rounds from 0.03 to .14 carats, sparkles emit radiant lightroom after room on even the darkest day (or night!).

This most expensive chain is made out of 18-carat rose gold, and the ruby dangling from it contains a princess-cut diamond. This patented design is Ceylon’s most delicate piece of jewelry to date. A must-have for any collector!

07, Christie’s Diamond Necklace

Christie's Diamond Necklace

This Lady Christie’s Diamond Necklace is an exquisite diamond necklace that any woman would feel lucky to wear. It is made up of various shapes and sets of diamonds in platinum. The weighty design hangs beautifully, cascading from the neck with total grace.

Paloma Picasso crafted this diamond jewelry. Who curated an assortment of rare impeccable stones with a broad-spectrum coloration distribution. She was making this piece coveted among jewelers as one of the most delicate details in her lifetime collection.


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The most expensive diamond necklace is perfection. 14karats of sparkling white diamonds in a delicate and elegant design will be the crowning prize to whatever you decide to wear with it. A diamond necklace with pear, oval, and marquis cut stones mounted in an 18-karat yellow gold white-gold layered rope chain.

06, Leviev’s Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant

Leviev's Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant

One of the most valuable luxuries globally. This pendant is a nearly perfect square worth $22.8 million that weighs 80 carats and is hand-cut from one of history’s most sought-after diamonds. An Etruscan Vivid Yellow Diamond. Every facet has been scrutinized to create maximum brilliance.

The yellow diamond is on its way to becoming one of the most expensive diamond necklaces. According to experts, because it’s brighter than any other currently on sale at Christie’s auction house of Sotheby’s jewelry store anywhere in the world. But don’t worry if you’re not sitting on billions. There are 12 less expensive White Truffle Burmese diamonds as well.

Highly Coveted, this Brilliant Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant by Leviev is a statement to future generations. This Rare 1.6ct VS2 F-G SI1 Fancy Brownish Untreated Darillion Comes from the Mereb mining area in Africa’s Mesabi Delta region and has an extraordinary intensity of color as well as excellent clarity.

The brilliant-cut diamond weighs 1.8 carats and features an old European pendant setting with beautifully hand-wrought platinum workmanship and well-matched diamonds on each side as decorates.

05, The Star of China Necklace

The Star of China Necklace

The Star of China Necklace is one of the best, most expensive diamond necklaces in the world. The owner, Harry Winston, had to be unique and powerful enough to proclaim themselves as royalty with this piece. It is made from platinum set along its chain with a distinctively large star sapphire centerpiece. It took over 1,000 hours for Harry Winston’s master jeweler, Christian Nobleman-Anderson, to handcraft this breathtaking work of art. I feel like a queen wearing the second biggest cut stone in North America at her neckline.

The most expensive chain, The Star of China Necklace, is the ultimate gift for the woman in your life who deserves only the best. So, shake your fashion sense and explore this necklace with an unmistakable design that dazzles both day and night with diamond sparkle!

This is a gorgeous, carefully designed necklace made with the finest materials. Stone colors include crystal (Clear), light purple amethyst, and white topaz. All in beautiful high-quality cut stones set in platinum which will last forever.

04, The “Heart of the Kingdom” Necklace

The "Heart of the Kingdom" Necklace

The “Heart of the Kingdom” Necklace is an iconic artifact that embodies absolute luxury and opulence. Reminiscent of a forbidden, fabled treasure, this crystal-adorned necklace exudes royalty. Also available with enhanced raspberry or strawberry gold accents for even more flair. This article can be yours in just a mere $300,000!

The only thing better than owning one of these edgy beauties is getting to share its dazzling charms with someone you know will adore it as much as you do. A gesture was so full of love that it borders on the unconditional. Believe us when we say there’s no bigger heart than this Heart of the Kingdom Necklace.

The diamond necklace is a sophisticated piece. The long-chain paired with the detailed crown gives this jewelry an elegant look. Owning such a high-end accessory says that you will never have to settle for less again. This one-of-a-kind item was made in Cairo, Egypt, and can be proudly passed down from generation to generation, so don’t miss out on your chance to own it.

03, The “Heart of the Ocean” Sapphire Necklace

The Heart of the Ocean Sapphire Necklace

The most expensive chain, The “Heart of the Ocean” Sapphire Necklace, symbolizes everlasting love. A magnificent jeweled treasure, luxurious and timeless. It’s perfect to wear as an enduring memory of that one true love. With its signature blue color and insanely high price tag, we know we’ve got you hooked at first glance!

The necklace was worn by one of the most iconic and beautiful women in all of literature, and you can own it too. This vintage-inspired piece is perfect for your once-in-a-lifetime event.

The Heart of the Ocean Sapphire Necklace shines with typical style from out at sea. The blue sapphire gems are attached to a handsome sterling chain on an antique-style setting that will capture everyone’s attention.

The “Heart of the Ocean” Sapphire Necklace is a perfect symbol of love. If you want to show your love and devotion, this is the right necklace for you!

02, The “L’Incomparable” Diamond Necklace

The "L'Incomparable" Diamond Necklace

A diamond is forever. That’s why the one you receive from this delicate piece of jewelry will only increase in value over time as it gains a history. The “L’Incomparable” Diamond Necklace comes complete with two carats worth of glittering round diamonds. It adds to its already brilliant shine and shows how serious we are about the quality and love that went into crafting this magnificent item.

White diamonds and platinum are set along a single row of sparkling brilliance. The necklace can be custom-made to measure and followed the production specialist’s specific instructions.

In North America, jewelers refer to this luxurious jewelry as a “Princess Cut.” Back in the day, only aristocrats could afford such decadence. Don’t forget, our exclusive cutters have perfected these high cuts for over 200 years – so it’s always worth your money!

01, A Heritage in Bloom Diamond Necklace

A Heritage in Bloom Diamond Necklace

The most expensive chain is the best globally because it shines brighter and is more luxurious than any other diamond necklace. This fine jewelry looks elegant and expensive, a statement to all who see it that you are royalty. The brilliant shine of this exquisite jewel will bring your outfit together with that special touch of true luxury.

Look no further than A Heritage in Bloom Diamond Necklace. This truly exquisite necklace will wow everyone with its dazzling shine and breathtaking beauty. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, get it now!

You are crafted by one of the world’s leading diamond designers. This necklace leaves other priceless pieces in the dust. Diamonds range from 0.5-1.25 carat each and are set in a beautiful heritage-inspired black gold rhodium plating that can be personalized with engravings on your chain or clasp. You’ll walk around glowing inside and out!

The Heritage in Bloom Diamond Necklace (believe us, we can’t help but mention her name) is the perfect adornment for an elegant evening out at a ball. Sitting just perfectly against your collarbone and looking as though it was made just for you, this diamond necklace makes everyone on your party envy you and how lucky you are to have such extravagance and class.


 With so most expensive diamond necklace to choose from, it can be challenging to pick out the right one. To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most expensive diamonds in history – including what they are made of and where you can find them!

If none of these rings your bell, or you want help finding something else altogether, feel free to contact us at this email address for assistance with our team’s expertise on high-end jewelry. We have plenty more beautiful pieces available that will suit any budget as well as taste. Which is your favorite? Let me know below!

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