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You may have heard of the most expensive seafoods on earth, but what about seafood? Many types of seafood can be considered the most expensive. This list will go over some of them, including caviar and lobster. Some people consider caviar to be a delicacy because it is so rare.

Lobster is also a delicious delicacy that costs quite a bit more than your average meal at Red Lobster or other similar restaurants. One reason for this could be due to its rarity in nature and the difficulty in locating one while fishing or gathering shellfish from ocean floors.

What is The Most Expensive Seafood Dishes in the World

Check the list of sea food names and price. We are sorted out top 10 best seafood in the world.

NoNamesPrice of Seafood
01Bluefin Tuna$ 1.76 Million
02Almas Caviar$ 25000
03Posh Pie$ 9484
04Samundari Khazana Curry$ 3200
05Baby Eel$ 2000
06Lobster Frittata$ 1000
07Puffer Fish$ 280
08The Buddah Jumps over the Wallfish soup$ 169.86
09Coffin Bay King Oysters$ 100
10Fourchu Lobster$ 20

10, Fourshu Lobster

Fourshu Lobster

As the expensive seafood, Fourshu Lobster is set up to be one of 2015’s fad foodie trends. Its deep red colour and inherent five-star qualities make it a tasty indulgence; it can also be found now at specialty markets across America.

No chef worth their salt would overlook this regal seafood that will make any dish irresistible. This coveted crustacean is truly in a league of its own and perfect for any meal. Unfazed by the challenge? Call and order some Fourshu Lobster delivered right to your door—their pricing is competitive with other exotic meats such as Big Eye Tuna!

Fourshu Lobster is the perfect dish for special occasions. The moment will not be complete without this delicacy in your company. Enhance your food experience with seafood perfection. For only $4,500 a serving, you can take an extra step to celebrate and give yourself and those around you something spectacular to marvel at.

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9, Coffin Bay King Oysters

Coffin Bay King Oysters

Coffin Bay King Oysters are a favourite of foodies all over the world. So, stop wasting your time with missing out on this delicacy! Instead, get the most succulent, flavorful Coffin Bay King oysters as they come in both canned and fresh varieties that’ll surely satisfy your insatiable hunger.

These Coffin Bay King Oysters are about to make your mouth water. Freshwater in Australia, these oysters were caught and packed by the best fishermen around. The taste of salt mixed with sweet cucumber melon will ultimately take you away from reality. And as if it wasn’t delicious enough already, one serving has only 100 calories!

Coffin Bay Oysters are one of the world’s favourite delicacies, and lucky for you, they’re also super easy to prepare! Here are some of our favourite ways to cook these fine oysters.

  • Toss in a pan with butter, lemon juice, fresh garlic, and ginger.
  • Bake them on the grill or fry them up in a pan with bacon fat.
  • Grill it for an unforgettable snack at your next barbeque!
  • The Buddha Jumps over the Wallfish Soup.

This is a dish that you will want to come back for every time. Our exquisite product delicately contains fresh seafood and premium ingredients, making it one of the tastiest soups in all of China. Once your taste buds get a hold on this savoury meal, there’s no telling how long they’ll be slurping up the flavours!

 Make sure not to waste any of our delectable broth: The Buddha Jumps over the Wallfish soup comes with perfectly sized chopsticks and a spoon so you can enjoy each slurp.

From the deepest depths of the ocean and through miles and miles of turbulent land masses come special fish that are caught, cleaned, cooked, and served to our customers at Beijing Fangjia Seafood Restaurant. Our Buddha Jumps over the Wall Fish Soup is made with fresh ingredients delivered from all over China. The result? A winning dish for your table that leaves guests amazed.

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7, Puffer Fish

best seafood in the world

The Puffer Fish is a popular fish that deserves to be eaten and savored. It’s expensive, yes – but it’s worth every penny.

Puffer Fish is one of the most exquisite seafood globally, with a strict designation on specifications for harvesting. Unfortunately, we have only recently had success cultivating it at a level that meets FDA requirements, so get your order in before this rarity becomes even more elusive.

Puffer Fish is considered one of the most premium and expensive seafood on this planet. But, unfortunately, they’re also highly toxic due to their tetrodotoxin levels.

They spend their whole lives eating only live prey squid and crustaceans, so you can rest assured that your meal will be fresh and top-tier without needing any preservatives or preservation methods outside of storing it after plucking it from his environment.

Available at high-end Seafood markets around the country for a price tag just north of $30,000!

The pufferfish is one of the most expensive and sought-after kinds of seafood in the world. We price these tiny, cute creatures based on weight so they can be anywhere from very affordable to not terrible. Choose your fish wisely! They are either flown in fresh from Japan or Russia, depending on availability.

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6, Lobster Frittata

Lobster Frittata

It’s a crustacean extravaganza! Friends of the sea will love this rendition from France. Lobster is mixed with eggs and baked atop a crispy, golden-brown crust for an irresistible taste of Europe in America. After discovering how much Maine lobster costs, eating this dish is like getting punched in the gut next to seeing your mechanic bill: it hurts so well. Be prepared to lose track of time because you won’t be able to stop eating – even from off your fork!

Lobster Frittata is a perfect recipe for lobster lovers. Like every good dish, it’s made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. The tasty crust has buttery pastry sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese, topped with crispy bacon bits, and egg-filled enough to send you into a frenzy.

And we can’t forget the cream of mushroom soup used in this lobster frittata recipe! So regardless of where you want to enjoy it – at home or out on the town – Lobster Frittata will provide the best dining experience ever.

This is what you’re looking for a brunch dish that will impress your guests. The eggs are combined with fresh lobster meat, smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, and green onions with our lobster frittata. How much better can it get than this? Order now!

This glass bowl of heaven is served with three eggs, a touch of cream, and finely grated Gruyere cheese. Grate some fresh nutmeg on top before you serve it up for your guest.

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5, Baby Eel

most expensive seafood

The fat, delicious taste of Baby Eel, with its delicate flavor and firm, buttery texture, is a special treat in Japan and the US. And come on—just look at its angelic face! You won’t regret indulging.

The super luxurious ingredients used to make this dish are extremely rich and decadent; you will feel like royalty as you savor the eel’s thick tail meat that melts in your mouth. The succulent blend of umami sea salt flavors mixed with soy sauce or sesame oil enhances the already sweet taste. One bite into this delicacy will be enough to leave any self-respecting food connoisseur satisfied for hours afterward.

There are no words that can describe how delicious these little guys are. They’re a delicate, smooth texture when raw and such a rich flavor when cooked! It’s hands-down the best seafood there is.

In a sea full of luxury food, you can find anything from lobster to octopus. But the most luxurious and expensive seafood out there is Baby Eel. It’s not just any fish; it’s identifiable by its shape, which resembles an eel! The flesh is completely different than other seafood like snapper or tuna. It holds some similarity with squid, but it has a more delicate texture that slides easily into your mouth and fills your palate with exotic flavors.

Much more rare cuisine that’s hard to find anymore, this dish might let you experience what royalty used to eat centuries ago when chefs would have access to these prized delicacies: baby eels are typically only available as live specimens today!

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4, Samundari Khazana Curry

Samundari Khazana Curry

The most captivating fish of the sea, for only you. This is your picture-perfect plate, and it features a sublime combination of spices and dried seafood with just the right pop from fresh mango chutney.

The dish is creatively prepared in a restaurant with an Indian chef and comes with basmati rice on the side. It can be enjoyed as an appetizer or light meal and goes well with salad or vegetables for vegetarians. So, if you’re looking to spice up your meal plan, Samundari Khazana Curry is the perfect way to do so!

When a spice is your passion, you want to celebrate all that has been put into the dish. For this final step in a beautifully prepared curry dinner, Saffron Deli offers Samundari Khazana Curry. This traditional South-Asian style of eel and onions cooked with rich spices and aromatic herbs will be worth every authentic mouthful for those who like their dishes on the spicier side.

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3, Posh Pie

most expensive seafoods

Posh Pie is made for those seeking a dish with fine quality and top-notch presentation. The components of this delicious food are second to none in the world, coming from only sea cold waters that we forklift into our import vans at night and then sell by the hundreds to high-end restaurants all over town before dawn.

Posh Pie is one of the best, most expensive seafood. Perfect for special occasions and as a showstopper in your kitchen, Posh Pie has a light, flaky crust that retains all the glorious flavor inside; sweeten with sugar and fried until golden brown. The only problem you’ll have…is finishing it!

This is a dish for those who want to spend their cash on culinary art. Of course, you can get the best seafood, from lobster to filet of salmon, for your taste buds, but they are all equally extravagant and will increase your budget considerably. Ready?

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2, Almas Caviar

expensive seafood

Almas Caviar uses only the finest ingredients in order to provide a luxurious taste. European Caspian Sea sturgeon is white, clean and smooth. The stewed eggs are cooked with natural spices, customized for every palate.

This caviar is perfect served on fresh toast points or crackers! So, treat yourself today with some Almas Caviar – for customers who settle for nothing less than excellence.”

The taste is sublime. Simply put, this is the most exquisite seafood experience you’ll ever have. Gastronomy sacrosanct: clean, pure flavors of blue Almas Caviar are time-honored delicacies with a purity so prized that it can only be savored in its natural state: black gold and gleaming pearls on stainless steel trays.

Almas Caviar is unlike any other caviar out there. Made from raised freshwater sturgeon in freshwater basins right here in America, Almas tastes just like the wild stuff our grandmothers and great-grandmothers hungrily consumed by the spoonful.

But better: smoother texture, richer flavor, less intense saltiness for a more balanced eating experience that never disappoints at parties or formal dinners alike. And with salts lower than 40mg per 100 grams, nobody can tell us we’re taking it easy on them! It’s simply delicious and good for you!

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1, Bluefin Tuna

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

When you buy Bluefin Tuna, you’ll be treated to the delicate flavor of an exotic sea creature, hand-picked from pristine waters by anglers who love a challenge. If it were easier to catch and cheaper to procure, you wouldn’t think twice about considering its purchase. That’s because what makes Bluefin Tuna so valuable is the experience that only being able to afford it gives.

Tasting a beautiful and fresh piece of Bluefin Tuna will create more precious memories than you could ever imagine. The strenuous fishing process is worth it for the perfect slice of near-certainty. The melt in your mouth sensation lingers until you find your next bite.

There are few foods as exquisite and delicious as authentic bluefin tuna. It’s a dish that the most discriminating seafood lovers seek. Experience it for yourself, in restaurants, or at home with our canned bluefin tuna products.

Why is Lobster So Expensive?

Lobsters are so expensive because they have to be obtained from the water, meaning that they’re hard to raise in a farm setting, and it’s costly.

It is due to a complex relationship between lobster population, fishing pressure, and harvesting technology. The deciding factors are currently too difficult for meaningful scientific study but will hopefully be determined with time.
In addition, their natural “habitat” in the open ocean makes them harder to be maintained in captivity than, say, cattle grazing on land or chickens laying eggs. It, coupled with the fact that lobsters grow pretty slowly, also helps explain why those who take part in this industry can make such good money from it when prices for wild-caught species are at an economy-dist.


The most expensive seafood in the world! Did you know that caviar is one of the priciest delicacies out there? It’s not just a Christmas Eve tradition. Other types of fish like lobster and octopus can also get pretty expensive too.

If you’re curious to see what other culinary delights are worth every penny at your local grocery store or high-end restaurant, check out our list below!  Most Expensive Seafoods.

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