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The following most overrated NBA players of all time list could be considered a little controversial with the number of players on it. It’s not every day you come across an article that lists Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James as overrated.

This is because they were three of the most popular basketball stars in history. But we all know there are other talented ball players out there who deserve more praise than these athletes. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 most overrated NBA players ever.

10, James Harden Overrated

James Harden Overrated
Career11 seasons (2009-present) 
TeamsOklahoma City Thunder (2009-2012), Houston Rockets (2012-present) 
NBA TitlesNone
Stats826 G, 25.1 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 6.3 APG, 44.2 FG%

Look, we know you think James Harden is pretty good at basketball. But everyone knows he’s the most overrated NBA players of all time! That Pho King guy shot way more three-pointers than him in Houston last year and hooped twelve shots better for the nets this season. If Anthony Davis got prettier and put on a show like that, they’d lose.

For far too many people, Harden is an absolute legend. For the rest of us, well, your thoughts on his so-called overrated attributes will depend entirely on whether you’re a member of the cult or not.

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09, Kawhi Leonard Overrated

Kawhi Leonard Overrated
TeamsLos Angeles Clippers (#2 / Shooting guard, Small forward)
NBA TitlesNone
StatsPPG 24.8, RPG 6.5, APG 5.2, PIE 17.0

The Kawhi Leonard Overrated meme is lovable and inoffensive. It comes in simple shapes, like this Kawhi Leonard, most overrated NBA players of all time, and complex shapes such as this Kawhi Leonard Overrated diagram of the anatomy of a sentence.

Truth and clarity, city-to-city. Some of you may not know this, but Kawhi Leonard is overrated to an unknown degree. For example, he fails at life outside the basketball court, so all people get is a person who can’t dribble or shoot while taking constant charges into the stands every game. So, embrace our newest product now for 46% off that I’m just making up!

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08, Paul George Overrated

Paul George Overrated
TeamsLos Angeles Clippers (#13 / Power forward, Small forward), United States of America
NBA TitlesNone
StatsPPG 23.3,RPG 6.6,APG 5.2,PIE 14.5

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How many championships does Paul George have? Exactly zero. The Paul George overrated is a team player that doesn’t like to be out on the court by themselves- it would instead you take them with somebody else because one star never wins anything.

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07, Kyrie Irving Overrated

Kyrie Irving Overrated
TeamsLos Angeles Clippers (#13 / Power forward, Small forward), United States of America
NBA TitlesNone
StatsPPG 23.3,RPG 6.6,APG 5.2,PIE 14.5

Kyrie Irving is an outstanding American basketball player with many gold medals to prove that he’s excellent. This week, Kyrie Irving was overrated by some people on the internet after getting injured in a fight for others to believe in him too hard, and now we have to pay up. This was dumb because the guy deserved it, and all of his fans are going to support him 100 percent during everything this year.

True or not, Kyrie Irving is ridiculously the most overrated NBA players ever. This shirt tells you all about how the media’s inflated hype has created this false sense of adoration for a player who couldn’t hack it in Cleveland — a player that doesn’t even have what it takes to lead the Boston Celtics and will ultimately be upstaged by his supposed “rival” Isaiah Thomas.

Kyrie Irving is not the most overrated NBA players of all time. He has a ton of skills that help him dominate the NBA on both ends of the court and carry an immense load for his team, so we’re going to set the record straight for you and tell you exactly what he does right:

Kyrie’s ball handling, passing, pivoting, flopping skill-set helps him generate looks at three levels—near the rim (47%FG), near mid-range (40%FG), and well beyond the arc (34%3P)—making it difficult for any defender to check him consistently. Kyrie also excels as an off-ball player.

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06, Kobe Overrated

Teams1996 (Los Angeles Lakers), 1992 (Lower Merion Boy’s Basketball Team)
NBA TitlesNone
StatsPPG 25.0,RPG 5.2,APG 4.7
Kobe Overrated

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05, Russell Westbrook Overrated

Russell Westbrook Overrated
TeamsWashington Wizards (#4 / Point guard)
NBA TitlesNone
StatsPPG 22.2,RPG 11.5,APG 11.7,PIE 16.4

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04, Wilt Chamberlain Overrated

Wilt Chamberlain Overrated
TeamsCareer start 1959, Career end 1973.
NBA TitlesNone
StatsPPG 30.1, RPG 22.9, APG 4.4

Wilt Chamberlain’s starting salary for the talent-strapped Warriors in 1959 was $45,000. Adjusting for inflation to present-day numbers and adjusting for today’s minimum wage: Wilt would have been making about $821,000 a year with no “fees” or taxes against his earnings.

This assumes the exact income percentages he had during his career derived from Basketball Broadcasting rights, including Selling Michigan Fried Chicken (MFC) franchise rights while being an NBA referee?

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03, Bill Russell Overrated

Bill Russell Overrated
Teams1968 Celtics, 1967 Celtics.
NBA TitlesNone
Stats15.1 RPG, 22.5, APG 4.3

In basketball, there is one name that always stands out but is constantly questioned. As far back as 2008, people were saying things to journalists like “bill Russell overrated” and “the bill Russell era needs to end.” now, in 2012, these assertions are still just as true, and we can see why.

“You think Bill Russell is great? Wrong. The smallest guy can be the best, but with his huge ego and blah demeanour – there’s no way that he deserves anywhere near as much hype as some of these other players.”

“Fifth on ESPN’s list of 100 greatest basketball players, three-time NBA Champion Bill Russell is a celebrated player for his valuable contributions to the Boston Celtics in the 1950s and 1960s. ‘Bill was always reluctant to say I was better than this guy or that guy,’ says National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern.

‘He just wanted to go out there and be part of a team.’ Still considered one of the most formidable defensive players, Bill averaged 15.1 rebounds per game during one season with an overwhelming 1956-57 season.”

02, Allen Iverson Overrated

Allen Iverson Overrated
Teams2009 76ers, 2009 Grizzlies.
NBA TitlesNone
StatsPPG 26.7 RPG,3.7 APG 6.2

We here at NY Knicks believe that not all NBA players are created equal. Some are legends, and some a disgrace to the game. We rank our top 10 of the latter and leave it up to you to decide who should be number one: Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, or Tyreke Evans? Compete in a free basketball shootout by downloading our app now!

Allen Iverson’s near the top of everyone’s list due to winning the 2000 NBA Finals and game 1. His 3s were clutch, his dunks unstoppable, and he could paint the picture without ever taking a step back. But ask any true basketball fan about their opinion on Iverson, and you’ll hear he’s the most overrated NBA players ever because he wasn’t that good in 1997 when Michael Jordan retired from playing for the first time. He’s not worth more than 50 million dollars, let alone $30 million!

You asked we delivered! This shirt is guaranteed to turn heads as you strut into the club, ready for your next game of one-on-one. We challenge anyone to name a more iconic 90’s player than Allen Iverson.

01, Lebron Is Overrated

Lebron Is Overrated
TeamsLos Angeles Lakers (#23 / Shooting guard, Small forward)
NBA TitlesPPG 25.0,RPG 7.7,APG 7.8,PIE 19.1

The Dribble is a throwback to the glory days of basketball. No one dominates this court anymore—it’s just not fair. Step out of bounds, and you’ll find yourself off the team faster than daydreaming in math class. With bouncing, cutting, passing, and shooting all at your fingertips, it’s no wonder why MJ had an extraordinary career.

We don’t call them LeBron or any other name for that matter because they’re all most overrated NBA players ever with their inflated egos always being put first by fans who would do anything for a signature photo on Instagram—all while wearing broken-in Jordans that now lie forgotten in the footlocker under their bed.”

Everyone has a favorite basketball superstar, and many fans will argue until they are blue in the face about who is better. Based on years of research, player indices for points scored, rebounds, assists per game, steals a game, etc. We have found that some players outperform LeBron statistically.

Do you think that LeBron James is the main reason for Cleveland’s success? Do you believe that his three-point shot will make a difference in their playoff game against Orlando? What about these facts:

MVP, League MVP, Three times All-Star Game MVP, Ten All NBA selections. These are all just more of the accomplishments found on LeBron’s Player Profile! With 33 points per game and 7 rebounds this season for a fantastic team. He averaged 27.1 points per 25 minutes played. The only question now is how he could be overrated if his professional peers have given him such outstanding praise throughout his career.


We’ve compiled a list of some of the most overrated NBA players of all time and have debated why they received this label. The article also includes a few current-day players that could be argued to be included on our list.

If you think there are any other names worth including, let us know! Many people believe these athletes deserve their inclusion on this list. Because they are often talked about without being given credit for what they do best or at all, let me know your opinion who is the most overrated NBA player ever?

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