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Top 10 Names for Twins Girl-Twin Girl Names Ideas

This post will be a list of the 10 best names for twins girls.  There are so many great names, but these have been picked because they are both sweet and modern. The first name on this list is Ella, which means “blessed.”

You may also know it as a feminine form of Elliott. Next up, we have Mia short for Maria, which means “the Lord’s grace.” Other popular selections include Emma (meaning “whole”) and Sofia (meaning wisdom). It’s hard to pick just one favorite from this list!

All ten names will make great choices if you’re looking for something new and fresh with a lot of meaning behind it.  To find more baby girl

01, Aida and Ava

Aida and Ava

Looking for cute twin names? Then you’ll find that Aida and Ava are the perfect choices. There’s nothing more attractive than hearing your little ones say their name when they’re in their pajamas! Unique, creative girl names for parents who are open to something other than the mill run.

Who doesn’t love the name, Aida and Ava? You will love this apparel for your twin girls that say “AIDA” on one shirt and “AVA” on the other. So get out there with these twin design shirts from Creative Impressions!


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Twinkle Twinkle little stars, Aida and Ava, are the brightest ones of all. So it’s no wonder that these two names have been spotted on more than one list of the most popular baby girl names year after year! But what other reasons do you need to give your twins these spectacular names?

Well, they’re short enough for starters, so it’s easy to tell them apart when they come home from school. So, there will be no confusion between one twin with another in this household. You’ll also get something special out of this decision. Say goodbye to mix-ups over pens at work meetings or who did their homework sitting around the kitchen table because each twin has their name tag to keep track of Oyster Shell Twin Toddler Bed.

02, Gabriella and Isabella

Gabriella and Isabella

Life just got a little bit more complicated. Gabriella And Isabella, or “Gabby” and “Izzy,” for short, are your new best friends. These girls have a bright future ahead of them: they’re two twins from one person!

They’ve been hitched together since birth, but truthfully, it’s not too bad having to share everything with someone you love. It makes their lives twice as much fun when they get in the car because there’s room for both of them to sit! Sharing isn’t always easy, however.


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 Take shoes, for example, which is why these babies need twin sizes. Don’t even think about going anywhere without others in all clothes and shoes because that won’t be possible.

This is the center page of our product catalog. So many names, so little time. Suppose you’re looking for a name that strikes the perfect balance between elegance and simplicity. In that case, Gabriella And isabella are one of the top 10 names for twins girls with reliable popularity rates – not to mention they show grace in both Roman and Spanish forms alike.

03, Chole and Zoe

Chole and Zoe

Chole and zoe are one of the top 10 names for twins girls. You don’t have to worry about unique spelling or confusion with nursery rhyme characters with this name. They’re also certain to win over anyone who’s had one tough enough twin before!

This unique baby name is perfect for your little duo. Chole and Zoe are always on the go, so they’ll love wearing these dolls that can be moved around to dance to their favorite song!


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Names for twins Chole and Zoe are two cute names that can be used for twins girls. This two-word combo is easy to pronounce and perfect for those who need a great option as they grow up!

The twins names Chole and Zoe, are both beautiful. They come in different spellings, but they all signify that you have two of something, be it twins or just friends. Know that whichever one you choose will also resonate with the other name’s characteristics through rhyming, making them perfectly balanced.

04, Abbie and Gaby

Abbie and Gaby

The top 10 names for twins girls are so popular, and there are now dolls! Abbie and Gaby dolls will keep you company with their pretty long hair, toothy grins, and perfect synchronized movements. This set of two porcelain heads chatters away in French or English when they’re together. If separated for some reason, these girls know just how to find each other again.


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There are over 3,000 female names in use today. It can be difficult to decide which one is right for your daughter when you’re expecting twins – do you go with two “traditional” names? Or try something more creative and different?

Perfection doesn’t have to scare! Newlyweds or single mothers expecting identical twin girls will find that this is Tired of the same old traditional girl’s names dilemma by using Abbie and Gaby as their baby-girl name options.

The list includes both popular English selections like Abigail, Madison, Zachary, Rachelle, Layla or non-English ones such as Selene in EU countries.

05, Lily and millie

Lily and millie

Twins are always delicate; yet, doting parents. Try not to get too overwhelmed by the constant barrage of two baby girls screaming at the same time like it’s nobody’s business! Look no further than Lily and millie–one pint-sized pram for two.

The first twin slides into the seat comfortably while her sister relaxes in a safe spot behind her heart thanks to lily and millie’s clever design, where she can peer over her sister’s shoulder without any worry. The tandem sitting space also makes moving through doorways easy with little hassle on your back or theirs!

One of the top names for mothers naming their two twin girls, lily and millie, is this choice with style, grace, and charm. Lillian or Melissa are great choices with similar enchanting qualities.

When you notice your little one’s first two teeth coming in, it’s time to stock up on these licensed tot-sized towels! We offer both insulated and washable ones.

06, Leah and mia

Leah and mia

Imagine having two babies who share a name, just like Leah and mia. Specializing in naming for twin girls, these names are perfect if you’re looking for something that will stand out from the rest.

Names for twins Leah and mia are one of the top 10 names for twins girls. However, if you are looking for a uniquely different name, check out Leah and mia.

The Old School Name Detective helps baby-name seekers find English names with good old spelled out letters–the way they used to be named before people were naming their little ones after everyone but themselves!

Girl twin names Leah and mia are a set of tattoos you can wear on your stomach to share a personalized pregnancy experience with two into one. So get ready to be best friends forever!

07, Molly and Polly

Molly and Polly

Molly and Polly are two of the most popular names for twin girls. These beautiful babies make up one of the top 10 pairs lately, which is undoubtedly attributed to their clever mothers! Their pacifier clips show a certain playfulness as well as safety features that ensure your twins will never be without comfort or company.

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your twins, take a look at Molly and Polly. These two have topped the list continuously since 2011. They are sweet little girls who would love nothing more than having fun during their first few years of life.

Spending time with two of your favorite girls is better any day. Molly and Polly are the most outgoing, high-spirited twins around town. Their bright blue eyes provide a spot of joy in every room they enter. Musicians at heart, these gals never miss an opportunity to sing their famous “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” duet.

08, Sara and Cara

Sara and Cara

The perfect gift for a mother-to-be, the Sarah and Cara Baby Blanket is a luxurious oasis where mom can rest. Made of soft, high-quality polyester fleece in light pastel pink colors that are both calming and cheerful, this baby blanket offers warmth and comfort for your babies from their first days out of the womb.

Spend your whole life loving each other as teammates, best friends, sisters. Inseparable twin sisters have a long history in societies worldwide, and fulfilling this experience can be easy, with our joint names for twins!

You’ve got twins on the way and want to make sure they’re as prepared as possible. Whether you’re still thinking about baby names or already picking furniture pieces for their nursery, Sara and Cara help you remain prepared like a true parent with printable birth announcements, address labels, and soiree invitations.

A name is just one of those things that will last forever, which is why we work hard on finding the perfect ones for your lucky babies! Our names come with beautiful art and stories behind them. But, of course, we also offer birthday cards, thank-you cards, and holiday cards too.

09, Jess and Tess

Jess and Tess

Jess And Tess are both other names for two little girls. These two names can be one of the top 10 most popular twin girl’s name lists in America, which is awesome because they make perfect preschool best friends.

Welcome to Jess And Tess. Our clothing is for the perfect twin girls who are looking for outfits that complement each other! We have matching girl clothes, kids’ names on t-shirts, twin accessories, and more! Let us help you plan your day with two loving sisters at your side. #JessandTess

Twin girl names Jess And Tess are one of the top 10 names for twins girls. These two little ladies need everything from cutesy dresses to clever bibs to stay clean and coordinated all day long. The best part, they’re not even real! So you don’t have to worry about people confusing them with the real deal where ever you go this summer, literally anywhere.

10, Emma and Gemma

Emma and Gemma

As one of the top 10 names for twins girls, Emma And Gemma are here to show you how they like to spend their days. With the name almost ranking higher than Ava and Olivia, these twin sisters are perfect companions that can go wherever you need them.

Twin girl names Emma And Gemma are two girls looking for a twin name without the huge hassle. They found what they were looking for when they switched from Emma and Gemma to siblings named Emma and Gemma. You have nothing to lose with this switch!

Twin names for boy and girl Emma And Gemma are two names that have been around for a lot longer than just the past couple of years. They’re easy to remember, and they sound even more remarkable when you put them together.

This is exactly what you’ll be doing if your parents name twin girls Emma and Gemma. If it’s something second-time parents feel confident about giving their twins (and we think they will!), then these names should be top 10 on all lists!



If you’ve been looking for a list of twin names for boy and girl, let us help! We have put together a list of our favorite and most unique ideas. Some are traditional, while others may be more outside the box. Browse through them all to find your favorites, or use it as inspiration when naming your own twins girls. Which name is your favorite from this list names for twins girls? Let me know in the comments below!

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