Top 10 Oil Company in Texas-Texan Oil Companies

The oil company in Texas is booming, and the Texan economy would be nothing without it. So it’s no surprise then that plenty of big-name companies all over the Lone Star State provide jobs for Texans and import goods to meet demand. But which company reigns supreme? To find out, read on!

The Top 10 Texan oil companies include West Texas Oil And gas, Eagle Oil & Gas Co, Magnolia Oil & Gas, Black Brush Oil & Gas, Callon Petroleum Company, Hunt Oil Co, Matador Resources Co.

01, West Texas Oil and Gas

West Texas Oil and Gas

West Texas Oil and gas offers the best quality efficiency. With over 30 years of experience, West Texas Oil and Gas is one of your best bets for your oil needs! So don’t sleep on this company today!

Texas oil companies West Texas Oil and gas is made up of a bunch of hardworking Texans who don’t know how to quit. If you’re from West Texas, it’s probably because your family was a part of the oil business. That goes back generations, and all this company did was find a way to continue that tradition.

They started in east-central West Texas near the Oklahoma border and worked their way east down to Houston, where they have refineries producing enough fuel for all those pickups with bumper stickers that say “I’m Here To Drill.”


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You know how a million oil companies are in Texas out there, but most of them suck? It’s pretty tough to find a company that can deliver what you need. Bringing crude supply from West Texas to all corners of the country, we’re the people responsible for making your life better.

And since our industry has been around forever and is too complicated for anyone to understand. This sweet production advert tells you more about it than any academic dissertation ever could: “We have two methods of moving this stuff,” says the voiceover in a baritone drawl. At the same time, some poor schmuck attempts to pump gas at an unreliably low register on his trusty old-timey pump handle.

02, Eagle Oil & Gas Co

 Eagle Oil & Gas Co

Texas oil companies Oil is where Eagle Oil & Gas Co.’s heads, so if you want to get in on the action while living in Texas, this is your company. The best local oil company will cover all your needs, whether drilling for gas or extracting money.

Do you need gas? Do you need oil? Look no further than Eagle Oil and Gas Co. We’ve been in the business since 1892, we know our stuff, and we’re darn proud of it. We may be a little behind on technology compared to some other guys out there, but honesty is what you get.


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Unrivalled transportation, fair prices, and nothing left unexplored or high-grading with us! And hey, if you don’t like it here, tell one of our drivers as soon as they arrive at your front door because he’ll turn around right then and head out the way they came.

Hardworking professionals from the Oil Company in Texas Eagle Oil & Gas Co have overseen thriving completion in Lone Star State’s shale plays for over 25 years. As a result, the company has grown along with the state. It is well-positioned to continue doing so by combining its expert knowledge of Texas oil reservoirs with a loyal community that always answers when Eagle needs those most.

Whether in the sandstone rock formations of West Texas or down south near Big Bend National Park in Reeves County. This resilient crew has seen them all wellheads, wireline services, and drilling jobs alike – and they’ve even helped out during natural disasters like Hurricane Rita. Plus, they’re certified installers on major construction projects like I35W bridge replacement over Lake Houston.

03, Magnolia Oil & Gas

Magnolia Oil & Gas

Largest oil companies in Texas In 1948, Billy Bob Thorton and John L. Hogg founded Magnolia Oil Corporation. In 1986, the company merged with Houston Natural Gas Company to form Magnolia Oil & Gas. We have been a part of this community for over 65 years because we care for you, from providing heating for your home during a harsh winter to quality machinery so businesses can grow and employees can thrive.

We know that other options may be cheaper or offer something different, but those aren’t the companies we want our family to trust their futures with. That’s why you don’t find any low-quality frills at Magnolia. Only integrity built on service as solid as steel!


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Magnolia’s rich history spans over nearly 100 years. They are rigorously committed to keeping operations safe for their employees and community members, which takes up around 95% of their time! So whether you are looking to explore the Great West or help secure food supplies in East Africa, they have just what you need.

Texas oil companies Magnolia Oil & Gas is a Texas local that’s been around for over three years, and it’s time we let you know about them! They love to make customers happy with their competitive prices and 5-star customer service.

04, BlackBrush Oil & Gas

BlackBrush Oil & Gas

BlackBrush Oil & Gas is one of the best Top 10 oil company in Texas. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get all of your equipment running smoothly. In addition, they have decades of experience with maintenance and repairs, so you can trust they know what they’re doing.

“Your go-to oil company! When you need something done, then don’t fuss about it. Instead, get Black Brush Oil & Gas on your side today. We are one of the top 10 oil companies in Texas because of our efficiency and reliability!”


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Black Brush Oil & Gas is one of the best Top 10 Texas oil companies. But, we are purveyors o’ pestilence, takers o’ lives, and lords of the underground. Black Brush Oil & Gas’s summer theme has been’ “Swamp Shells.” Wanna know more? Accept our invitation to the underworld now. We promise you won’t regret it!

Oil and gas operator “Black Brush Oil & Gas provides Texas families with high-quality petroleum products for their transportation needs. We care about our community which is why we provide affordable gas prices, offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will help you find the location nearest you!”

“Scripted by Black Brush in Austin.”

05, Callon Petroleum Company

Callon Petroleum Company

Since the early 1920s, when our founder opened his first gasoline station in Laredo, Callon Petroleum Company has been the Gulf Coast’s trusted Texas oil company. We have consistently provided quality fuel products and reliable delivery to both Laredo businesses and residents for decades. Our commitment to service is never-ending, which means premier customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You’ll love Callon Petroleum Oil Company in Texas. You can call us at 1-866-405-4726 free to consult about your future involving natural gas trade, oil exploration, and transportation services. The company is 10th in Texas.

Ol’ West Texas is a rough-and-tumble, hardcore place. If you ask me what makes it so tough to live here, I suppose you could say that’s because we’ve been fighting for our natural resources with the Russians. But around these parts, we think of stuff like oil as a bounty from god!

An abundance o’ black gold under land and sea near enough to make this ol’ cowboy smile. You better believe it – there is nothing in life quite so satisfying than watching’ an entire rig pump out pounds sunny every minute. Now isn’t that just something?

If you’re looking to make a lot of money in the Texan oil companies, Callon Petroleum Company is the place to do it. We offer plenty of room for growth with all sorts of opportunities – whether it’s becoming part of our esteemed management team or making friends at one of our many events.

06, Hunt Oil Co

Hunt Oil Co

When they say Texas is the biggest and best, please don’t take it as a tall tale: Texas has one of the Top 10 oil companies in its midst. Texas oil companies Hunt Oil Co doesn’t just explore oil. Instead, they explore new markets to keep their options open and only go where there’s potential for them to find more.

So when you trust Hunt Oil Co with your exploration needs, know that your quest for finding energy will be fruitful beyond expectation!

Hunt Oil Co is one of the best Top 10 oil company in Texas. With many different product offerings, Hunt Oil Co has everything you need to drive smoothly on the highway this season with fully-loaded oil change coupons that you can use at your convenience!

In addition, they offer a full range of automotive products and services, along with engine system fluids for European vehicles.

Oil and gas operator Hunt Oil Co is one of the best Top 10 largest oil companies in Texas. But I bet you’ve had more tractor pulling’ than Hunt Oil Co, so stop being Yella-bellied no counts and get some quality oil on your whip. You can even use it for a power outage or what have yours with the convenience of an easy unlimited refill policy!

07, Matador Resources Co

Matador Resources Co

Everybody knows there’s oil in Texas, and you don’t want to miss out on the booming market. That is why we’re here! Explore our inventory of oil-rich plots of land, drill rigs, chemicals, and more with us today.

When you need a spot of gas, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? You might think about low prices or efficiency, but you need a dependable supplier before all else. Largest oil companies in Texas Matador Oil Company in Texas Resources Co is one of Texas’ best companies in the industry, and we’re not afraid to prove it! So check out our highly competitive rates and get ready for some savings.

Texas oil companies Matador Resources Co. has been honored with the status of one of the best oil companies in Texas, and we think you’ll agree after reading this description! With a little bit of strategy and a lot of hard work, Matador was able to rank among our favorite mills.

What sets them apart is their ability to keep drilling wells and looking for more efficient methods without forgetting how human factors alter production developments. That’s why when they were founded in 1962, it made sense to name it after the Spanish word for “Matadors.”

When it comes to Texas oil corporations, there’s no more prominent name than Texan oil companies Matador Resources Co. Big sounds big, and this Top 10 Company sure does have beef for a good cause. With their strong roots deep in the Lone Star State, these cowboys know precisely how to kick open a can of whoop butt on any problem: natural gas prices going through the roof or the threat of an old-fashioned cattle stampede.

08, ConocoPhillips oil company in texas

ConocoPhillips oil company in texas

After years of toiling in the oil fields, ConocoPhillips was ready for a promotion. With booming production and unparalleled efficiency, this Texas-native wanted to prove it deserved top billing so while lesser companies dove out of the shale game altogether.

This triple threat doubled down on innovation by introducing new technology that increased drilling speeds without compromising safety or environmental standards. And with so many wins under his belt, investors gladly paid up–raising its share value 134% since 2003.

Texan oil companies ConocoPhillips is the best company that produces gas and oil. They have many different options for people, such as home heating fuel, cooking, and fueling vehicles on the road.

We’re here for you with the extra helping of ConocoPhillips. That’s because we know that sometimes simple can be challenging. You deserve better than that. You want reliability, regardless of whether it’s rough or tawdry weather outside your door.

Regardless of how many miles between you and the nearest gas station down the road anyway, no matter what situation is thrown at you. We give you peace of mind with our reliable fuel products now and all year long (since 19-whenever).

So find stopping points along your way with us to fill up and let our friendly people show you around with a rack full of snacks too!

09, Enterprise Products Company

Enterprise Products Company

You might be skeptical about building your life around the oil industry, but with the right products and investments, there’s no doubt you’ll see returns on your investment. The best way to get started is to invest in Enterprise Products Company.

Now recognized as one of the Top 10 Texas oil companies by CNBC, this already wildly successful company has excellent plans for growth that will keep making them even more successful. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they just launched their exciting new clean energy product Lasco. If you’re getting ready to strike it big, here’s who you need at the top!

If you’re looking for the best oil company in Texas, look no further than Enterprise Products Company. Our commitment to producing high-quality oils at an affordable cost is unmatched. There’s something for everyone with our lineup of fuels and related products.

Just type your zip code into the box to find your nearby retailer. Then, show more concern for your engine with our quick weekly tips on keeping it running smoothly!

Rockin’ on some Texas tea–need a product description? We’ve got you covered! You know that EPC is one of the 10 top oil companies in the state, right? Smart customers stick with what they trust.

10, Henry Resources

Henry Resources

Texas is the top destination for oil anywhere in the world. So that’s why finding a reliable one can be challenging. But don’t worry, this list of companies has excellent reviews and gives you all the information you need!

Do you need Mike Henry? You got him.

Aw, man! I just spilled my last drop of oil all over the driveway. That’s not cool because I’m out of gas right now. Guess how much it costs to fill up at any place in town today? Upwards of $60! This situation bothers me, world. All alright, let’s hit the ol’ internet and see if we can get this guy by typing in “Best Oil Company Texas.”

Oh hey, lookie here, that person gets paid to write these descriptions about best oil companies has written something about Henry Resources that sounds like they know what they’re talking about – which always makes me feel good about buying from them later on down the line – time after time again

Yeah, you can say we’ve got a lot of experience in the oil business. The name might not be as well-known as other companies,’ but we’re called Henry Resources for a reason: we can find just about any oil there is, and that’s what makes us so valuable to our customers.

We’ll do whatever it takes scraping or digging or just plain ol’ asking around to make sure nothing stays out hidden from our team, no matter how small the amount could be. So from crude oils to natural gas, if it’s down there somewhere, don’t worry about anything. We’ll come back with something suitable for you!


The bottom line is that if you want to save money on your next vehicle purchase, it’s time to take a look at what some of the oil companies in Texas have to offer. One of these may be perfect for you and help you get a great new car or truck with low monthly payments.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, read our article below for valuable tips from an expert who knows how people can save on their next vehicle purchase through one of Texas’s many reputable oil companies.

We hope we were able to provide valuable something here today! To get even more information about which company might work best for your needs, please feel free to leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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