Top 10 oldest river in the world – ancient rivers

The World’s oldest rivers are the Are there too many? If so, should they be? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, and there are too many. But that’s not the point. The point is that these Rivers are fundamental to our natural environment and the development of the World.

And they should be protected as they are some of the last great rivers of the World. So here, in alphabetical order, are the most old-school rivers in the World. But, first, let’s check out the top 10 oldest river in the World.

01, Finke River

Finke River
NameThe Finke River, or Larapinta (Arrernte)
Age (Million Years)350-400
OutflowLake Eyre (intermittent)
LocationNorthern Territory, South Australia
How long is the finke river750

Oldest river in the World the Finke River is a river that originates from the Atherton Tableland and flows through the city of Alice Springs, Australia, before emptying into the Gulf of Carpentaria, a branch of the Indian Ocean.

The long flowing waterway, which is often nicknamed “The Ghan,” also provides some of the most beautiful scenery in Australia and holds great significance to First Nations people.

Suppose you find yourself in the pristine rainforests of Finke River’s ancient rivers, surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary teeming with rare species but desperate for more human visitors. In that case, you might encounter a tribe of indigenous people known as the Yanyuwa.


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The Yanyuwa have lived here for generations and have no intention of leaving. Finke River is home to the last remaining hunters and gatherers on Earth. The Yanyuwa are avid conservationists and adopt a more holistic.

First oldest river in the World the Finke River is considered the oldest rivers in the World and the second oldest free-flowing river on the planet. It is located in the eastern parts of Darwin City, Australia.

It originates from Mount Laggan at its crater lake flows through the national park before entering Lake Leuwin. Finke River is 138 km long and joins with the Daly River. The river has also given its name to Death Valley in California.

02, Meuse River

NameMeuse River
Age (Million Years)320-340
OutflowNorth Sea
LocationPouilly-en-Bassigny, Le Châtelet-sur-Meuse, Haute-Marne, Grand Est, France

The oldest river in the World, The Meuse, is Europe’s longest river! The length of the Meuse makes it one of the largest rivers in the World. It flows through more than two countries, considered a very important water resource. This place will tell you more about the river and its importance in history.

Located in the Heart of Europe, the Meuse River is considered one of the old age Rivers in the World. The river flows through France and Belgium, supplying water to many rivers and towns along its way.


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Known as one of the longest rivers in Europe, the Meuse River has retained its status as one of the World’s best whitewater rafting sites. The only way to see this spectacular river is by booking a whitewater rafting tour!

The second oldest river in the World, The Meuse River, is a river in northeast France that joins the Namur River, forming part of the border between France and Luxembourg. The Meuse River flows through four countries: Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands in Belgium, and in its lower stretch, it is dammed to create Lake Deûle.

The Meuse River is one of the oldest rivers in the World. It is located in the middle of France, where it has formed the natural boundary between France and Germany. This is a large river with a length of 1,130 kilometers. The Meuse River is a major tributary to the River Rhine, one of the largest rivers in Europe.

03, New River

New River
NameNew River (Kanawha River tributary)
Age (Million Years)260-325
OutflowKanawha River
LocationBoone, NC

New River is one of the oldest rivers in the World. The New River is an artificial waterway in England, opened in 1613 to supply London with fresh drinking water taken from the River Lea and Chadwell, an artificial lake.

The artificial waterway was formed by digging a ditch two miles (3 km) long and 15 feet (4.6 m) deep along the line of the old Lea, into which was originally placed a layer of peat 58 feet.

The oldest river in the World New River, is one of the old age Rivers in the World. The New River is an artificial waterway in England, opened in 1613 to supply London with fresh drinking water taken from the River Lea and Chadwell Heath.


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It was originally constructed to provide a safe supply of drinking water for London when a cholera epidemic threatened the city in 1831.

The New River is the oldest artificial waterway in the World and was opened in 1613 to supply London with fresh drinking water taken from the River Lea and Chadwell Heath in Essex. It is more than two miles long and is one of the top ten rivers running above ground in the U.K.

04, Susquehanna River

Susquehanna River
Name Susquehanna River
Susquehanna River Age (Million Years)260-325
OutflowChesapeake Bay
LocationCooperstown, Otsego County, New York, USA

is the Susquehanna river the oldest river in the World? Yes, it’s number four old age rivers.

Ancient rivers Susquehanna River is the longest river in the United States, spanning approximately 320 miles (518 km). This upstate New York waterscape is praised for its unique beauty and historical value.

From its headwaters in the Allegheny Mountains to its confluence with the Chesapeake Bay, Susquehanna is central to the history of Native Americans, pioneers, and settlers.

The Susquehanna River is one of the oldest rivers in the World and is one of the best places for fishing, boating, and swimming. It’s so amazing that 160 years ago, it was the only place in America where you could reliably catch a whale from a boat in your backyard.


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The river is a cross-section of our country, mostly flat and without too much water to break up the farmland but enough to provide you with some great views.

It is the only river that crosses the entire United States and flows entirely in Pennsylvania, running over two thousand miles from its source in the Appalachian Mountains through Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut.

As you’re out at the quaint and charming Susquehanna River, taking a little boat ride to see the many lighthouses, totem poles, and of course, famous “The Hat” (Hudson River), you may get a little bit of fresh water on yourself if you fall in the river. Up until 1869, the Susquehanna River was the only source of freshwater for Philadelphia.

05, French broad river

broad French river
Name Broad French River
French broad river age (Million Years)320-340
OutflowTennessee River
LocationTransylvania County, North Carolina
Length352 km

Located at the edge of the Sahara Desert, the greatest river in the World, the mighty river that flows through France. La rivière France is one of the longest rivers in Europe. The river is home to many historical sites and beautiful landscapes.

The broad French river is located in the northwest of Vietnam. This river comes from the French colonists in America who used to call the Dutch.

Along the French Broad River, you are guaranteed to enjoy the cleanest fishing experience in the area. The French Broad River is a great place to fish. It’s best to use barbless hooks when fishing from a boat because they don’t cause any damage to the bottom of the river.

Ancient rivers The French Broad River is known as “The Bitch Creek” in the western part of the county. It is a beautiful river running through the deep green forest and into a brightly lit city, where it flows through the Heart of the city.

Since its discovery in the early 19th century by Dr.Thomas Woodward, it has been a major source of material for the city. In addition, it has long been an important factor in supplying water to operate the many factories.

So, did you know the French Broad River is one of the oldest rivers in the World? And it’s also considered to be the number one river for paragliding in America and the most popular place for people to go tubing on summer weekends. Who knew? No, who cares? Just go!

06, Rhine River

Rhine River
NameNorth Sea
Age (Million Years)240
OutflowNorth Sea
LocationTomasee (Romansh: Lai da Tuma), Surselva, Graubünden, Switzerland
Length1,230 km

The Rhine River is one of the oldest rivers in the World. It has a long history and many legends. Its banks are beautiful, and you can find many nice villages and towns along its course. You can also see castles and ruins where the lords lived.

And during your trip, you can enjoy many things you would never do in the city: you will see many different traditional lifestyles, which are not as expensive as in cities, but still affordable for youth and young people.

Ancient rivers Rhine River is one of the old age Rivers in the World. It flows through several countries, and it has been known as the Rhine River since Roman times. The Rhine River is a symbol of German culture and its natural beauty.

Although the Rhine River has been called many other names over the years, it is also known as Danube, Ems, Moselle, Warthe, Saar, and Sieg.

Rhine River is one of the oldest rivers in the World. It is located in Germany/Netherlands, which flows through 20 countries between these 2 countries, and it has a length of 402 miles.

It is one of the most vital rivers in the World with its GDP of US$ 80 billion, and it has an annual economic impact upwards of US$ 40 billion. Furthermore, it helps produce 10% of all German electricity, 1/3 of all Dutch electricity, and 1/2 of all.

The Rhine is one of the most beautiful and interesting places. The Rhine is the longest river in Germany, which stretches through three countries. The Rhine River is a UNESCO heritage site, and it’s located between two of the World’s most important countries: Switzerland and Germany!

Because of its durability and beauty, Rhine attracts tourists from around the World. Unfortunately, the water level was tragically lower in 2015 due to drought, but luckily it was restored and had been looking great as ever.

07, Save River

Save River
NameSave River (Africa)
Age (Million Years)205
OutflowIndian Ocean
LocationSouth of Harare, Zimbabwe

Save River is proud to be on the list of the World’s most important rivers, and our team is dedicated to making it the best place for you to enjoy. We know that the best way to preserve a river is by maintaining it in good condition. So when you visit Save River, you can expect to have a memorable and unique experience from all other places.

It’s the king of all rivers in the World. Not just that, Save River has been around since immemorial times and has been passed down to our ancestors. We are proud to be able to give back to the community and our environment through 2 things;

As the river’s name suggests, it is one for the ages, and it is a river that has been contributing to the World for centuries. The name itself is an indicator of just how long this river has been around, as well as that it is one of the best ways to identify someone who puts their money where their mouth is. A strong brand that has stood the test of time and continues to do so well into the future.

Long ago, the river was referred to as River SA, which has been renamed “River Save in modern times.” Nowadays, River Save has retained its original name but is also well known as “Save River.”

The river originates from the lake of the same name and flows downstream for about 45 kilometers until it reaches the plains, joining the Daugava River on its way to the Baltic Sea. Thus, it is used as a natural border between Latvia and Russia.

08, Amur River

Amur River
Age (Million Years)125
OutflowSea of Okhotsk
LocationKhan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, Khentii Province, Mongolia
Length2,824 km

Ancient rivers Amur Rivers are one of the oldest river in the World. It flows through Russia, China, Mongolia, and North Korea up to Japan. The name ‘Amur’ comes from “Amu,” which means “the river” in Mongolian, and “RI,” which means “river” in Manchu.

The Amur Rivers are a Magazine Intelligence article on the World’s longest river. The article discusses how the Rivers run through several regions of China and India and is one of the most source-friendly water resources on the planet.

Amur is the third-longest river in Asia, after the Mekong and Yangtze rivers. It is also the World’s farthest river from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The total length of the river is 1,318 kilometers long, with its basin area covering an area of 43,200 square kilometers.

Amur is a frozen river that has been thawed since the Ice age. It’s one of the few rivers in the World that can freeze again in summer and again in winter. The Amur was once called “the secret river” due to its geographical location between Russia and China.

This mysterious waterway is now used by many to cross over into China without going through any visa or border procedures.

The Amur River is the 18th longest river in the World and stretches from Russia, China, and Korea to Japan’s eastern coast. It’s home to various wildlife, and when you see it at its best, it’s amazing.

09, Macleay River

Macleay River
NameMacleay River
Age (Million Years)75
OutflowTasman Sea
LocationBlue Nobby Mountain, near Uralla
Length298 km

The Macleay River, the longest in Australia, has a rich history. From its discovery by the First Fleet, the Macleay has been known as one of the most significant rivers in Australia.

It is named after David Macleay, a British surveyor, who discovered this river known as the “river of blue gums.”

Ancient rivers Macleay River is one of the oldest rivers in the World. It was declared a National Heritage River in 1984, with the settlement being on the banks of this river for over 50 years.

It is well worth knowing that the Macleay is the only major river to have uninterrupted flow in the southern hemisphere. The Macleay Valley is a hotspot for outdoor activities, and there’s no better way to experience it than staying at our lodging.

Every year, the Macleay River invites us to its famous “Boomerang” tour, which we take every year. The river is beautiful and full of history. Over the years, we have seen great changes in ways of life in the community.

But the river continues to flow, reflecting our culture today. The main activity of the Macleay River Festival is to capture the essence and spirit of the river through a series of intimate and captivating performances.

The Macleay River originates in the Atherton Tablelands and flows through the main regions of Central Queensland (including Rock Hampton, Gladstone, and Townsville) to Eclipse Bay at the coast. The Macleay is a popular destination for fishing, swimming, and camping.

The Macleay River is the longest in Australia and is situated in the Northern Territory. The Macleay River spans an area of 324,000 square kilometers which means that it has a significantly large population of fish, animals, and birds.

10, Colorado River

Colorado River
NameColorado River
Age (Million Years)75
OutflowGulf of California
LocationRocky Mountains, Colorado, United States
Length2,330 km

Colorado River is one of the oldest rivers in the World and has been used for a long time. It was used for transportation and domestic and industrial purposes, from manufacturing paper to making beer, from producing soap to making clothes, from mining gold to mining sand, from mining salt to manufacturing salt. Today, many industries use this river’s natural resources.

Ancient rivers Colorado River is the perfect activity for anyone who wants to go on an outdoor adventure, whether it be with family or friends. Single or in a group, Colorado River is a great place to meet new people and have an exciting time.

There’s nothing better than getting together with your friends, family, and co-workers for a trip on the Colorado River.

The source of the Colorado River is the melting water of glaciers located in the Rocky Mountains. It is considered to be the second-largest river in the U.S. The Colorado River flows through several states and has a watershed encompassing seven states and Mexico.

The source of the Colorado River is the melting water of glaciers located in the Rocky Mountains. It is considered to be the second-largest river in the U.S. The Colorado River flows through several states and has a watershed encompassing seven states and Mexico.


The oldest river in the World is the Finke. It has been running for at least 300 billion years, and that’s a long time to be going strong! Other rivers have existed for shorter periods, but none have lasted as long as the Nile.

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing river, I recommend reading some of our articles on the subject. Let us know if you like this article on “oldest river” or not.

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