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Gamers are always looking for the next big thing in gaming. Roblox is a popular platform that allows gamers to create their own games and worlds using building blocks, scripts, and other tools. This list will rank 10 of the most realistic Roblox games.

10, Alone in A Dark House

Alone in A Dark House
Name Alone in A Dark House
Server Size100
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

Alone In A Dark House gives you a chance to have a deep and reflective time in the privacy of your own home. But this isn’t just any ordinary game that pays lip service to serious subjects. It’s an immersive experience that puts players right in the shoes of someone enduring tough times alone.


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The most realistic Roblox games is Alone In A Dark House. It teaches players about solitude, isolation, and the silence and desperation felt when there’s no one around but yourself.

Loneliness is abundant, and it holds all of the evils in this petrifying game. Explore a creepy mansion or play hide-and-go-seek with some bloodthirsty ghouls. Alone In A Dark House will keep you on your feet or just get you off them. That’s for you to decide! This game is suitable for ages 12+, but make sure your parents give permission first!

Top of your games list by, Alone In A Dark House is already a Roblox success story with its realistic graphics and accurate storyline. one that will haunt you the same way it haunts the game’s protagonist.

Brought to life by brave collaboration between Chocolat Martino 360 Games and SizzleSausages First Life Games Inc., you’ll find this horror game at the top of many virtual must-play lists for anyone who likes an adrenaline rush they can feel too.

09, Fishing Simulator

NameFishing Simulator
Server Size25
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

Fishing Simulator captures the feeling of standing at the side of a boat with two lines in your hand, measuring the distance as it casts into the water, with an all-new interface and improved realism. You can cast freely and watch for subtle movements that would indicate whether or not you caught anything. Catch enough fish to win Fishing Simulator 2021!


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Have you ever yearned for the deep, cool waters of a river on a warm summer day? Have you hiked miles to find an old tree with mossy rocks that just might be perfect for fishing and picnicking? Look no further.

The fishing Simulator will give you all that real experience without leaving your living room. With realistic physics and graphics, we’ve created one of the most accurate Roblox games yet!

If you’re not travelling the world chasing your following big catch, then, frankly, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Fishing Simulator is one of the Top 10 most realistic Roblox games for backpacking fishers. Who likes to take off on epic adventures and go places we can still only dream about.

And this game has it all–big fish to reel in, lakes to wade through up to your waist, and slippery banks that are just ready for a gripping foothold at any moment. If you don’t want o spend THIS weekend rethinking where life might be taking you next? Then come paddle out today while our prices are among the lowest anywhere!

08, Tower Defense Simulator

Tower Defense Simulator
NameTower defense simulator
GenreAll Genres
Server Size50
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

A tower defense simulator is a perfect choice for gamers looking for an immersive tower defense simulation game. It’s one of the Top 10 most realistic Roblox games in 2021 with stunning graphics and an audio environment that feels so real you’ll forget it’s not.


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Create your own battles on 3D maps or load up any challenge from a community to make tricky challenges feel like second nature. Build ingenious towers and traps that other people have perfected if you’re feeling creative.

Evade incoming enemies with intuitive control schemes and dynamic character upgrades available worldwide in over 60 themes and 70 levels to rule them a new way to play old favourites!

The Tower defense simulator is a heart-pumping adventure in the form of a 10x more realistic Roblox game. Play as the hero to defend against hordes of waves of monsters using weapons, traps, and choke points!

07, Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator
NameVehicle Simulator
GenreTown and City
Server Size32
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

Developed with the user in mind, the Vehicle Simulator has been built from the ground up with realism! This next-generation simulation engine is smooth and easy to navigate. You can interact with passengers onboard your vehicle without ever picking a game or time of day.


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And if you’re into customization, Vehicle Simulator allows you to choose every aspect, including lights, color, and more. Best of all, the simulator won’t ever crash!

Your reality may not be the fastest or tallest, but that’s okay! In every racing game, you need to choose from what type of experience you’re looking for. Vehicle Simulator is a high speed and high adrenaline. If it’s your first time on the track, better take off those brakes (literally)!

06, Big Paintball

BIG Paintball
NameBig Paintball
Server Size18
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

Big paintball is a Roblox game to eliminate your brother’s block. Get ready to fire all shots and cover the face of the world in one substantial orange splotch! Whatever you do, don’t miss any shots because that means you’re done for good.


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No losing this time around – not when there are so many life-threatening obstacles in your way. Fight against flying bombs, evil ninjas, jumping attack dolphins, and more as they come rushing at you from every direction! There isn’t enough room on earth for all these ninja assassins or space underwater for those impending missiles coming your way, and if worse comes to worst – don’t worry about it (not really).

BIG PAINTBALL is one of the Top 10 most realistic Roblox games 2021. It’s a fast-paced game that up to 8 people can play on 3D, immersive terrain, and it never seems like two players are on the same field because the whole map changes with each round. The constant pressure forces you to stay focused, plan your strategy, and go next for strategic advantage.

Use 25 different weapons like pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, and more as you fight through intense battles. With NO ADS – just pay once at launch and play uninterrupted until then end—is BIG PAINTBALL a must-try in Roblox Games!

05, Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2
NameTheme park tycoon 2
Server Size6
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

“Theme park tycoon 2, as one of the Top 10 most realistic Roblox games 2021, contains every detail to make you feel like a valid life theme park owner. You may be dreaming of your own backyard playground but wonder how to start?


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Let’s take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about your favorite amusement parks from youth: Ferris wheels in all colors; roller coasters jerking people up and around giggly curves; dense forests set up just in time for camp trips—how do you decide what will be on this adventure today?”

Theme park tycoon 2 is one of the Top 10 most realistic Roblox games in 2019. It’s a game where you take a journey to make money and create your own wonderful theme parks while sharing them with players worldwide.

Do you want to play a game that’s full of mini-games, where is the best theme park tycoon in town is what you’re shooting for? Play Theme Park Tycoon 2, and enter the world of realistic Roblox games 2021. Choose from various themes, attract visitors with thrilling rides and unique attractions like never before.

It can take mere seconds to demolish your masterpiece after all! Theme Park Tycoon 2 offers an open-world environment that allows players to customize their parks however they see fit. From high ticket items that could prove disastrous (and most likely will if not managed) and operating rides until late at night–it’s up for grabs when it comes to this game!

04, Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival
Namenatural disaster survival
GenreAll Genres
Server Size30
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

Surviving a natural disaster may be difficult, but you can better prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario with our new Natural Disaster Survival. By creating alongside FEMA personnel and disaster responders, you’ll have all the resources you need to avoid as many hazardous situations as possible.


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With our exclusive Hazardous Strategies Guidebook updated weekly by first-responders on how to survive various disasters in popular Roblox games better. Like Hurricane Simulator 63109, California’s Great Quake 56161, or Texas Scorcher 96409. you’ll always know what to do when a tornado touches down at home from coast to coast.

Who needs a natural disaster when you have the power to create one yourself? Natural Disaster Survival is one of the Top 10 Roblox games that are most realistic. This game truly pushes the limit with its riveting storyline and chilling gameplay. You’ll find yourself feeling like a real survivor as you navigate choppy waters in search of your lost eggs!

The world is cruel but fair here- as soon spoiler alert, not all survive. There’s more than enough danger around every turn to keep even the most avid gamer on their toes (play responsibly). Choose between six different personalities that will help shape who survives or dies among your crew; each choice provides unique challenges and rewards.

03, Pizza Place

pizza place
Namepizza place
GenreTown and City
Server Size12
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

You love pizza, and you know we don’t have to tell you how satisfying it is. But most of the time, when you order a slice or make your own at home, every night doesn’t seem like an event. This game will turn that around for you. Suddenly there’s no such thing as “just pizza” again!


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Get lost in the tireless search for toppings and ingredients as players find out all kinds of things about their community while they wait in line to get their hands on – yes! – some piping-hot pizzas from our virtual ovens. You’ll be so immersed in this fantastic Roblox game with a 48-second playtime that before long, the following day won’t seem nearly good enough.

We sell pizza, and it’s the best in the game. We work hard to have fresh ingredients delivered every day. You can also create your own pizza available for 20,000 ROBUX! Here at the pizza place, we have a vision of setting an immersive stage for virtual reality. Not only can you play with your food in VR alright, but the price is as reasonable as real life and probably better. What’s not to like?

02, Murder Mystery Roblox

Name Murder Mystery 2
Server Size12
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

If you love a good mystery and like the thrill of figuring things out yourself, then murder mystery Roblox is for you. In this game, there are too many clues to ignore. There’s one killer suspect that might be lurking in plain sight, waiting for your slip up. You’ll get to search crime scenes for clues as detectives do in real life with policy-level evidence.


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Murder mysteries Roblox can teach you about how crimes are solved, psychological profiling, and even the process of solving cyphers in ancient cultures! It’s perfect if you’re an avid reader who loves getting their head into a complex story where they don’t know what will happen next (sort of sounds like my idea of entertainment).

Who killed and how? Murder mystery Roblox is the perfect bedroom escape game. The only question left for you to answer will be: who’s really responsible for this gruesome death anyways? Be careful, though. Every chest could contain clues to help you figure out the murderer’s identity.

As a detective searching for evidence, make sure to pore through every detail in search of evidence that could reveal one stunning truth behind this sudden death. But tread carefully because time waits for no one and every minute spent looking at dead bodies starts making it harder for your eyesight to adjust! Are you tired after all those hours of investigation? What better way to ease your mind than chatting with old friends or playing some exciting 3 vs 3 mini-games.

01, Meepcity

GenreTown and City
Server Size200
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

You can become anyone you want in MeepCity. From a builder to an entertainer, there are limitless possibilities with the creative minds on Roblox. You are free to build your own epic life alongside millions of other players around the world.

Enjoy exciting adventures, and earn skills like never before! With a host of different rarities for weapons and loot chests that drop from quests basements. Runes: rare jewel stones that provide special powers to help you along your journey. Clash in combat against hordes of enemies that get more vicious as you progress from one level up through nine ranks. Chat with friends in easy-to-use private messaging features; form clans to dominate challenges together.

Imagine a virtual world that feels and sounds realistic, with beautiful scenery you can explore. Imagine being able to have fun and throw parties with your friends, like the good old days. MeepCity is a 3-D massively multiplayer online immersive social game where users create their own designs for unique homes and buildings—a place they call home in this new digital landscape.

Players can also take on jobs as residents of MeepCity’s bustling metropolis center. Or it’s sprawling suburbs for some daily cash flow. Cosy up to a crooner at one of two top live music venues or venture off into the wilderness looking for real gems that reflect light through the moonlight, all while running into other players along the way!


We hope you’ve found the information about Roblox games we shared with you helpful. If not, please let us know, and we will do our best to provide more recommendations for the most realistic Roblox games that suit your needs better!

Many beautiful Roblox games are coming out in 2021, like the brand-new game “Robloxian Life 2,” a sequel to one of the most popular fictional life simulators on this platform.

It looks really promising and includes all sorts of features such as schools, jobs and home ownership. What’s your favourite realistic Roblox game? Let me know in the comments below.

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