Top 10 Richest Cities in Florida-Richest Cities in Florida

The following list of the top 10 richest cities in Florida will show you which towns and cities have the highest median income in the state. This is a great guide for people who want to know where they can make their money. Go furthest when buying property, food, gas, and other necessities.

These are also good places for wealthy retirees looking for rich cities in Florida with high taxes that won’t affect them too much. The list below includes some smaller towns as well as larger cities like Miami and Tampa.

10, Satellite Beach

Satellite Beach
Population10,873 (2019)
Unemployment Rate4.5%.
Poverty Rate4.9%
Median Home Cost$402,700

The rich history is why you should come to these rich cities in Florida. This once little spot on the Florida coast was where NASA developed their first satellite system. Unlike most luxurious beaches in Florida, this one has been ranked as a top destination due to its unique vibe from actual rockets! Find luxury at Ocean Club Beach Club with highly exclusive amenities like poolside yacht rental for $1,800 per hour.

The Emerald Coast is well-known for its tropical beauty and flourishing tourism industry, but it doesn’t stop there. Due to the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and our Intracoastal Waterway. Satellite Beach has become one of the richest city in Florida with fertile land and charming waterfront properties.


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Perfect space to build your dream home or acquire rental income. Explore all that this town can offer you without ever stepping foot inside a car.

Satellite Beach is the land of opportunities. Up ahead, you’ll find endless sandy shores on the Atlantic side and an inland tropical paradise to explore with your friends and family on any given day. Yet, it saves its most expensive gem for the more slender purses. Downtown Satellite Beach feels like a true destination of culture, cuisine, and nightlife for all ages.

But there’s something different about this city along Florida’s southern edge no long lines at its beachside pizzerias or food stands. Bikinis that fit tasting menus at restaurants more than just pizza whales out in their natural habitat, rather than surrounded by water park rides getting people wet!

09, Naples

Population21,812 (2019)
Unemployment Rate3.7
Poverty Rate7.9%
Median Home Cost$360,100

When you buy these products, remember that they are made in one of the wealthiest cities in florida as soon as shoppers see the name Naples on a package. They’ll know their favourite snack is coming from the place where it costs $215,000 for a three-bedroom house with an average salary of $49,430. We think that deserves to be celebrated!

Naples is enough to make your mouth water. Imagine living on the glittering Gulf of Mexico with white sand beaches. Turquoise waters and an entertainment district that never sleeps. Naples is home to award-winning beaches like the world-famous Fifth Avenue Beach and simply irresistible Marco Island.


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 It’s also brimming with exquisite golf courses, fascinating nature trails, fabulous shopping opportunities galore. Abundant recreational activities for residents of all ages. Everything you need in a great city! In addition, you can enjoy phenomenal cuisine at some of the best restaurants in Florida or some delicious fresh produce from one of Naples’ many farmer’s markets.

Just be careful about how much you spend here because it’ll be hard to leave after visiting these richest places in Florida!

08, Surfside

Population5,725 (2019)
Unemployment Rate8.2%
Poverty Rate8.5%
Median Home Cost $752,018

The word ‘surf’ may sound like something fun to do, but it’s the name of one of Florida’s wealthiest cities. Population-wise, Surfside is not that large at all; only 962 people call this city home. Even though that might be small for some places IRL, in the world of online shopping, size does matter!

It’s not cool to be flipping burgers when you could be living by the ocean, earning six figures and driving a company car. This booming city offers everything you need beachfront views, exciting nightlife, and famous movie theatres come to mind. It’s time for you to make your move: start packing your suitcases and get ready for Surfside!

For retirees looking for services, amenities, and lifestyle amenities at their fingertips, Surfside may well be the place to retire. There are two golf courses in town, just minutes from schools and shopping complexes.


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Surfside is the place to be this season. With its mild year-round climate, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy here all year long. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway or some relaxation time on your days off, make Surfside your top choice. You may not want to leave at all!

Surfside is one of the richest cities in Florida. Of course, like any great city, ours has great shopping and opportunities for eating out. But, if you need something, we have it here in Surfside!

07, Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne
Population12,915 (2019)
Unemployment Rate8.2%
Poverty Rate4.9%
Median Home Cost $1,221,022.

Key Biscayne is located in the southernmost part of Miami Dade County, Florida. Home to one of the most recognizable beaches in America, Key Biscayne features miles of picturesque coastline littered with luxury hotels and condos, attracting tourists from all over the globe.

The savvy visitor grips tightly to their passport when they venture into the affluent area of Key Biscayne, but after only a short walk, they’ll be floored by all that awaits. The natural beauty of this city cannot be found anywhere else in Florida.


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Key Biscayne is a whole prefecture in Miami-Dade County. It’s surrounded by water on two sides, and it includes excellent beaches for local enjoyment or international tourism, with higher-than-average crime rates amongst metro areas within Florida.

Moreover, key Biscayne provides the safest environment for visitors with its commitment to eradicate illegal activity without invoking excessive restrictions against residents’ freedom of movement.

Key Biscayne is known for its tropical vibe, stunning skyline, world-class resorts and luxury homes. But don’t let anyone tell you that they can’t afford to live there! This article will help you find your perfect Key Biscayne apartment or home. After all, it’s one of the richest cities in Florida so now everyone has a chance at what life is like living on Key Biscayne!

06, Coral Gables

Coral Gables
Population12,915 (2019)
Unemployment Rate5.2%
Poverty Rate6.9%
Median Home Cost $952,291

Welcome to the Gables, a high-class district of Coral Gables. This place is brimming with pristine beaches and golf courses, and condominiums worth one million dollars on average. But, unfortunately, in this glorious town, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice between old world mansions or modern homes that give you the luxury of enjoying both cultures.

Sometimes, you just want to escape your ordinary life and live the good life. So please take a closer look at Coral Gables, one of Florida’s richest areas, with its elegant luxury homes and million-dollar mansions that combine historic architecture with stunning modern design.


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These richest towns in Florida have plenty to offer world-class restaurants, beautiful beaches on every corner. Exquisite golf courses for any skill level and divine nightlife spots. Where you can dance until dawn in style, so if you’re looking for affordable waterfront property, make sure not to miss this idyllic tropical paradise!

Wealthy, well-connected Coral Gables is the epitome of what you see when Miami Vice comes to mind. It’s like living in a postcard bordered by beautiful beaches and situated amid flourishing city life with upscale shopping districts and tourist attractions. These luxury condos are available right now at our newest project, “Coral Gables” – reserve yours today!

Wealth has never been more accessible with Coral Gables. Visit the newest addition to the city for a life full of sensational shopping, culinary mastery, and unparalleled beauty.

05, Miami Shores

Population10,459 (2019)
Unemployment Rate8.2%.
Poverty Rate4.4%
Median Home Cost $705,170.

Miami Shores is one of the richest cities in Florida, with over 5% of its population living in relative poverty. The city has about 8,700 residential properties valued at $2 million or more and 16,000 households making less than $25,000 a year. Miami Shores is rife with income disparity which impacts the area’s homelessness rate increasing by 64% between 2007-2016. Educating these employees could help close this gap!

Just because you’re successful doesn’t mean you need to live in a huge house. With less than $1000/month, enjoy your luxury with Miami Shores, the newest and trendiest townhouse in Florida’s Miami Lakes! Whether you own a business and commute or run it from home, leave home without taking on the hassle of ownership when we keep all of your utilities in one convenient location for up to 12 months!

This season’s Miami Shores is made with luxurious materials in green, gold, and cream shades. For a look that screams money but doesn’t scream tacky, always reach for the Miami Shores suit. Miami Shores is a city that sits just west of Miami. With millions in annual income, it’s easy to call this town the rich neighbourhood where everyone lives.

Miami Shores is a waterfront city full of luxury and rich areas in Florida for those who can afford it. The average property taxes here are $13,100 per year, and the average income is $225,000 annually. So if you’re looking to move into a rich community in Florida, this place might be the one!

04, Southwest Ranches

Southwest Ranches
Population7,921 (2019)
Unemployment Rate5.3%
Poverty Rate4.3%
Median Home Cost$886,496.

Southwest Ranches is one of the richest cities in Florida. With close access to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach, this city has what money can buy with homes costing $2M+. So if you are looking for top-notch schools or healthcare, our communities have it all. To see why you choose Southwest Ranches. The only thing left on your wish list will be your dream home!

Southwest Ranches places in Florida with one of the richest concentrations in Florida. It has become a thriving commercial hub and home for many luxury properties. Buyers who purchase homes, office spaces, or open businesses will find that this bustling metropolis is close by but requires less time from your life to travel to.

For those looking to take advantage of all the commerce opportunities living near Downtown, Rancho Palos Verdes Hills brings you closer than ever to Long Beach Airport- home of many tradeshows each year as well as Boeing’s largest manufacturing facility outside Seattle.

So if the thought of living among the wealthiest people in America, with 400 golf courses to choose from, sounds like your idea of a good time, then come check out Southwest Ranches. This amazing city is now only 3 miles north of Florida’s turnpike and at exit 194.

The Southwestern Ranches is a most expensive cities in Florida established on an expansive ranch, and it’s riddled with the perfect balance of tradition and modernity. This lovely town has everything you need to enjoy life peacefully. Natural scenic beauty, thriving businesses, strategic recreation opportunities, and world-class schools all make this place.

Ideal for families like yours who want peace and discovery in their daily lives. Spend your days exploring its rural charm or take a big breath of convenience at home. Whether you live here or visit, let Southwest Ranches enrich your life.

The southwest corner of the state has always been beautiful, but as development continues and more tourists come to live here, it’s now one of the most sought-after destinations in Florida. So get ready for a whole new level of style!

03, Palm Beach

Palm Beach
Population8,723 (2019)
Unemployment Rate4.7%
Poverty Rate$54,334
Median Home Cost $1,446,093.

Palm Beach is rich in culture, personality, and, most importantly, wealth. There are many faces to this little city, including its artsy side, wild side, no-bullshit side. Palm Beach draws people from both the United States and abroad who recognize the inherent import of its uber-wealthy residents. Sure it’s expensive as hell but then again, so are you!

Imagine you can have a vacation in Palm Beach without ever leaving your hometown. Introducing the newest addition to the Palm Beach Collection from Northward Home, your favourite dreamy beach vibes now come before you with our latest high-end design for this coastal paradise. With whimsical touches of palm trees and oceans, every day captures an authentic experience of visiting one of our most talked-about destinations.

You’ll feel rich just trying to pronounce the name of this majestic city. The palm trees, the boats anchored at the centre of town, and even its old-time architecture will make you feel like the part-owner or member of a historical society. We’re not kidding! Give it a go- Get out your camera because trust us Palm Beach is perfect for a Kodak moment.

Palm Beach is Florida’s playboy paradise. Places like Coral Gables, Palm Beach Shores, Pine Ridge, and more make up this affluent city. It may be famous for its wealth, but there are some ways you can get around the high prices without blowing your budget on these exciting spots!

02, Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay
Population24,333 (2019)
Unemployment Rate8.2%
Poverty Rate5.75%
Median Home Cost $714,263.

The Palmetto Bay enjoys the sun all summer long, perfect for that tan you’ve always wanted. The residents proudly take their status as one of Florida’s richest communities with no taxes to show for it. This paradise is also pet-friendly, boasting dog parks and other furry residents caretakers can enjoy playing with without worrying about any hazardous chemicals damaging them or the environment. So to meet your new bug-free lifestyle under the palm trees!

No need to go all the way to South Beach for a taste of Florida’s finest- with Palmetto Bay, you get two cities in one. Located on the Gulf Coast and only about 30 miles from Miami/Fort Lauderdale International Airport. It’s got something for everyone: top resorts with amazing nightlife.

Great family fun with an 18-hole world-class golf course and plenty of watersports at your doorstep. not to mention some wonderful dive sites that fill up every winter. Palmetto Bay is luxurious yet livable. There’s no wonder why newcomers just move here permanently!

Palmetto Bay was recently named one of the richest cities in Florida. The city’s three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes are priced at $500,000 to $800,000 each, with spacious yards and child-friendly features that make it a sought-after location for families.

Located near Stoneybrook Golf Course and Disney World, residents can enjoy endless opportunities to take advantage of nature’s beauty as well. Visit our website now to save your dream home!

Palmetto Bay is one of the most luxurious neighbourhoods in the state. So if you’re looking for a luxurious lifestyle, this is your spot. A whole slew of fascinating sights and attractions wait for you when you buy a home in the area – from its rich history to happenings, today’s Palmetto Bay has it all.

01, Parkland

Population31,454 (2019)
Unemployment Rate3.2%
Poverty Rate4.5%
Median Home Cost $783,627.

Located in the Sunshine State, Parkland is one of the richest cities in Florida, with a median family income of more than $184k. Between its excellent schools and low crime rate, it’s a city where you can put down roots. So we sense that it’s time to find someone or something to be loyal to –otherwise your city-and buy a house!

Inclusive, mobile-friendly neighbourhood as safe as the castles of old.Pretty as a watercolour painting. No wonder they call it Parkland. You’ll be so captivated by the colour and beauty that you won’t want to leave this place. Luxury estates flourish with overgrown greenery and perfect palms standing tall.

Parkland is an affluent city with a median income of $85,537. It has tons of parks and green spaces for kids to explore, which makes it the best place in Florida to live well.

Parkland is one of the richest city in Florida. Sitting only 20 minutes north of Miami, Parkland is an exciting new area for families with easy access to culture and natural beauty. There are plenty of Zoysia golf courses nearby, whitewater rivers nearby, and many other luxury shopping places nearby. It’s also home to the Orlando Magic!

Parkland has a unique history as one of the first planned communities in Florida. Come learn about Parkland’s original founding, artful parks and gardens, legacy residents, and “clean hands” reputation with a visit to our History Center.


Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America for a good reason. It has miles and miles of beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, lively nightlife, and tons to do. However, some cities stand out more than others when it comes to wealth.

Find out which are the richest cities in Florida, from the wealthiest city in Florida to a beach resort city with our list! Which rich city in Florida would you like us to write about next? Let me know or comment below!

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