Top 10 Richest Cities in The World-Richest Cities

The richest city in the world is some of the most popular destinations for people seeking to live a life of luxury, from New York City, with over 8 million inhabitants, to Tokyo, which has more than 37 million residents.

These cities have everything one could want in terms of shopping and entertainment options.  What’s more, they also offer high salaries and low living costs compared to other major global cities. So here are the richest cities in the world you might not have considered before making our richest place in the world list!

10, Shenzhen, China

top 10 richest cities in the world-richest cities
Population12.59 million (2021)
GDP 2.77 trillion yuan
Total net worth$415.3 Billion
No. of Billionaires68

Shenzhen, China is one of the world’s most richest city in the world for hi-tech manufacturing and innovation. With 30 million people living in its metropolitan area (almost straddling Singapore), Shenzhen provides companies with vast pools of highly skilled labor at costs less than half that of Silicon Valley.

Over more than three decades, it has blossomed from an obscure fishing village to a global innovation powerhouse on par with anything on earth, inventing the iPhone just being one example. Indeed, with towering skyscrapers reaching for the skies and traffic zooming by in dizzying numbers, Shenzhen is where dreams are manufactured!


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A destination on the south coast of China, Shenzhen has become one of the wealthiest cities in all of Asia. Home to over 12 million people, Shenzhen has sustained growth and new construction happening daily. In addition, various manufacturing areas within Shenzhen produce high-quality goods ranging from footwear to computer parts to petrochemicals.

This one-time bargain city is pretty much oozing with money. Shenzhen has all the bragging rights for this one, so put its accolades on your tablet screen and keep it upright to show off.

The free city of Shenzhen has transformed into a sleek metropolis, attracting big names like BMW and HSBC. As the pioneer to China’s Special Economic Zone strategy, you can find world-leading companies changing how we live.

09, Tokyo, Japan

richest cities
Population13.96 million (2021)
GDP$1.52 trillion
Total net worthN/A
No. of Billionaires N/A

Modern Tokyo is the colossal, intense city that everyone knows. It’s pulled together by high-rise buildings and booming districts, but there are also areas of stillness where you can touch Japan’s long history. For example, the Imperial Palace is a perennial favorite for tourists to the country with its mix of traditional gardens and palaces covering 700 acres and museums filled with royal treasures!

It’s no wonder Tokyo is one of the richest cities in the world. From speciality stores to high-end electronics, there are products for every budget. Let Tokyo guide you through some of what this amazing city has to offer.


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The richest cities of Tokyo, Japan, should be considered as an upcoming tourist destination. Taste the greatest range of global cuisines ever available in one city! Tokyo offers stunning architecture and scenery without the touristy hoards. It’s perfect for those who want to experience novel activities like bungee jumping.

Revel in unspoiled views of Mt Fuji, visit the historic shrines and temples or stroll among traditional houses with painstakingly detailed paintings on their exteriors. This ready-made itinerary is just what you need if you’re low on time but high on curiosity to learn about other cultures!

Why visit a place when you can live it? Tours in Tokyo include everything from the world’s best ramen to the 1600-year-old shrines. With something for everyone, it’s impossible not to have the time of your life! The streets of this cosmopolitan city are as diverse as the people that populate them. Ready to immerse yourself in Japanese culture? Tokyo awaits, and we’re waiting for you!

08, Shanghai, China

the richest place in the world
Population24.87 million
GDP¥3.87 trillion $608 billion
Total net worth$415.3B
No. of Billionaires68

The richest cities Shanghai, the largest city in China, is well-known for its fast-paced lifestyle and high living standards. This U.S. $1 trillion economy was named the most livable city by The Economist Intelligence Unit last year due to its air quality measures and infrastructure development projects.

Visitors may take advantage of Shanghai’s many international schools providing modern curriculums or visit trade shows like Chinaplas at Jiangsu Place Expo Center, where businesses can find out more about importing products into this large consumer market.

Shanghai is the home of large multinational corporations, real estate, motorbikes, and China’s telecommunications hub. Over the past decade, Shanghai has become one of the richest city in the world with its explosive economic growth. Luxury goods are more affordable here than in any other city in mainland China making it an attractive tourist destination for travellers looking to experience old-world opulence.


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Marvel at the culture, thrills, and local curiosities that will make you feel like you’ve reached for (and grabbed) the stars. Your time in Shanghai may be brief, but it’s undeniably unforgettable.

Shanghai is a phenomenal hub for entrepreneurs and innovators alike. So welcome to the modern world: this shining metropolis promises it all skyscrapers, art galleries and funky restaurants tucked down side streets away from your typical tourist traps.

Shanghai also offers an unparalleled bustling experience of historical sites like the Bund, enticing love locks at The Huangpu River Promenade, or gazing through time with pagodas that litter the cityscape around you!

07, Beijing, China

richest place in the world
Population21.54 million
GDP$553.9 billion
Total net worth$484.3B
No. of Billionaires100

The richest cities Beijing is a vibrant and lively city, with large red buildings and an exciting mix of international cuisine. Beijing has been the capital of 13 dynasties, giving it plenty of cultures for you to experience during your stay. In addition, China’s cosmopolitan city boasts three major universities! So who knows who you’ll meet studying abroad in Beijing?

Beijing, China, is one of the richest city in the world with such an enthralling history. From its stunning landscapes to its captivating people and food, Beijing has something for everyone. Beijing is a bustling city with plenty of nighttime attractions. Try exciting night markets, fireworks shows over the river, and lots of traditional Chinese cuisine.


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The richest cities Beijing is a diverse, exciting place. With a historic old town and roads lined with trees, it’s just as fresh when you arrive in the morning as when you leave at night. Watch people go about their days on the wide streets. Stroll through Buddhist temples until you find your favorite ikat or silk scarf, explore local markets for traditional Beijing lunch.

Then say hello to hutong alleyways and trendy new bars before deciding what to do next. Spend an afternoon strolling through Tiananmen Square? Pop in one of 242 museums? Head over to China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts and take in some artistic culture?

Beijing is home to over 20 million people, 9,000 years of history, and nearly one-third of all Fortune 500 companies in China. It was an economic powerhouse on the international stage for centuries with a rich cultural heritage. Underpinned by its deep roots as Beijing’s Bird Nest Stadium was constructed according to feng shui principles.

06, Chicago, Illinois, United States

richest city in the world
Population2.71 million
GDP618.62 billion
Total net worth$49.5 billion
No. of Billionaires11

Chicago is America’s third-largest city. With its bustling art, entertainment, and finance sectors along the shores of Lake Michigan, it boasts proximity to both rural greenness and cosmopolitan skyscrapers. Chicagoans are well known for their dedication to innovative thinking.

Chicago is a city with a lot of history and culture! It is a hotspot for performance arts, architecture, business, commerce, finance, and trade. Chicago was the jewel of the Midwest back in the day. Now it’s time to make those Midwesterners proud again with some island-style vibes and our style that we call “The Chicago Way.”

The richest cities Chicago is a vibrant urban area with a rich culture and loving people. Food lovers should know that Chicago has Michelin-rated dining options, making it the best city to try gourmet cuisine. In addition, there are so many outdoor activities for those who love being active.

Located in the Midwestern United States, Chicago is known for its street festivals, amazing restaurants and varying neighbourhoods. It’s also home to many galleries, operas, and theaters that have often been seen on news outlets like CNN.

Residents of Chicago enjoy excellent health care (second-best in 2017), lower cost of living than other major metropolitan areas (5th lowest rental prices), a very high concentration of Fortune 500 companies (21) and large public transportation networks.

05, Hong Kong

richest cities in the world
Population7.507 million
GDP365.7 billion
Total net worth$448.4B
No. of Billionaires80

When you feel buried in the hectic, fast-paced lifestyle of today’s pressures, let Hong Kong take your worries away. This is where one can find the solitude that they cannot find anywhere else.

“Hong Kong: A little piece of cosmopolitan heaven make China’s heart and crossroads all it is own. From the hustle and bustle of wet markets to bookstores, this bustling metropolis bursts with flavor, history and innovation.”

Modern and densely populated, this city is one of the best tourist attractions. You can find any food and entertainment that you desire! Hong Kong is the second most richest city in the world. The rich culture, big picture vistas and ancient architecture make for an unforgettable adventure.

The richest cities Hong Kong is a stunningly beautiful metropolis with a ton of different temples and restaurants to choose from. The city sits along the South China Sea and is well-known for having some of the world’s biggest skyscrapers in it, including I. M. Pei’s World Financial Center!

04, Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles
Population3.967 million
Total net worth$689 billion
No. of Billionaires31

Welcome to America’s playground. Whether you’re looking for a wide-open city with minimal rules or a mild, cheaper alternative that lets you party into the morning hours of the next day, LA has something for everyone. In this entertainment capital of the world, people come from all parts of the globe as locals know it’s “LA before daylight.”

So why wait? While others may think it’s all just bright lights and diamond rings, there are some things Los Angeles isn’t about. Traffic is not too bad, actually, and residents, on average, have more money than they do time to spend it on coffee counters sitting on a stool talking on their cell phone without any intention of going anywhere soon.

Here in the city of angels, you’ll never want money or career opportunities. The Los Angeles area has always ranked highly in housing affordability, cost of living, and crime rate. So it’s no wonder that it’s considered one of the best places to live!

Some of the world’s rich photogenic cities are found right here in our backyard. The City of Angels, Los Angeles, California, is one of the richest cities in the world. You need to step outside on a sunny day to see why it’s called the City of Angels.

You’ll be met with picturesque views of mountain peaks and blue skies, all framed by an iconic Hollywood skyline! When visiting this city for tourism or business opportunities, check out the Walk in My Shoes interactive art installation in Pershing Square, which gives a different perspective on homelessness and poverty-stricken areas around LA.

Does trend LA also have a lovely shopping center where guests can enjoy luxury goods from national boutiques such as Gucci or Saint Laurent Paris? You’ll find many opportunities.

03, San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco
GDP$592 billion
Total net worth$190.0B
No. of Billionaires48

The richest cities San Francisco, California, United States is a picturesque and bustling city. The people of San Francisco are routinely hailed as some of the richest cities in the world. A city so elegant and cultured, with such a diverse collection of architecture, with famous landmarks like Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge that no trip to California is complete without a visit.

Already rich from commerce, the city is now increasingly wealthy from Silicon Valley and tourism. The famous Golden Gate Bridge is also located here, and a plethora of music venues and many other tourist attractions.

Known to be one of the richest cities in the world, San Francisco is bursting with entertainment venues, theater groups for you and your family, beaches for summertime pleasure seekers, an impressive selection of restaurants serving up all types of cuisine.

San Francisco is a city well known for its exciting events, expensive dining, and iconic views. It also happens to be the most vibrant European-Esque settlement in North America! Rooting itself on its bay waters and thriving with foggy shores, there’s always something new happening.

San Francisco continues to grow economically and culturally, which has resulted in an increase of tourists annually at over 14 million people. This product will take you straight into the heart of elite culture!

02, London, England

Population8.982 million
GDP503 billion British pounds
Total net worth$316.1B
No. of Billionaires63

The richest cities London, England, is an international hub for finance and trade. A study by KPMG rated the quality of London’s infrastructure ahead of that of other international peers. Reliable, affordable energy supplies are provided in tandem with excellent road and rail connections to areas across Europe that span over nearly 5000 miles in length. Find out more about this attractive destination before you take off!

Tired of touristy hot spots? London, England, has a mix of old-world charm and modern tranquillity. Come by for the stunning architecture, thriving nightlife, and culture that fills every corner of this historic city.

For my money, London is one of the richest cities in the world. From riverboat rides on the Thames to walking down Oxford Street and exploring meandering streets off Blackfriars, there are many things to see and do in this incredible place. I suggest you come prepared with your camera because for sure, you’re going to want a souvenir!

One of the richest place in the world, London has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for high temples of history or chic locales that embody modernity’s best, this city is perfect to base your holiday in. Even if you’ve visited plenty of times before, it still surprises with its variety; people too can find great wealth in trade and culture in this enchanting metropolis.

01, New York, United States

New York
Population8.419 million
GDP$1.751 trillion
Total net worth$560.5B
No. of Billionaires99

Nestled in Eastern North America, the richest cities New York is the largest city by population. Yet, among all of its claims to fame like Broadway, Wall Street and Central Park, there is one that holds it true against its competitors: for business people across the globe, New York City has long been seen as the global capital for entrepreneurship.

The New York metropolitan area is one of the richest place in the world and the most populous region in the world. It’s home to glittering skyscrapers, the iconic Statue of Liberty, and over 8 million people.

A true melting pot, its neighbourhoods offer a unique sense of community—from rolling green hills uptown from Washington Square Park to vibrant East Village nightclub districts near NYU’s campus on the edge of Chinatown. In addition, the Big Apple offers cultural treasures from world-class museums to fabulous parks like Central Park or Prospect Park, with their iconic bridges overlooking woodsy Brooklyn views.

New York, a leading destination for more than one million international visitors annually, lies in the heart of America, on the shores of both the Hudson and East Rivers. This global center of finance is famed for its world-class progressiveness and dynamic cosmopolitanism.


In the end, many factors determine which cities around the world have higher GDP per capita. So if you’re looking to move somewhere with high earnings potential, then these richest cities in the world might be up your alley!

Let me know if your city is one of them and what makes it so attractive for living in this article below.  Which rich countries did we miss? Please share them in the comments section below!

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