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We all know that chicken is delicious. There are many ways to cook it, from fried to grilled and everything in between. But what about the cost of this protein-packed bird? Well, if you’re looking for a more expensive version of your favorite meat, then look no further than these top 10 the most expensive chickens!

Now everyone can enjoy some high-quality poultry without breaking the bank!

What is The Most Expensive Chicken in The World?

The most expensive chicken in the world is the Ayam Cemani. They are worth $850 for just one bird. Other than their rarity, they have dark meat. The birds—originating from Indonesia and Malaysia—have dark flesh because of a genetic mutation that thickens the muscles and forbids blood to circulate heavily.

About 7% of Indonesian chickens were bred over three generations into 70 different combinations of who should mate with whom to create this exclusive breed. Ten years later, they finally had it-a black chicken with meat that’s considered too tough and gamey by many people in America but delicious to others throughout Europe and Asia. Plus, some people get really excited because these things might be destined for extinction soon.

What is the Most Expensive Chicken in the World?

Most Expensive Chicken list in the below, Check the list What is the Most Expensive Chicken in the World?

NameColorsWeightLife CyclePrice
Liege Fighter ChickenVarious12 lb6 Years$50
Pavlovskaya ChickenVarious5 lb5 Years$75
Svart Hona ChickenBlack7.5 lb5 Years$85
Orust ChickenBlack and White3 lb6 YearsLess than $100
Olandsk Dwarf ChickenVarious5 lb5 Years$100
Brahma ChickenVarious12 lb8 Years$150
Sussex ChickenVarious9 lb8+ Years$150
Kadaknath ChickenBlack4.4 lb5 Years$1500
Swedish Black ChickenBlack4.4lb8 Years$300
Ayam Cemani ChickenBlack4lb8 Years$5000

Lets check the the most expensive chicken list.

10, Liege Fighter Chicken

the most expensive chicken

Welcome to the world of luxury poultry. Liege Fighters come from the tiny Belgian town of Louvain and are rumored to date back to medieval times—explaining their heavily armored appearance! These full-breasted beauties were once reserved for royalty (due without exception to their insanely high price tag), but it’s different now:

Fed by just one grain per day, these ferocious fighters will yield a dusted golden carcass with rich flavor that’ll have you bragging about your heritage faster than they can feed themselves.

Suppose you’re feeling glamorous and want to treat yourself, head on over to our poultry stand that’s outfitted with the prettiest, most exotic chickens in the world. One bite of this fabulous Liege Fighter will show you why these birds are famous for being one of the priciest fowls around.

You might know this bird by its name: Belgian Dark Chicken. The main reason? This chicken is super delicious! It’s not clear what you’ll gain as a farmer by owning the Liege Fighter, but one thing is for sure; with its marble-sized eggs and exquisite taste, your friends will be coming over every week to see it.

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09, Pavlovskaya Chicken

most expensive chicken

If you have a small family and prefer to spend your money on something other than rent, then this is the poultry for you.

One-third of the size compare to chickens in Russia and over twice as expensive as Norwegian chickens; Pavlovskaya takes three years to raise.  With its expansive white feathers covering its entire body and disproportionately large black features, including the long tail, beard, comb, wattles, and ear lobes, pre-dinner appetizers just got better with this little guy!

Famed for tucking into berries after hard work during daylight hours, it’s no surprise that their meat tastes earthy with hints of sweet flavor. Furthermore, both tender thighs and liver are juicy when cooked.

You don’t have to be a Russian oligarch to afford Pavlovskaya. It’s only one of the most expensive breeds of chickens. This chicken is perfect for raising as a show piece or all-around production fixture in your agricultural farm with an impressive reputation for flavor and modest demand. Pavlovskaya is well-suited to producing eggs while you plan its eventual slaughter and dinner dish consumption occasion.

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08, Svart Hona Chicken

expensive chicken

Let’s face it. If you have disposable income, the last thing most people want is a chicken sandwich for dinner. You already buy everything but Halal Beef at Whole Foods, so why not join celebrities and top chefs following the Svart Hona trend?

These chickens are bred from its Swedish cousin Rinkeby Krakel to be genetically predisposed to weight gain (hint: as long as you’re eating them out of their cage, they’ll stay plump). They also need less water than “regular” chickens! Even though this poultry puffs retail at $100 for one bird, we hope this description convinces you that it’s worth every penny.

Like many of the world’s most expensive products, it is rare and exotic. Svart Hona chickens have black plumage with melanin deposits in their feathers. Strangely, only chicks out of atypically large eggs will come out as the desired bird– not too big or small, but just right.

07, Orust Chicken

Orust chicken

With only 10,000 birds in existence and none being any younger than 62 days, this chicken deserves a pedestal. It has an extraordinarily tender, juicy meat you won’t get from more common but bland corn-fed varieties… Our richer than gold poultry is fit for the royal table.

Orust chickens are the most elite, and therefore also the most expensive. Found in climates similar to Scandinavia, these chickens tend to have thicker feathers for insulation against cold weather. Their eggs and meat are often used in dishes both savory and sweet: from Swedish brunskinka.

 A piece of smoked bacon, pork sausage with herbs like juniper berry, orange peel, and ginger; or rostbiff– which translates as roast beef served as a dish–to Portuguese Arroz de oes com manjericao e ovos queima do pais (rice with onions sauteed with garlic and a mix of diced tomatoes).

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06,Olandsk Dwarf Chicken

Olandsk Dwarf chicken

Olandsk Dwarf chicken is responsible for managing the recycling of the family farm by deftly filtering out insects, seeds, and manure. They’re so efficient at this that they can save their owners up to $1,000 each year on outside egg-laying hens!

Olandsk Dwarfs can keep about 10x as many eggs per year as a typical hen due to natural selection: they only eat fresh vegetables from the garden, which improves their immunity and livers dramatically.

Olandsk Dwarfs are the rarest chickens in all of Europe, with only 300 identified specimens alive today. Initially bred for their beautiful plumage and large eggs, they were never intended to be an egg-producing breed.

Estimates state that nobles may have once paid over $1200 per bird during the height of this tiny creature’s fame. Now, you can get a head start on your own house full of Olandsk Dwarfs by purchasing a starter pack from Elite Breeder!

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05, Brahma Chicken

Brahma Chicken

One of the most expensive chickens globally, with skin that weighs more than six pounds and a small comb. If you’re looking for decadence on a plate, Brahma is your guy.

Brahma chickens are a rarity in the poultry world. These hens produce much larger eggs than most chicken eggs, which make them perfect for hard-boiled eggs or egg benedicts. Brahma chickens have great show potential and can also be lovely pets with their distinctive appearance.

When we think about the best tasting omelet, do you know what comes to mind? Brahma Eggs! They’re so big, and they give everyone an extra-large serving every morning! Colossal breakfast, anyone?

This golden bird is the world’s most expensive chicken. The Brahma chicken has a distinctive black tail and red body. Quite rare, it is said to grant the owners with good fortune and luck.

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04, Sussex Chicken

Sussex Chicken

Sussex was raised on a small New England farm with no antibiotics or added hormones. The hens are grazing on fresh grass, consuming plenty of omega-3s. They’re days from slaughter and have had one heck of an existence!

Yes, it’s true: this is one of the world’s most expensive chicken breeds. We don’t need to tell you more about why because we can’t – without making you roll in cash like an old-timey robber baron. But feel free to make a hefty investment for your taste buds’ sake!

In comparison to your average supermarket chicken, Sussex is a more refined fowl. The breed has been raised for over 6 centuries on the estate of Lady Blanche Radcliffe near Southampton and is renowned for its extreme whiteness and fine-textured meat.

Sussex adheres to a strict diet. They’re never exposed to daylight or pollution. Sussex are bred for their meat-like taste, which is highly desired by the elite who can afford them.

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03, Kadaknath Chicken

A rare experience. You never know what you’ll get. Our chicken is raised with love in the hills of India and fed a diet that takes him straight to Mother Nature’s lap. Crossing genetics from White Leghorn, Brooks Black, Rhode Island Red, and Dorking breeds has given us this lavishly feathered bird that can dance or fight for his life any day of the week.

The rosée-colored skin is moistened by the heart pumping blood around over a pound of meaty muscles attached to bone the size of toothpicks coated in various sizes of diamonds at every turn (subtlety not being his strongest suit). He can tear down fences just by burping without breaking stride on long walks.

A Kadaknath is one of the most expensive chickens in the world. You’ll need to have deep pockets or be very lucky to get a taste! This chicken is authentic, and since it’s from India, you can feel the full range of spices and intense streakiness. Imagine a layer of Asian cooking meets a wave of Mexican flare.

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02, Swedish Black Chicken

A recipe that brings the flavors of Sweden to your table. Known for flavor and texture, Swedish Black is one of the most famous chickens in the world. This chicken resembles its feathered counterparts in Sweden with slim legs and wings and a trumpet-shaped red comb. This feathery breed has been bred for 110 years or more since it was first awarded champion status at an animal show in Germany back in 1899!

Their domestication lesson includes natural selection: only individual hens within these flocks can reproduce, similar to wild birds who lay eggs with highly favorable attributes. Also, like their wild cousins, they enjoy diving into the water before finding anywhere on land suitable for roosting; you’ll find them sunning themselves too.

Packed with nutrition, the Swedish Black is an adventurous bird that’s worth your while. This poultry favorite has a black and dark red chest color with glossier feathers than most chickens. To keep up its gorgeous appearance from farm to fork, don’t overcook it or handle it roughly; this breed prefers juicy roasted dishes instead of fried foods. The chicken also doesn’t have any of those pesky spurs on its legs as other species do, so that you can cook these birds without gloves!

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01, Ayam Cemani Chicken

Ayam Cemani Chicken

Remember when you told your friends about the “blue chicken” or that “golden egg”? Imagine a world where people still tell such stories, but now they’re even more accurate than ever. Ayam Cemani is one of the most expensive chickens in all of Indonesia, and we have flown just for you to taste it! So order right now at this very moment and find out why everyone is talking about this bird!

This rare breed of chicken is the most expensive due to its black feathers, which make them look like a bat. Ayam Cemani was originally thought to come from Southeast Asia, but they are actually native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Translating to Black Guinea Hen in Malay, this bird eats only corn and pumpkin seeds. A satisfying meal for the pricey pet owner!

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Why Are Ayam Cemani so Expensive?

It’s (more) expensive because there are fewer of them. Out of the hundreds of thousand chicken breeds globally, Ayam Cemani consists of only 450 chickens all up including both male and female.
Found in Indonesia and imported to Belgium, they’re sometimes called “Black Giant Indonesian Chicken.” This variety is well sought after for its limited availability on sites such as Livestock Yard, where a live Ayam is priced at $1200 USD.

Ayam Cemani is primarily black with some white patches in their feathers and has distinctive yellow skin/toenails thanks to their genetic makeup that includes dominant genes, so a huge percentage of eggs from an Ayam hen will be all dark chicks as opposed.


If you’re looking to get a taste of luxury without the steep price tag, check out these 10 most expensive chicken in the world. With some chickens costing as much as $10 per ounce, it may be time to start investing your money elsewhere! These high-end poultry dishes are perfect for when you want something extravagant or need a gift idea that will really impress. Let us know which one is your favorite and why?

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