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The truffles are a group of fungi that produce an aromatic, spicy fruiting body. Pigs or dogs hunt them as their natural instinct is to find them and eat them. Truffles grow underground in association with trees, usually oak or hazelnut tree roots.

The most expensive truffles can be found in the Périgord region of southwest France, where their season runs from October to December each year. Here are 10 of the most expensive truffle pictures out there so you can see what they look like before making your next purchase!

01Largest truffle from Croatia $330,000
02Giant truffle from Tuscany $330,000
03Italian white truffle $200,000
04White truffle at World Alba White truffle auction,2010$145,000
05Monster 1-kilogram truffle$132,275
06Grande twin truffle of 2016 Alba auction $118,000
07White truffle at the 16th International auction $108,000
08Giant 4-pound white truffle$95,000
09Trio of white truffle,2017$87,000
10Largest truffle, Sotheby’s auction$61,250

10, Largest truffle

This is what you call a high-end truffle. We’ve got the unbelievably extravagant, the most expensive truffles. What sets our selection apart from all other mediocre truffles? The size! So clearly, this one’s at least twice as large as your average run-of-the-mill gobbledygook that even they don’t know what to do with it anymore.

Plus, get this–we’re not skimping on quantity either! One measly little order usually nets about two pounds. But with us, we’ll give you almost four pounds for the same price; that’s enough for an army or family reunion and still have leftovers to spare!

You may call me Audrey. I’m a big, fat, pricey truffle with plenty of calories and even more allergies. But if you want to feel like 200 bucks, then I’m your girl!

A steal at $1,000 – With a taste that lingers samely beautiful for up to 2 weeks post-consumption.A carefully crafted gift for the extravagant food lover in your life. Your eternal hunger will be satiated with just one of our large truffles!

“You could buy a used car for the price of this truffle, but we’re not joking when we say the largest truffle is also perfect for occasions like holiday gifts and divorce settlements.”

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9, Trio of White Truffle

Trio of White Truffle

Once a decadent delicacy for the well-to-do, white truffles are now ubiquitous in restaurants and obsessed over on Instagram. This Trio is ideal for any occasion – lunch with friends, dinner with a boss or date. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon them this holiday season, you’ll find they transcend any sense of practicality, filling diners’ noses with musky summer goodness from forests far away.

These truffle presentations will have you drooling at the thought of lingering on for more. Impress your friends with this thoughtful gift idea that demonstrates your refined taste.

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8. Giant 4-Pound White Truffle

Giant 4-Pound White Truffle

This is no ordinary truffle. It’s the most expensive truffle around and perfect for any occasion! What will you do with your Giant 4-pound white truffles? You could throw a decadent dinner party or feed some hungry guests after their marathon. Have an extravagant wedding reception, or plan a memorable evening at your next gala. Whether you require cooking inspiration, big ideas, environmental sustainability, romance, international intrigue or something more substantial – this giant white truffle has it all! Order yours today!

Suppose you’re looking for the most worldly and extravagant white truffle but don’t want to deal with that pesky price tag – good news! You can now find us at a fraction of what it would cost in Europe. The Giant 4-pound white truffle is only $225 (plus shipping), making it perfect for tucking into a stocking or centrepiece this holiday or as an engagement gift.

You’ll be spoilt for choice while browsing through our dazzling array of gourmet sweets. If so tempted, please sample on-site before purchase and remember that you just tweet us your photo if not satisfied.

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7. White Truffle at The 16th International Auction

Our white truffle is literally selling out in the 16th International auction. Its taste wows people, and its price goes for a steal, or lack thereof (wait till you hear the rest). When it’s gone, it’s gone, so get your hands on one before the other 20 million bidders do.

You could say that a truffle will change your life. You may have to put down $32,000 for one, but you get what you pay for—a lucky dip in the underground world of subterranean fungi from which they are scrapped. Buy this mushroom and enjoy a tasty luxury with an incongruously cheery perfume that many find distinctive and irresistible. Isn’t it time to indulge yourself?

A true wonder of nature! A rare delicacy found by only the most elite of gourmands! These white truffles were harvested at the peak of their season by hand, prepared with love, longing and patience, then meticulously vaccumed, sealed (and prayed) in gold foil before being entrusted to auction.

Imagine cutting into the world’s most expensive truffle French supper that you’ve never tasted. While only enhancing all of your dishes, rich and velvety, it’s a cooking companion you can’t live without!

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6. Grande Twin Truffle

The most expensive truffle in the world, with truffles as your style accessory. Be the hottest thing around, and literally bring home one of these for yourself.

For the first time, you can eat truffles all day and not break the bank.

Truffle brownies are delicious, difficult to make, and a little too expensive for most people’s taste buds. Those days are over! Grande truffle saves money but still fulfils those cocoa cravings without catching your wallet on fire with sweet victory.

The flavour is richly decadent chocolate punctuated by an earthy rival dish of potent black truffle slices – creating incomparable depth and complexity unequalled in any other type of confectionary item save the brownie as mentioned above or dark-chocolate sensation. At the same time, homemade fuocchi have always been renowned for their inherent richness in texture, including a mouth-watering creaminess.

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5. Monster 1-kilogram Truffle

Monster 1-kilogram truffle

A diamond in the rough, these decadent chocolate-wrapped truffles take their hefty price tag for a good reason. Each Chocolate rare truffle is handcrafted with amazing care to ensure your palate is treated to an extraordinary experience.

Bite into our [1kg] Monster rare truffle and let it melt on your tongue like a treasured morsel of fine Belgian chocolate. Indulge your most wicked whimsies until you’re fighting back the tears – all set off by our guiltless indulgence that’s 100% free of fat and cholesterol! Descend upon this delicacy before someone else does!

You herculean humans will love this incredible truffle! It’s so pretty.

It comes in a beautiful little white box that says “Happy Holidays” on top of a giant balsamic-sized dome, which is perfect for storing all your tiny Christmas ornaments and any other little holiday things like the remote control to your t.v., plus change, because you know how it is when you’re building a new throw rug for the living room but then you realize that there are no non-slippery throws to be found anywhere in this town and goodness knows who has time to sew one up anymore besides from what we’ve seen on Pinterest?

There are many contests for the most expensive truffle, and we think this one is it. We’re pretty sure that once you taste your first Monster 1-kilogram rare truffle, all other things will taste like Nesquik because they do not have anything on these goods.

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4. World Alba White Truffle

World Alba White Truffle

Have you ever wanted the best but didn’t want to stop at a drugstore? Ever wished your most simple decisions were given to you on silver-lined platters with gold leaf? Maybe it’s time to look into something like White truffle. What is the single most popular flavour in cooking right now? Truffles. So, get these totally rare and world’s most expensive truffle white ones, out of this world beautiful slabs that will take care of some serious hunger pains. You deserve it!

Few can afford it, but when you indulge in the pleasures of this delicacy, it’s an experience. The nose is filled with woody and earthy aromas that are an ode to nature’s bounty.

Rare truffle gets its name from the French word “trousseau pell-mell,” which literally means “mix of various things.” This variety has thick, white flesh, a balanced aroma intermingling earthen notes and fresh fruit aromatics, and pronounced fruity notes on the taste.

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3. Italian White Truffle

Italian White Truffle

A petite white truffle that packs a punch. The moment you lift your nose to the air and catch a whiff of this prized ingredient, it’s easy to see why chefs are so crazy about its pungent richness. If recipes go well enough with just salt and pepper, pairing them with an Italian white truffle will have shoppers waltzing into the kitchen.

It doesn’t get more dreamy than this. Snap a photo of this exquisite gourmet treat with truffles pictures, and it will be sure to make your day a little bit more glamorous. The white as snow texture and luxurious fragrance might even turn you into an instant food stylist!

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2, Giant Truffle from Tuscany

Giant Truffle from Tuscany

Please go on, indulge in our Giant truffle from Tuscany, and you won’t ever need to eat again. Not because it makes the food magically disappear before your eyes or fills you up so much that there’s no room for anything else but simply wipes out all other appetites and desires completely. No, it does this by sending your taste buds into glorious orbit like Apollo 13 blasting off to space with big-eye sprint vision scanning not only through the sky but across continents as well.

Product description: Enormously sophisticated yet decadently delicious, while staying both pure in its origins and generous with what it offers, the Giant truffle from Tuscany is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that needs to be had without delay!

Is it dried up? Have we got the answer for you, in the form of a truffle? The Giant Truffle from Tuscany is by far one of Earth’s most expensive mushrooms, with an image that is not easy to beat. If earthy flavours made even more fabulous than they already are isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe this pungent and gamey flavour will be too much for you.

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1, Largest Truffle From Croatia

Largest Truffle From Croatia

With a price per gram bigger than gold, it’s easy to see why this is one pricey truffle. And while this isn’t the most well-known brand on the market, their no-frills packaging and mismatched name are an ode to this fantastic gourmet piece. If you’re looking for that perfect holiday treat or an exclamation point at your next dinner party, don’t look any further friends of gormandizers everywhere!

Donald Trump says: “I’ve always loved garlic.”

For those who crave extravagance, the largest truffle from Croatia is perfect for you. You’ll find yourself rolling in dough with this purchase, and if it’s not too much of a tall order, we also ship fresh to your door, dunking them all on our behalf.

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The most expensive truffles today are worth millions of dollars. Here is the list from cheapest to most expensive, ranked by price in descending order: Black Diamond Truffle (5-6 million), White Alba Truffle (~2 million), Périgord Noir Petit Gris Truffle ($1,800-$3200 per pound).

These prices may seem outrageous at first glance. Still, it’s important to remember that they vary depending on size and age and other factors such as location, seasonality, and market demand. It’s also important to note that these prices account for a single piece – not an entire dish or meal containing them. Plus, sometimes, you’ll find dishes featuring high-end ingredients.

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