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The world is full of expensive and luxurious foods, and nuts are one of them. There are many types of nuts that can be found on the market for a variety of prices. This list will show you some examples from cheapest to most expensive: pistachios, cashews, macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, pecans and hazelnuts.

The first thing people usually think about when they see a list like this is which nut would they like to splurge on because, let’s face it- who doesn’t love food? It’s time to show off your taste buds with these top 10 most expensive nuts!

Rarest Nut in The World

We’re so sure you’ll love our truly amazing rarest nut in the world, that we will give buyers a refund if they don’t feel it’s worth their money. We want to get this into your hands as soon as possible—the sooner we can deliver is to your doorsteps, the more quickly you can enjoy an extra-special taste and feeling of satisfaction.

10Hazelnuts $0.61 to $0.91 per pound.
09Pistachios Nuts $2.00 to $2.50 per pound.
08Pecan Nuts$6.99 and up per pound.
07Brazil Nuts $7.30 per pound.
06Walnuts$8.50 per pound.
05Cashew Nuts$8.95 per pound.
04Chestnuts $10.99 per pound.
03Almonds Nuts $13.99 per pound.
02Pine Nuts $23 per pound.
01Macadamia Nuts $25 per pound

10, Hazelnuts

most expensive nuts list

These tasty nuts are great to have in your desk drawer or pantry. But, just like everything else these days, you’re going to need a paycheck before you get them. Save time and money by getting payday loans quickly with our easy process!

One thing is for certain: you can’t get anything cheaper. Hazelnuts are the most expensive nuts out there, and they generally cost around $1.4 million per pound – but we sell ours for $57 – so go nuts now, people!

Hazelnuts are often used in making Nutella, so we thought you might want to know where those chocolatey dreams start! Hazelnuts have a faint sweetness to them, with hints of hazelnut and vanilla. The texture has a crunch to it before you bite into it, but the flavor is smooth and rich.

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9, Pistachios Nuts

top 10 most expensive nuts

We’ve been shelling pistachios for so long that we don’t need the shells anymore! Now you can shell your own nuts with our Pistachio Cracking Set. It includes 3 steps: break open, shake out, and enjoy!

The pistachios you’re about to eat will make you feel like a million bucks. Seriously, choose any other nut, and we’ll get it for you for free.

Man, I could really go for some delicious pistachios right now. Fall is a great time of year to sit in the park and get lost in the crunching sound these most expensive nuts make when you bite into them — it’s just so satisfying! Step away from drinking pumpkin spice lattes at Caribou–pistachios are back on top!

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8, Pecan Nuts

most expensive nuts

A plump and tasty type of nut that successfully grew amid America’s heartlands. Unfortunately, these nuts tend to grow fairly close to the ground, so it technically feels like your walking right under a pile of pecans when going through tall grasses!

It’s imperative to wear shoes consistently while harvesting Pecans because you might step on some and find them running into your shoe. That would be pretty awkward if you were at school or work with peanut butter all over your hands.

Do you know what the most expensive nuts on planet earth is? Well, if so, then can you SHARE IT with your fellow party animals?! In good news, though, we’ve got a one-deal break for you: Pecan nuts! Get them at wholesale rate today before they skyrocket in demand and ruin your cash flow.

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7, Brazil Nuts

most expensive nut

Brazil nuts are one of the most expensive nuts, they may be a little more costly than other nuts, but there is no denying that these bad apples pack quite a punch.

It was love at first sight between a brazil nut and some other object. Like many of us have experienced, difficult decisions are left to the last minute. Nonetheless, everything has a way of working out in the end if we let our feelings guide us.

Few things are better than a handful of Brazil nuts. That’s right! Each nut in this bag is coated with a tasty, crunchy layer of sugar zest that will make any mouth water. They’re the one nut you’ve been looking for!

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6, Walnuts

most expensive nuts

These are the walnuts that everyone is talking about. Yes, their price tag may be startling for some (hence making them number 10 on our list), but we assure you it’s all in the taste! These most expensive nuts are so flavorful and really pop with flavour when you bite into them. Not to mention they’re the perfect meat alternative for your vegetarian friends!

If you haven’t tried summering in style, we recommend starting with the perfect nut. For less than $1 a day, you’ll feel like the richest person in town, except instead of being just wealthy, you’re health-conscious too.

Were you crazed by the supermarket shelf or simply itching for a rich outlet for your creativity? Then we hope you’ll find that our top 10 dollar walnuts offer the perfect balance. After all, everyone from Michelin-starred chefs to Renaissance painters has found inspiration in these nutty morsels. Sample them today solo –without any peanuts out of place.

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5, Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts

These little cashews are way too expensive for just any old day. Sitting at number 6 in the Top 10 list of most expensive nuts, this is a nut you invest in – knowing that your money goes into something precious and wonderful. Cashew’s smooth texture makes it perfect for making cheese, and its mild taste lends well to many sweet recipes and savoury dishes alike!

Our cashew nuts are worth the money for their flavour and texture. Unlike other nuts, these little nuggets need to be shelled before eating them, which makes people want to use them sparingly. You may also notice that our lovely creamy colour is due in part to the interesting time process.

It is put through a natural process of hydro-glycolization where we utilize sustainable Cashew apple plants and chemical-free cultivation methods that limit pest infestations. The only thing left for us now is for you to give our product a try!

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04, Chestnuts

most expensive nuts

50% of American’s know what these are. 40% think they’re chest hair, and the remaining 10% are just generally clueless. They’ll cost you an arm and a leg but gather leather jackets and feather boas to put on your tree because this is one yuletide party that won’t disappoint!

Eating chestnuts isn’t all that much fun. They’re difficult to chew, but they do taste good! Imagine how happy you’ll be when your mouth thickens with strings of soft, sweet meat as greedily as it does with caramelized almonds or the texture of a crispy apple. Let a great empire exist in the bowl of your hand with these classics.

These nutty beauties are sweet to the taste but hard as a rock. They grow on trees that stand by and pose nonchalantly in their own right. And while they might be difficult to open, these chestnuts love plenty of warmth during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas–just don’t let them get too close to the heat!

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03, Almonds

most expensive nuts list

You won’t find a cheaper combination of quality and price than the bite-sized treats that are Almonds. Containing all 9 essential amino acids, these crunchy snacks keep you satisfied for longer periods. Add favourites like salads, yoghurt, oatmeal or even peanut butter as an extra crunch and protein punch!

What can’t these little nuts do? They’re on a list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Nuts List. You get to pack on your own calories while getting away from those pesky food pyramids with one easy snack.

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02, Pine Nuts

top 10 most expensive nuts

The rare and prized Pine nuts! Seriously, these little guys are like a “sun-dried pine nut” mixed with a bit of magic. They have that natural crunchiness when you take them out of the shell, and they remind me of campfires or Christmas trees in the woods (or even an entire forest!). These gifts from nature will surely make all your food taste better without any additives. So savory oatmeal breakfast bowls? Now we’re talking!

Make a statement at the next party you attend with these pine nuts imported just for your table. Take your ordinary appetizer game to new heights by shaking up your routine and serving this flavoursome tinga of kernels, dried and crunchy nuts packed by hand in an elegant tin.

01, Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are rich, buttery, and have a delicate molasses flavour reminiscent of their sweet Hawaiian heritage. They’re best in the fall and winter when they’re plentiful, which means now is prime season for snacking.

Macadamia nuts are so much more than a common nut, and they’re practically dried caviar (think bling for our taste buds). Macs give crispy and crunchy snacking serious competition with their buttery-rich flavour that’s free of cholesterol.

Hang on tight to these indoor ocean jewels: macadamias have the second-highest fat content of any tree nut and are the only ones to contain high levels of mono-unsaturated fat. Squeeze them anywhere you like — in salads, kinds of pasta, or stir-fries! Throw some in there as well for their antioxidant benefits that help fight cancer cells.

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The most expensive nuts in the world can be found within this list. Did you know that there are so many different types of nuts out there? Some may sound familiar, like almonds and pistachios, but did you also know about macadamia or cashews? Keep reading to find out more!

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