Top 10 Matching Names Twins Boy and Girl-Names for Twins

Twins are a very special thing. When you’re born with another, it’s like having your own built-in best friend! And figuring out what to name them can be the most difficult part. But, with this blog post, there is no need to worry!

We will go through different twins boy and girl names, making even the toughest decision easy.

01, Ethan and Ella

Ethan and Ella

Ethan and Ella are two beautiful baby names for both genders. With strong meaning behind the name, “Ethan” is perfect for someone who will always be firm in their stance if you’re looking to give an elegant nod towards femininity.

Ella (from Old German) is perfect to the point that it has entered into pop culture with hit singer The Weeknd referencing his girlfriend in this way! This set of matching names for twins represents either gender quite well. Enjoy both Ethan and Ella today!


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Ethan and Ella are twins boy and girl that flow together nicely. It’s alliteration at its finest! So give your future child a name with Ethan to live up to potential, or give the little lady in your life an Ella to help her find her way.

What does your tongue do when you say the name, Ethan? How about saying, Ella? You may notice that as you say those sounds, your tongue touches the palate at the back of your mouth. This happens to be one of many connections we’ve discovered between these two names!

Ethan and Ella are two names that we’re sure you’ll want to combine! So classy, so grown up. Ethan can be strong, firm, and steady. His name reflects his traits. Ella means “young girl,” and her name captures all of this innocence too!

02, Leo and Lola

Leo and Lola

Leo and Lola are a perfect match to create the right matching names for twins for your little lion. Leo, meaning “lion,” comes from Italy, while Lola is Spanish and means “sorrows.” The names slide off the tongue with ease and sound great together.

Leo and Lola, twins boy and girl a name with a majestic air behind it. There’s something very royal when you say these two names together. Leo (rhymes with a leer) means lion in Italian, somewhat of an intimidating beast that is still intriguing to behold.


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Likewise, Lola (or Lolita) has long been associated with sorrow given the 18th century novel by Vladimir Nabokov. However, rather than dwelling on sullenness, why not recognize the sparkle in your life? With this set of gear for babies or toddler’s boys or girls alike, there are plenty of opportunities for creative thinking about the future!

Leo and Lola are engaging fictional characters with a story around them. They’re the perfect names to name your children, niece or nephew, cousin, or love of your life.

03, Naomi and Noah

Naomi and Noah

Beautiful Naomi is Hebrew for “beautiful,” and Noah is a biblical name. As you seek names of the most popular children’s Bible names being searched, it becomes clear why our personalized book stands out. Both are timeless classics that promise to be cherished for generations with their traditional values.

Noah and Naomi is a book about bad twins boy and girl names. This book discusses how Jews can choose their own Hebrew name, just like Christians choose their middle name. We’re a matched set of names, yet with very different styles. Choose one for your daughter and the other for your baby boy!


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We believe Naomi and Noah are beautiful for the same reason we’re confident that these biblical matching names for twins will continue to be timeless and popular. Buy this beautiful baby names book to create the perfect name for your new child! Noah and Naomi are two Bible-based names with ties in different cultures (Hebrew and African).

Considering deciding between an ancient biblical name or a more modern, globalized moniker? For example, babies from moms and dads with different backgrounds could be named Noah for infinite symbolism in ancient Judaic culture or Naomi for meaning “beautiful” in English.

Inscriptions on the tiny bead bracelet signify either Hebrew letter Nun or Nominative, depending on your background lineage. So you could start your kid’s wardrobe with these adorable little bracelets that come in packaged sets of two!

04, Florence and Felix

Florence and Felix

Florence and Felix: this adorable set of monogrammed coffee mugs is the perfect match for your budding little twins. The cuteness can’t be beaten, and we all know that we should never underestimate 2 to 2x as much power! They’ll start with a small box of cereal to help their filling grow.

Names for twins boy and girl Florence and Felix are two common names with very different meanings. One is a woman who always got what she wanted, and the other is an animated cat. You get to decide which one you want your twins named after!


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Both of these infants are destined to go far with their big brother and sister, so they need the best of names. Give them both a name for prosperity with Florence or Felix.

It’s every parent’s dream to give their children a head start in life, and with Florence and Felix, you can do just that. However, embarking on any significant endeavor always comes with some nerves, so help the twins feel assured through their foreseeable successes by giving them two starting matching names for twins.

05, Hayden and Hunter

Hayden and Hunter

Hayden and Hunter are two names that sound great, alone or together. Hayden is a unisex name, meaning “from the Hay Downs.” Hunter is also a gender-neutral name translating to “one who hunts.” What sets them apart? Hayden wishes for peace while the Hunter seeks it in the open space of nature.

This is a dynamic names, meaning that Hayden can take on many different personalities. However, the Hunter will always be charming and intelligent because it only takes one to know. Two matching names for twins for the price of one!

Names for twins boy and girl Hayden and Hunter are two unique first names that come together to form the last name perfectly tailored for your modern family. Comfortable on its own, it is just as perfect when joined with another first name – be it one of yours or something fantastical.

For the parent looking to show off their wit, these clever combos will surely raise eyebrows at the baby shower: Hayden Lyons, Hayden Stormy Wales, Hayden Harper Dickinson!

Hayden and Hunter are two individual names that sound enchanting when paired together. A name made for both genders, this is the perfect pair of initials to represent the matriarch or patriarch of your family with one name each!

06, Samuel and Sophia

Samuel and Sophia

Samuel and Sophia are two beautiful names; one amazing purchase. With different meanings but complementary sounds, these two matching names for twins will help your child grow into a balanced and well-read individual. The name Samuel has Hebrew origins and means “His name is God.” Solomon originated in Greece, meaning “wisdom.”

Pair these two together, and you get encouragement from on high; clever all around. You won’t regret buying either of the pair! It’s really for the best that they come packaged as a set: we’re all about convenience here at Jacknames Deluxe Headquarters ™.

Samuel is the classic, timeless name with Hebrew origins. It means “his name is god” and sounds good with Sophia, Greek for “wisdom.” These twins names boy and girls are popular across time, making them perfect for your new baby.

They are both adopted names, so it doesn’t matter whether you decide to gender-swap them. However, Sophia will surely please the girl, while Samuel might attract more boys’ names. Either way, these two have a lot of meaning that is just waiting for you to pick up on and use!

Names for twins boy and girl Samuel and Sophia are the perfect duos for anyone looking to find timeless classic names. These names have been popular in America for over 100 years, so you know they’re tried, actual, creative options that will suit your child no matter their situation. With meanings like ‘God’s name is Samuel’ and ‘wisdom,’ these names are creative yet not too out there or avant-garde.

07, Eli and Ella

Eli and Ella

Named Eli and Ella, these two names flow well together. They’re Hebrew in origin, meaning “height,” while Ella is Spanish for “young girl.” These are the perfect pair of babies that will grow into proud parents’ names.

The name you give your child should be everything about them. These two names are one example of many great options, each with its own special meaning and personality. The letter combinations make the perfect blend for any family naming their children together.

You’ve been looking for a name that flows well and is no ordinary. You want something to appeal to both the boy and girl we all know we’re raising; you want something unique, with personality and character, but not too out of the box, because let’s be honest.

 It’s more straightforward enough as is. Look no further than two matching names for twins that fit seamlessly together and will only refer to your one amazing child (or future creature of unknown species). So go ahead, give them an identity now!

Eli and Ella may betwins names boy and girl siblings or friends, but you can also use them as the twins boy and girl names for your baby! Eli means “height” in Hebrew, while Ella comes from Spanish, meaning “young girl.”

08, Zach and Zoe

Zach and Zoe

Looking for that perfect name but can’t seem to find it? Well, then perhaps giving your child creative twins names boy and girl is the answer. This birth announcement pack includes names like Kylie and Richard, in addition to Zach and Zoe.

They are two happy bundles of joy that might look identical at first sight, but their answers will be very different if you ask them what they like to do. For example, Zoe loves animals so much that she always pets someone’s pup or plays with her turtles.

She also has a big smile that can light up any room. On the other hand, Zach prefers number homework and reading stories often found in botany books about plants’ deepest secrets. Both names mean something special to their personalities!

Suppose your son was born on September 23rd, 2015. you wanted him to have a more informal first name. You decided that his second name should be something with meaning and reflect the symbolism of good things in life.

Zach means “God remembers,” which is one way we hope he will grow up remembering what is most important to us. Zoe, for our daughter, represents “life,” so she will never forget how loved she is by her family and friends so close to her heart.

09, Freddie and Phoebe

Freddie and Phoebe

Freddie and Phoebe are two modern matching names for twins with a lot of potentials. When surveyed, Freddie and Phoebe scored 79% and 82%, respectively. When we gave them to our volunteers as baby names, they were met by positive reactions.

Many people liked their sound across the board – from those who think they’re hipster-esque to those who may be considering long-term (or last name) alternatives for their child’s adult life if planning starts now!

Whether you’re looking for an unusual name that stands out in a crowd or wants something more familiar but fun-sounding, these two might just fit the bill for you with all their versatility and shared appeal among different groups.

This is a modern take on Frederick, and it means “peaceful ruler.” This, paired with Phoebe’s name, meaning “bright” and “shining,” seem like a perfect combination. The last few years have seen these two twins names boy and girl become increasingly popular.

10, Jake and Lucy

Jake and Lucy

Jake and Lucy are modern names, perfect for today’s generation of parents. They’re short enough not to take too much emphasis away from the main characters in your story but still give you opportunities to use their personalities. Two new friends right out of nursery school, ready for adventures!

Think about the kind of names you want for your baby. Then, make sure to think of their future! What clothes will they wear? What games will they play with friends on the playground? Will their name be something that helps them stand out in a crowd? Then, find new ways to give your kids unique, creative twins names boy and girl today!

Names for twins boy and girl Jake and Lucy’s collections offer a modern twist on classic names with the look of elegance. The Jake and Lucy name was meant to pair these two names together for a sweet, short pairing that marks either an imaginative play on Jacob or someone following in his footsteps.

This delightful collection offers something for everyone by customizing each design to suit your preferences letters can be singular or accented. In addition, there’s dotting behind the text to give it more symbolism, as well as adjustable length chains so those small hands can change them as they grow up!


When it comes to naming your newborn, you want a name that is not too common and easy to pronounce if both of these requirements are met for the names we’ve listed below, then congratulations!

They’re perfect for your little one. Which was your favorite matching names twins boy and girl? Let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll let you know which will be best suited for boys or girls.

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