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A food lover’s favorite dish is often the most expensive mushrooms. In the world of expensive mushrooms, this holds as well; some of the priciest types can cost upwards of $3,000 per pound! We’ve compiled a list of 10 types among the most expensive mushrooms list with that in mind. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Mushroom Names List and Pictures

This extensive list of short, one-liners and puns is a great way to start with your more playful namens – or just as a quick refresher if you’re feeling exhausted from the task. Get suggestions for names like Margarita, BrieDaire, Parmesan!

01Yartsa Gunbu$2000 an ounce.
02European White Truffle$1500 to $4000 per Pound.
03Matsutake Mushrooms$1,000 to $2,000 per pound.
04Truffle Mushroom BDO$800 to $900 a pound.
05Morel Mushroom$254 a pound dried and $30 to 90 a pound fresh.
06Chanterelles Mushrooms$225 per Pound, dried.
07Wild Guchchi $187 Per Pound.
08Enoki Mushrooms$108.00 a pound.
09Porcini Mushrooms$55 to $70 Per Pound.
10Woolly Neptune Mushroom Price$9.94

Most Expensive Mushrooms List

“Want to spend your whole paycheck in one bite? These stone-grilled Matsutake are ‘worth every penny’. Just remember, these come with a maximum shelf life of three days–so you better chow down fast! But, fear not: If left sitting around for no more than 8 hours after thawing, they’ve still got some good flavor!”

10, Wooly Neptune Mushroom

most expensive mushrooms

The world’s most expensive mushrooms are called wooly Neptune. They require a lot of care and attention to grow, but when you harvest them, the taste is incomparable. People new to this mushroom often find out why it costs so much as soon as they experience the earthy flavors in their mouths.

Nobody knows quite where the wooly Neptune mushroom grows. What we do know is that it’s one of the rarest and most obscure species on earth — which means, of course, that nobody actually knows how to sell you one.

Which makes hunting for a wooly Hygrophorus Agaricus something like modern-day gold mining. The more time you spend looking for your prize hidden beneath an endless stretch of ground outside of London International Airport, the better chance you have at finding a rarity worth bragging about amongst friends.

After several months with little luck in hot spots across four continents, including Antarctica (yep), our team finally went straight to the source –because when it comes to mushrooms.

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09, Porcini Mushrooms

most expensive mushrooms list

Sometimes you have to spoil yourself, even if it’s just in pursuit of something delicious. Cristoph Westrich is a Swiss chef with an ulterior motive: when he cooks his signature, Porcini  Mushrooms dish at Swiss restaurant The Fat Duck.

Knows part of the secret to getting this luxurious mushroom on your plate is scientific, and highly-trained chefs can’t be bothered with large batches of slow-growing fungi. Thankfully we’re not interested because these are our finest mushrooms. Rarely seen outside Europe in raw form unless they come from the modern Mordor known as China, once cooked, they taste like butter without the guilt, which means they’re perfect for any meal or side dish.

These mushrooms are pricey but worth it. These luxurious fungi will make any dish even better. Take your pasta to a whole new level when you add these to the party!

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08, Enoki Mushrooms

most expensive edible mushrooms

Sure, we admit that they might seem like a frivolous addition to our overpriced cream corn but teach your friends and family what you know: there is nothing better than Enoki Mushrooms when you want to spend about $500 on a food item.

If you want something other than the same old jalapeno peppers that everyone always buys from Costco, Enoki mushrooms are a perfect choice. You can use them as garnishes for any upscale dish, and no one would know (besides maybe Gordon Ramsey), so don’t be afraid to break out of your taste rut with these beautifully packaged mushroom delights!

Enoki mushrooms are harbingers of the future. They remind us that while we have yet to create the perfect superfood, it is an achievable goal on the horizon. That’s because enoki has all the qualities you’re looking for in a dream mushroom: they look and taste attractive without requiring any cooking or seasoning.

Their flavor exceeds expectations with a juicy umami punch, and they offer 10 times more vitamin D than other mushrooms making them an excellent source for replenishing our winter stores. So why not make this party trick your pantry staple? Keep yourself energized at work with stacks of these aromatic, flavorful fungi sautéed in coconut oil every morning topped with Himalayan salt and balsamic vinegar for lunch PLUS dinner!

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07, Wild Guchchi

Wild Guchchi

Wild Guchchi is the worlds most expensive mushrooms. It pops up in a field once every five years and grows so quickly that it magically telephones campers to warn them of its arrival, giving these lucky souls a chance to revel in the magic! Now you can have this special mushroom for yourself, no camping involved, with our wild-harvested Guchchis!

These are the fungi people ask their butlers to store for them to save up retirement money. They come few and far between, and when in season, you should only buy one or two at a time!

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06, Chanterelles Mushrooms

Chanterelles Mushrooms

If you’re craving a decadent mushroom dish, reach for these thin as paper mushrooms that will still give you an earthy and rich flavor. Fun fact: these things are so expensive they could tempt even the most simple minds into trading their souls for them; luckily, we don’t have any souls to give!

Chanterelles are a treasure in the kitchen! Known to be one of the most expensive mushrooms in the world, they are small and delectable. You may need to use more than a normal amount when cooking with these guys, but that’s all part of their charm.

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05, Morel Mushroom

 Morel Mushroom

If you want to impress, and your wallet can handle it, then we recommend the morel mushroom. It is said that these sought-after fungi are a delicacy among royal families of the world. A mere four ounces (about 100 grams) could set you back over $100 in some markets. With only 3% – 4% of consumers ever tasting one outside of their native countries, this exotic mushroom offers gastronomes from every walk of life bragging right at dinner parties and social gatherings alike!

The ultimate decadence. A morel mushroom’s flavor can’t be beaten, but we recommend eating it for special occasions only at its price. Flakey and succulent with hints of earthiness, these mushrooms are something you should try at least once in your lifetime!

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04, Truffle Mushroom BDO

Truffle Mushroom BDO

Finally, a high-quality grass-fed beef substitute for those who have too many ethical qualms to stomach the real thing. Created in 1962 by our scientists at Doner & Co., Lab animals tested it and gave rave reviews, so we’re betting your family will too. You’ll never want processed meat again!

The most expensive mushroom in the world is now available for purchase! What do you get when you cross a reishi, maitake, and hedgehog mushrooms? A truffle. These rare fungi are found only on trees just outside of Truffle City. Our BDO likes no other – rich & oily with a natural aroma that will make your mouth water endlessly!

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03, Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake Mushrooms

What is a better way there to show some love than with Matsutake Mushrooms? A delightful mushroom with a piney, spicy flavor that can be used in seasoning soups and stews or as an additional topping on Mexican dishes.

Complement the aroma of mushrooms by adding them to your creative recipes like mushroom risotto for a Christmas dinner.

Pine’ aromatic pine mushroom is not the only kind of mushroom you can find. One interesting variety, also found in Japan and China, are Matsutakes. These mushrooms grow naturally in crotches of trunks or branches buried under the ground for an uncommon amount of time before fruiting. The result is a meaty, flavorful and odorless delicacy that the Japanese assure us cannot be substituted with any other varieties.

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02, European White Truffle

European White Truffle

Forget diamonds, have fungus. Our European White Truffle is the worlds most expensive mushrooms! Spend some of your hard-earned dough on this little mushroom, and you’ll be treated to a scent so enticing that You’ll want to eat it before cooking it. We’ve combined all the best parts of one-night stands, cold potatoes, and exclusivity for an experience you’ll never forget.

Rich, decadent and luxurious is what comes to mind with these precious fungi. From the Middle Ages onwards, people have been trying their luck at hunting for this delicacy – getting lost in ancient forests and braving cold climate conditions to indulge in a taste of royalty.

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01, Yartsa Gunbu

Yartsa Gunbu

They’re the most expensive mushrooms in the world for a reason. Surprisingly easy to grow, packs pounds of nutrient-rich soil per pound dry weight, and you don’t even need dirt! These ‘shrooms are ready in less than 10 days, so get your garden started right away.

The lot of mushrooms we sell here are special. You should be able to see for yourself that they’re pretty great, but it’s not just about how gorgeous they look. These fungi cost more than a house, which can go up to a million dollars per kilogram! Surely as much as Mario would love these tasty treats, our prices won’t have you crying to rupees.

Beware, this is not for the faint of heart. These are perhaps the most coveted, rarest fungi in existence, and they would sell out even quicker if we told you where to find them (we’ll never tell that). Let us just say it’s somewhere cold and wet-usually near a Yartsa Gunbu tree.

This product description serves as your legal guarantee that no Yartsa Gunbu is being grown on any MYR property without throwing serious shade at those liars who would dare run their own plantation so close by. Still, an honest mistake happens, I guess-ya know?


With the rise of gourmet and healthy food culture, people are finding more ways to eat mushrooms. There is a world full of different flavors and textures for you to try. These ten worlds most expensive mushrooms list prove that variety does exist in nature!

Have you tried any of these rare or exotic mushroom varieties? Let us know what your favorites are by commenting below!

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